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311 Coercion and Abduction, Someone in the Shadows Throwing the Net to Haul in the Fish

 Day 47 - 1:30 PM - Imelda Avenue, Parañaque, Metro Manila

The infected that strangely mutated into something close to immortal magical zombies had given a heavy toll on the soldiers and survivors. The number of infected below was already overwhelming and it should have been fine if the mutation did not occur. After the sudden mutation of the large number of pushed the people in full defensive. Furthermore, not only the normal infected that were yet to mutate but also the already mutated ones mutated further which pushed the danger of the situation even graver.

There was also the one hard thing that hindered both soldiers and survivors alike. They were all ill-equipped for a night battle. The sudden darkness that enveloped the whole place that was comparable to night time reduced the capabilities of the soldiers and survivors. Aside from gun mounted flash lights and portable electric lamps that the soldiers always had, it was not enough to have the illumination they needed in the whole area.

Any further and they would be forced to retreat. That was when the strange event happened. Two of the newly mutated infected that attacked the face of "Team Fairy" stopped moving like puppets with their strings cut off. It was very strange and illogical from the view of the surrounding people comparing it to the current situation.

"Odel! Restrain one! I want to try something!"

"Yes, Young Miss!"

Mei hurriedly shouted as realization dawned unto her.

Odelina targeted one of the nearest infected that had just climbed unto the flyover and grabbed its shoulders before it was able to get a stable footing and pushed it to the ground.

Mei then ran over while minding the remaining flying infected at the sky. Seeing that the flying infected did not seem to have the momentum for the next attack, she hurriedly bent down and grabbed something from the nape of the infected Odelina was restraining.

What Mei did was strange not only to the eyes of the people around them but even to Odelina's eyes. They only saw her reach out to the infected, grab the air above its nape and retreated.

"Odel, kill it."

Odelina was confused to the order but just punched the infected's head anyway creating a cracking sound that was very uncomfortable to hear. The infected's head was smashed open and Odelina's bone armored fist was stained with blood. As for the infected...

It stopped moving.

The people around could not help but deem it unbelievable but for sure, Mei had the ability to stop them. In any case, however, there was no way for her to handle all the infected alone. It just made things easier around her but it was not the true answer to this problem.

With the newfound discovery, despite her confusion, she started to cooperate with Odelina, Iola and Abbygale as she disabled the infected in her own way.

Amidst that however, she suddenly felt a tugging feeling and started looking for something nostalgic.

"Where are the flying infected?"

Odelina noticed and could not help but voice it.

Mei however, was focused unto something else, Iola was the same.

"This feeling..."

She was feeling a little teary.


"Remember not to harm the woman. We might have been tasked to set the stage for her and her companion's deaths but the words of the Great One should come first. Also be careful not to get spotted by the soulless ones or it will be trouble."

The leader along with four of the hooded figures conversed as they blended into the shadows and traversed the infected filled airport with great caution.

Why did they have to hide and let the infected do the job in the first place? It was because although they could instigate the infected, they could not control them. Once they were exposed, they would also become target of the infected's relentless attacks. Even the blessings of the Great One had no ability to control the infected but only boost their capabilities.

If not for the Great One's orders and the promise of a reward, they would not try to endanger themselves like this.

They were not human. Unlike humans that would turn after becoming infected, they would become food for the infected and nourishment to their mutation.

Nevertheless, the Great One's order was something that they could not neglect no matter what. The moment they defied him was the moment they sentenced themselves to death. It was not just normal death but the erasure of their existence.

Fortunately, aside from two of his subordinates, their members had bodies that could hide using the surroundings.

"The [Body of Void], huh."

The leader muttered.

As the Great One said, it was the physique that belonged to deities and goddesses of beauty. They were beautiful, untainted and seemed like they never aged. This physical constitution was very rare for mortals but it was not the first time that it appeared among them.

In history, not only in one but many different countries, there were women and caused fall of tribes, nations and caused slaughter just because of their beauty. Some were common people that became the love interest of sons of heaven while some were empresses and queens that ruled over kingdoms. One of the most popular women in this country came from the story of lovers that caused the formation of a volcano after their death. Another known woman suspected with this physique was the female pharaoh that came from the other side of the Earth.

How did he know? In their organization, records upon records could be found in their headquarters. These records were those that were not recorded in the current history of the world.

With a bit of difficulty, they finally reached the flyover.

The first one to appear was the Leader, Umbra. He was followed by Sniffer, the werewolf, which jumped unto the flyover from the other building that was several meters away and Stalker, the Tiktik, which swooped down despite being fired upon by the soldiers.

As for the others, they were on standby. They were not beings that would throw in their cards in one go. They were not humans and in a sense, their existence was weaker than mortals, it was better to be careful.

Upon his sudden appearance and the large ugly bird and the werewolf transforming unto humanoid form, the soldiers and survivors were highly alarmed.

