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308 Attack on NAIA, Locating the Alpha and the Shady People Inside the Airpor

 Day 47 - 12:16 PM - Imelda Avenue, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Past noon, sounds of explosions echoed around the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The more than a dozen explosions around the southern half of the airport where the main runway was located disturbed the not only the airport but the whole district. After the explosions, the sounds of cement crumbling, buildings falling and uncountable gunshots echoed.

Inside the airport, the nest was located at the very center of the runway where one of the airplanes crashed during the start of the outbreak. The military still had not figured out exactly whether if the crashed caused the nest to exist in this place or not. However, it was lucky that the nest was located at the southern area and thus, they only needed to surround the vicinity of the highway to lure out the infected. If the nest was on the northern side or inside the airport buildings, the planning would be harder and they would not have enough people to create more teams to surround the whole airport.

The flyover facing the NAIA Terminal one at Imelda Avenue, it was the location where the Command Team positioned their selves. It was a four-lane two-way flyover that had about four meter vertical clearance underneath. This location had pros and cons in this mission but with the bunkers being constructed, one of the cons was addressed to some extent.

Since the flyover was rather high, unless the enemies were able to jump three to four meters high, it would be impossible to get to the people atop the flyover.  Not to mention that the soldiers bombed the lower parts of the flyover facing the airport terminal leaving the opposite side of the flyover as the escape route. Unless the infected was smart enough to more than two hundred fifty meters to the back of the flyover and attack from there, there would be no way for the common infected to reach the people above.

And fortunately, infected in reality had no such complex AI pathfinding to be able to do that.

Climbing? Some of the infected might be able to but only to face the muzzles of the guns the people above the flyover had.

All in all, the located was a very defendable one in this mission as long as they could manage to deal with the flying infected. Dealing with those however was the duty of the "Team Fairy".



The sounds of whistle rockets were heard from different locations around the airport. As the mission commenced, they had to attract as many infected as possible for the infiltration team to be successful with planting the bombs inside the airport. That was why after the explosions, fireworks were released by the soldiers. The sharp shrill sound that came from the whistles of the rockets was proven to attract common infected. Not only the rockets but other sharp sounds could attract the infected more than loud explosion sounds. The scientist were still researching why but the theory where these sharp sounds sounded more like shrills and  screeches people let out when they were in deep horror was circling around.

Quickly... As in very quickly, the almost empty roads outside the airport became a sea of horrifying infected.

Even the elite soldiers were sweating profusely due to the overwhelming number of infected. If not for their advantageous location, this number was more than enough to overwhelm the whole squad several thousands of times.

"How many are there?"

A soldier holding the frontline could not help but ask with a shivering voice.

"Thousands... Maybe, a hundred thousand?"

The soldier beside him chimed.

"Don't think about the number! Just kill as many as possible!"

The captain overseeing the frontline heard the two as he was close by and shouted.

Firing their guns, the not only the two but all the other soldiers concentrated on shooting. Although it was very unlikely for these infected to be able to climb up to their position, it was still better to kill as many as possible for many reasons.

"Flying infected at eleven!"

A scout tasked of monitoring the vicinity yelled out which made the sniper group move out.

Along with Mei, the snipers faced southeast where the flying infected were spotted. Behind Mei were Odelina, Abbygale and Iola as her support and guards. They moment they turned, they could see the infected immediately. Mei could not help but frown though.

"Odel, tell Major. The one that escaped from the previous attack in the settlement, it's among those flying ones."

Mei spoke and aimed.


Odelina immediately left to the command truck while behind her, the sniper gunshots echoed.


The first volley of gunshots from the snipers felled the closest flying infected. It was not like before back the first attack of these humanoid flying infected. Back then, the military betted on the ambush to eliminate them. This time however, the flying infected was faced with the snipers immediately causing them to be unprepared even if their leader had some intelligence.

After their comrades however, the flying infected scrambled flying like a group of bees disturbed from their hive.

"Young Miss, the Major asked for you to concentrate on that one."

Odelina came back and with the order from the Major.

"No need to tell me that."

Mei answered with a frown.

In that first volley, Mei was already aiming for that [Leader Type]. Those flying infected that fell down had nothing to do with her. However, the one she was aiming for managed to dodge in the last moment.


Mei fired her sniper rifle in a speed no less than a revolver pistol. As her aiming time was shorter compared to others, she had no reason to time her shots with them. To her rare frustration, all her shots missed the target. However, the [Leader Type] also failed to advance further as it desperately dodged the sniper rifle bullets that seemed to have eyes and almost seemed to be following him.


"The alpha had been located!"

