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269 Reversing the Situation, A Strange and Surprising Counterattack

 Day 41 - 3:57 PM - Barangay Poblacion 38, Infanta, Quezon

The people of the East Port Settlement were in a grave situation. They might have more people but with the majority being non-combatants, there was no way for them to win against the enemies without sacrificing a lot. Not only that the enemies had already surrounded and trapped them in place but also among the enemies, some were carrying heavy firearms like machine guns and mini-guns. Some were even aiming rocket launchers at them. Just one of these things could fell dozens of people from the settlement.

While everyone was lamenting their possible fate, it still became a huge surprise as to how the traitor from the Ruanto Family fell. After Jacob betrayed them, he was betrayed afterwards. Karma hit back rather too early. It would be a lie if the people said that they did not fell happy at the way Jacob met his end.

Inside one of the vehicles in the lead of the evacuees, Karla, Alana and everyone in Mark's team heard the demands of Adrik Volkov. It was not surprising that they would be mentioned directly because of the status of their relatives in the Military Settlement. They detested the dead Jacob even more for disclosing their existence to the beasts from the Death Valley Settlement.

Still, they had no choice, maybe, if they did not come out, these animals would surely start to torture people to death one by one until they came out. These people were known for doing that after all. They would try all despicable means to get their hands on something they wanted.

While the two thought of going out, their arms had been pulled back. The force of the pull was rather strong that both of them that already stood up from their seats were forced to sit down once more. The two could not help but look at the culprit, but unexpectedly, the one that pulled them back was the strange little girl, Miracle. She was even glaring at the two in a manner that did not fit a little girl like her. Before Alana and Karlene could speak, Miracle had beaten them to it.

"Can't let big sisters go. Father said that I need to protect big sisters."

Alana and Karlene became troubled. They needed to come out before the worse happened but it seemed that the little girl would not let go of them if they did not agree. With worried faces, Alana and Karlene nodded at each other and sat back down. That was when Miracle finally let go of the two with a satisfied nod.

Since the two sat down once more, Miracle moved to the seat next to her and rummaged at the bag of her Father. While she did that, everyone inside the vehicle could hear her talking to herself.

"Uhn. Stall for time... Yes, Aunt Aephi. Duel? Uhn. Switch? Okay~... Also get everyone's help!"

Everyone inside the vehicle was alarmed at Miracle's odd behavior. The little girl then took out a set of small sized armor and dagger from the bag along with eight clear canisters with gelatin-like liquid of different colors inside. Miracle struggled to wear the simple armor and had to ask for help before she proceeded to open the canisters.

Opening the canisters one by one, the contents were revealed to be the [BloodChildren] Mark had. All of them were released inside the vehicle by Miracle for some reason. Seeing Salacia, Layan could not help but want to pick it up but a tentacle emerged from Salacia's body and moved in a way that was signaling Layan to stop.

Unexpectedly, all the [BloodChildren] circled around Miracle as if soldiers waiting for her orders.

"Everyone! Get ready to fight! Father asked us to protect the big sisters, the big brothers and grandpa. We can't let Father down!"

Miracle declared as she raised her hand cutely. Following her short speech, the [BloodChildren] bobbed their bodies in agreement. It was a really strange sight inside the vehicle and everyone inside felt like they were starting to lose their minds. After all, what could a three year-old girl and some small critters would be able to do in the face of hundreds of armed enemies?

Not minding the reactions of everyone inside the vehicle, Miracle jumped off her seat and proceeded to the door. However, she did not know how to open it being the first time she actually rode a vehicle.

"Big Sis Karlene, open?"

Miracle asked Karlene who was sitting beside the door of the van.

"No! We can't let you out!"

Waking up from their stupor, everyone rejected Miracle's request.

Still, the girl ignored them and started muttering to herself once more.

"Here? Like this?"

Unexpectedly, she quickly reached for the handle of the door and pulled it opening the side door rather forcefully.

"You can't!"

Karlene hugged Miracle to stop her but the little girl's strength was too much for her to bear alone. She still managed to slip and jump out of the vehicle. Alana also jumped out of the vehicle to chase after Miracle but they were already late. It seemed that the little girl dashed to the front the moment she went out.

"What is this, a little girl coming to challenge us?"

Adrik sneered and the men around them laughed out loud in ridicule.

At the front of the people, Miracle stood under the torrential rain pointing her dagger at Adrik.

"Fight me! Scared?"

There was not a shred of fear from the little girl. She stared directly at the ringleader without flinching.

Adrik frowned. It may be a little girl but he did not like being looked down on. As he stepped forward to deal with the little girl who did not know any better, the little girl also charged forward avoiding everyone from the people of the East Port Settlement that wanted to stop her recklessness.

The founder of Death Valley settlement signaled his men to let him do this alone since it was just a brat.

The flood water splashed on her little steps as Miracle charged towards Adrik. With her speed, she reached the man immediately and she unleashed a fist towards her enemy.

Adrik on the other hand also unleashed a half-hearted punch with a sneer. He did not even activate his Mutator ability and just met the little girl's punch. It became his greatest mistake in his whole life. He underestimated the girl's prowess too much.

The two punches met each other under the eyes of the observers. The evacuees could not help but turn their eyes away not wanting to see the girl's fate while the men from Death Valley sneered.



A sound of bones breaking sounded along with the sound of the rain. If was followed by a scream of pain. However, it was not a girl's voice but a man's. When everyone who turned their eyes away looked back, their eyes widened to see that the right hand to the wrist of Adrik looked twisted and was dangling in an odd angle. The heavily built man stepped back as he panicked. Receiving such heavy injury from a little girl was a total shock to him. