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287 Greed for Power, The Brewing Danger Behind the Scenes

 Day 43 - 01:36 PM - Central Business Park, Bay City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

More than a month had passed since the apocalypse came. There were twenty thousand people gathered in Bay City with about forty percent being able to fight. In that percentage, more than half belonged to the Military though it would be hard to tell the exact number.

Due to this large number of forces, the Bay City still managed to scrape by. Although the majority of the populace could not eat and drink as much as they want, in the least, they were able to have their fill even though there were not able to work. Dealing with the threat that came from nearby Cities also became easier due to many common people that had undergone military training. Although many of them were still not able to go out to scavenge while confronting the infected, in the least, they were able to help to bolster the settlement's defenses.

The only threat that did most damage to Bay City was flying infected animals and insects. Especially the mutated ones, they were giving the residents and the military a whole ton of headache. Although they were still being dealt with, casualties would appear from time to time. It was the worst when these flying infected targeted the tent city in the south were most civilians were gathered.

During those attacks, the snipers from the military and the only survivor team specialized in dealing with the flying infected shined, especially the survivor team that was composed of beautiful women, cute children and strange animals. It might sound odd to everyone that would hear about it the first time but here in Bay City, this odd group was highly renowned. Although the group itself had not been named, many people call them by the name "Team Fairy" due to their show of prowess in the previous incident in Philippine General Hospital.

There were also some groups that were popular among the people and two of those groups had close ties with Team Fairy. Furthermore, those three groups lived in a single floor in one of the most prestigious dwellings in the settlement.

Aside from those groups, there were also individuals that left their names in the memories of the people here. One of those was someone called "Mad Berserker" who would go at any length to annihilate any infected he would encounter. His most renowned deed was when he lost himself in slaughtering the infected that he cleared a whole nest consisting of about half a thousand infected on his own. It might sound like a fantasy story but the military bore witness to that event.

The only problem with this person was like his title, he would lose himself from time to time while killing. At those moments, he could not differentiate between foes or allies that would approach him. In the least, he would go after the infected as priority as long as no one approached during those moments. That was also the reason he mostly moved on his own unless it was a mission that came from the military.

Aside from those, there were also rumors about the "Scientist Ninja" and the "Ice Mage" that was hidden in the dark. It was rumored that these two were secret weapons of the military but no one could prove it. The only cases that the abilities of the two were witness were during a massive attack of a horde of "Z-Type 1- I03: Musca Skulle" or in literal sense, Skull Flies. Although no one was able to see the actual persons, many corpses of Skull Flies had large needles made of ice and metal stuck onto them causing their death. There were some people who told that the metal needles were shot by a person wearing a scientist uniform but those were only rumors.

With the loss of mainstream source of entertainment, these stories circulated to the people rather fast. It was also a way for these people to ease their hearts and forget the dangers waiting outside the walls even for just a short amount of time.

At the military headquarters...

"We haven't heard anything from the Port of Real Settlement for days already."

General Miguel Perez sat on his chair inside his office. Inside the room were several military officers including Major Lopez and Captain Dela Rosa. They were currently in a meeting to try to address various issues in the settlement. At this moment, the sudden cut off with the communication with the Port of Real Settlement was currently being discussed.

"The last report we heard from them is that a very strong storm was detected and the settlement is within its path pushing them to evacuate."

The general's secretary spoke.

"It can't be that their settlement is destroyed right?"

One of the officers chimed in.

"If their report is true, the possibility is very high. According to the last transmission, the incoming storm is several times stronger than the Category 5 Super Typhoon Yolanda that passed back in 2013. They also said that it was accompanied by thunder strikes."

The secretary narrated the report.

"But, is that storm really true? It had already been two days and we did not even experience as single drop of rain. Even if we are not in the route of that storm, we should still experience some drizzles, right?"

Another officer spoke his suspicions.

"It is better if all of you don't waste your time on those kinds of assumptions. There would be no reason for them to make those up. Also Sir Faustino is the one managing that settlement. I had no idea for others but Sir Faustino is one of the most upright Generals we have in the military."

General Perez spoke with a stern expression. It was obvious in his eyes how he respected General Faustino both as a soldier and as a person.

"I'm with General Perez. I personally know General Faustino and I know that he won't let any falsehood in that report. Many strange things had been happening since Day Zero. That storm could be one of those strange things."

Major Lopez also spoke.

"Day Zero", that was what they called the very day that Mutagen conquered the world. It was the day that the life of many overturned. The people became infected and killed. Those that killed came back to life and infected others. It was a cycle that caused remorse and despair to a lot of people.