One of the soldiers inside the command truck shouted outside calling the attention of Major Lopez. The soldier, Technical Sergeant Spencer Olivera was controlling a camera mounted drone he had launched at the start of the mission. Since the distraction around the airport drew out a lot of infected specially the ones capable of flight, the drone made it above the nest in the runway safely.

Inside the camera feed in front of him, a large flesh like structure in the middle of the runway could be seen. It was over three meters in height and about three meters in diameter. It was like a large rosebud made up of fleshy matter. Beside it, a three meter tall skinless humanoid monster was marching.

"Where is it?"

Major Lopez asked the moment he entered the truck.

"Sir, it is beside the central structure of the nest and don't seem to be attracted to the distractions outside the airport."

The Technical Sergeant replied with a grave tone.

Hearing that, Major Lopez' expression turned unsightly.

"This is bad. If it doesn't leave the nest, the infiltration team won't be able to plant the bombs."

"That was also my thoughts sir but what can we do?"

The people in charge of the command racked their brains. This was the first time they saw an infected ignore the provocation in their territory. In fact even the smart flying infected came out but the [Alpha Type] seemed to have no interest of going out.

If one of the distraction teams managed to lure the alpha out, they would bail out from their location and lure the alpha away. That was the first plan. However, in this situation...

Major Lopez turned to the soldier in charge of the communication.

"Inform the infiltration to perform Plan C on the Alpha before they plant the bombs."

The soldier's expression was stunned and became bitter. However, he could only nod.

"Yes sir."

The Plan C for the infiltration team... It was close to suicide.

Since there was the possibility of infected not being lured out or being stuck inside the airport, this plan was thought out which would likely prove the other term for the Infiltration Team in this mission, the "Suicide Team".

In Plan C, a small number of their members would split from the group and would lure the remaining infected from the nest. Since they had to personally lure them without the help of vehicles and without a safe defending position, it was close to suicide. There was no way that vehicles would be able to properly drive inside the airport in its current condition after all.

Because the thing they needed to lure was the [Alpha Type], it was very likely that the people that would split from the main Infiltration Team would not be able to make it back alive.


Technical Sergeant Olivera who was looking at the monitor voiced out in confusion and hurriedly turned the camera of the drone...


The feed was cut off.


The Technical Sergeant was shocked.

"What happened?!"

Major Lopez that had just turned his back from the Technical Sergeant turned back once more and asked.

"Sir... I don't know if I'm just imagining things but it seemed that I saw people in the control tower..."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I just saw a glimpse but they seemed to be talking. I immediately turned the camera but as you see, I lost the feed. It's very likely that the drone is destroyed."

Hearing that, not only the Major but the other people inside the command center truck felt strange.


Day 47 - 12:42 PM - Control Tower, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Parañaque, Metro Manila


"That's close. We can't be careless anymore since the Philippine Military already learned to use drones for scouting."

The raspy voice sounded as a large bird with a disgusting looking face flew into the broken window of the control tower. On the bird's claws, a broken drone could be seen. As it tossed the drone to the floor, the bird's body shifted and turned into a hooded man.

Inside the control tower, eleven people could be seen and if the bird that turned into human was included, there were twelve.

"Stalker, you're late."

One of the men inside the control tower spoke while staring at the man with raspy voice.

"It's good that I'm late or this drone might have spotted you all. You all should be more aware of your surroundings."

"Well, THANK you."

Another hooded man chimed in with a sarcastic remark which made Stalker glare at him.

"Stop with the childish bickering and get in position."

Another one spoke. As he seemed to have higher position among the others, they immediately stopped.

Stalker walked forward and stepped on the larger gap between his comrades.

Inside this room, nine people had the same looking robes and they stood in a circular formation at the center of the control tower. All the equipment inside had already been thrown out leaving the vacant floor which now was drawn with strange patterns and runes that looked like a magic circle. At fixed intervals at the outline of the circle were nine smaller circles where the nine hooded figures stood.

As for the remaining three people...


Tears streaked out of the eyes of the three as their muffled cries could be heard.

Inside the drawn symbol, three young girls about fifteen to seventeen years old were tied up and gagged while lying with their back on the floor at the center of the three major circles of the symbol. They were all crying in despair as they tried to struggle free from their bindings. They were wearing white one-piece clothing and their bodies were obviously cleaned thoroughly. Girls as clean looking and as beautiful as them would be hard to find in this apocalyptic world now.

Looking at the three girls, Stalker spoke with disappointment.

"Three virgin sacrifices. It's a pity I won't be able to taste them."

The other eight hooded men turned at him with stern eyes and their superior spoke.

"Stalker, stop with the nonsense. Well start the ritual."