It was the typical reaction of mortals. The leader expected it to be like this. However, for some reason, he felt unsettled.


"Who are you people?!"

Major Lopez shouted with the intent to intimidate. He even moved his hand signaling all soldiers around the newcomers to aim their weapons.

The tall hooded man however that appeared as if he came from the shadows looked unperturbed by the guns pointed at him however and turned his head towards the Major.

"Major Lopez is it? It is better if you and your men are to mind your own business or your deaths will be hastened."

Major Lopez wanted to retort but when he looked at the man's face under the hood, all he wanted to say was swallowed back into his throat.

The man had no face and only had red glaring eyes. It was as if the hood and long robe he was wearing was just floating in the abyss. In his whole life, this was the first time Major Lopez encountered a being like this that could instill fear in his heart with just a glare.

Nevertheless, he could not back down. He was the leader of this operation. Swallowing his saliva, Major Lopez shouted once more.

"I will repeat! Who are you people? If you are survivors, we will welcome you but if not, we will not hesitate to shoot!"

To that however, Umbra glared at the major as if looking at a clown.

"You won't be able to."

Umbra waved his hand around his body in an exaggerated motion.

Blood was spilled.

The bodies of the nearest soldiers aiming towards Umbra fell down as their heads separated from their necks. More than a dozen soldiers fell down in one sweep.

"Yo-you! Men! Shoot!"

Major Lopez shouted towards the remaining soldiers surrounding the hooded man.


The hooded man did not move as if letting the soldiers shoot him but not a single gun was fired. All of the soldiers that was about to pull their trigger of their guns fell down lifeless instead. Behind their lifeless bodies were four more hooded figures that seemed to have come out from the shadows emerged.

Everyone was frozen in fear. Well, at least, there were two people who seemed unfazed.

"Is it possible that even negative emotions are rejected?"

Umbra murmured as he turned his head towards their target. Still, he found it strange that the eight year old child beside her seemed to not show any sign of fear either.

"Lady, we are here to fetch you."

Umbra said as he approached in slow strides.

Hearing that, Odelina hurriedly stood in front of Mei wanting to protect her.

"Stay away! The young miss can't be touched by the likes of you!"

Odelina bellowed but Umbra was not paying any attention to her at all.

"Our Great God had taken a liking to you. It should be an honor to you who is a mortal."

Umbra continued to speak to Mei.

"And what if I decline?"

Mei asked.

"Then, your beloved daughters will be harmed. I don't think that you will want that at all."

It was a cowardly approach but mostly effective. He could see the eyes of their target waiver.

He showed his prowess first by killing the other soldiers and showed his subordinates and their capabilities at the second time. With that kind of display, it would be impossible that their target would not fall into the trap they laid.

"Young Miss, don't listen to them."

Odelina spoke with great determination. It seemed that she would not hesitate to sacrifice herself if needed to. It was all to protect Mei, Iola and Abbygale.

Also, it seemed that not only Odelina but the others were also getting ready to fight. Especially Mark's friends, just what face could they give him if they let Mei taken away in front of them?

To everyone's surprise however...

"Everyone, stand down." She looked at Umbra without a shred of fear. "I will go."

"Young Miss!"

"Odel, stand down. This is an order."

Mei said with a serious tone. She then kneeled down and patted the head of Abbygale who started to tug on her pants with worry.

"Don't worry. Mama will be back, alright?"

Tears suddenly formed in Abbygale's eyes. After all, it was almost the same situation where her real mother left her for her to be safe.

Mei hugged Abbygale with a gentle expression. She then turned to Iola whose expression seemed to be calm and unaffected.

"Iola, I'll be back, take care of your sister."


To that scene and the words Mei uttered, Stalker tried spoke with ridicule.

"Return? What return? You..."

The raspy voiced man was not able to finish his words as he was glared by almost everyone in his team.

Mei then turned away from her daughters bringing her weapons.

"Lady, you won't need those things anymore. It is better to leave them."

Umbra spoke with respect. Their Great God was interested in this woman, it would not be wrong to say that she could be their future queen.

Mei then shrugged her shoulders and handed her weapons to Odelina and approached Umbra up to a certain distance.

Seeing the Mei was ready, Umbra signaled for his female subordinate to take Mei away.

Under everyone's eyes, Mei and the female hooded figure sunk into the shadows and vanished. The werewolf and the large bird also left along with the other hooded figures.

Those that were able to follow the direction the bird flew and saw it flying towards the Control Tower of the airport. Major Lopez was in remorse, he let someone important get caught in front of him. However, it was according to Mei's will who volunteered to come with them for the safety of her daugthers. Nevertheless, the Major was still at a loss similarly with everyone here that witnessed the situation.

Aside from one child who was hugged her little sister. While no one was able to hear clearly, she whispered in the air.

"Your Maj- Papa, they already took Mama."

She then felt an invisible pat on her head.

"Don't worry..."

Iola heard as the hand on her head vanished.