"We don't know what is going on but we should wait for several days. Maybe they were just having some problems with the relay antennas. A storm that strong can take down those antennas in an instant. It will take a while before they can repair those."

General Perez spoke ending the topic. Fifteen minutes passed and their meeting had to end yet. It was then that a soldier acting as a messenger came in and made his way towards the general to whisper something.

To the contents of the whisper, General Perez frowned.

"What are those pigs up to now?"

He murmured in an exasperated voice.

But then...


An alarm sounded interrupting their meeting.


Day 43 - 02:17 PM - Central Business Park, Bay City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

"Hurry up! Get in position on top of the walls!"

A squad leader bellowed to his men urging them to move faster.

While the soldiers were preparing, several armored vehicles arrived. General Perez and the other officers moved out from the vehicles which alerted the soldiers and other people nearby.

"General, Sirs, why did you all come here?"

The squad leader saluted and asked.

"We are also soldiers. We can't only stay at the back." The general joked to lighten the mood. "I need a report."


Another soldier came and reported the situation.

About a kilometer away from the perimeters of Bay City, either camera mounted drones or scouts were being sent round the clock to ensure the safety of the settlement. This time, a drone discovered a horde of infected coming from the east traversing Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue. It was a horde of humanoids.

"Why are the snipers being dispatched?"

Major Lopez could not help but ask as he saw the sniper team also moving out.

"Hearing that question, the soldier that was reporting had a worried expression in his face."

"Sir, the snipers are for precautions. Although it was not confirmed yet but these infected were facing right now had the possibility of being capable of flight."

Those words made the officers frown.


Day 43 - 02:25 PM - Government Officials' Residences, Central Business Park, Bay City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

"Are you all sure that we should be doing this right now? The alarm is still going."

A lean man in his mid-twenties spoke as he sat on his chair. To his question, a man with a stout build answered.

"Just let those dogs deal with those things. That is what guard dogs are for."

The stout man's tone was filled with contempt towards the military.

"Settle down you two. We're not here for to fight with ourselves."

A man with glasses interrupted the two.

This was inside one of the private offices in this hotel that became residence to Government Officials with high status and highly regarded businessmen.

Inside the office, seven men sat on their chairs and each of them had guards standing behind them.

The leading man in this group was a man with a rounded face and a mustache, Senator Gong Estrada.

With silence of the two, Senator Estrada finally spoke.

"I know us all here had some scruples of our own but that is not what we are here for. Set those aside for now. As you six know, the authority of the military is starting to overshadow us."

That statement made the eyes of the six people seated sharp.

"Most of the new Evolvers and Mutators emerging from the populace are being recruited by the military while those that come to us are lessening as time goes."

"In other words, we should deal with this, right?"

A man with a sly looking face spoke.

"That is right. But the question here is why this happened in the first place."

The other six went silent. When Bay City was established as a settlement, they still had power over the military even though it was General Perez that was governing the settlement. Because of that, they were still able to gather support from the populace and were able to recruit people that were being added to their private forces. As time had gone however, that power started to diminish. Now, all the new recruits and survivor groups were going to the military for both support and alliance.

"It all started because of that group."

The man in mid-twenties, Raver Guevarra, spoke. He was a young businessman who could be said as a business prodigy in the current era of the Philippines. Back before the apocalypse, he was a young person owning several five-star restaurants and hotels. In the building of this settlement, he also contributed a large amount of money.

To what Raver said, the stout man, Congressman Diosdado Escobar squinted his eyes.

"I heard that you fancy that "Fairy Sniper"."

"Who wouldn't? Those face and body sure looks irresistible to anyone. Unless you're impotent."

Rave looked at the congressman with a smug look.

"Just what are you trying to say you narcissistic lizard?!"

"What? Is there something wrong with what I said?!"

Both Congressman Escobar and Raven stood up from their seats. Even their guards behind them were ready to draw their weapons.

"Here we go again..."

The man with glasses, Senator Emilio Asucena scratched his head.


A loud banging sound interrupted the two. They could not help but look at Senator Estrada who was glaring at them. The two could only sit back down on their seats. They were not afraid of the senator and rather they were afraid of the guard behind the senator.

"I told you all that set aside those scuffles here!"

Senator Estrada took in a deep breath and calmed himself.

"Most of the military's current merits are because of that group, especially the woman you two are talking about."

The senator looked at Raver.

"Sad to say but you can't have that woman. In order to cut off the military's current advance, that group should disappear."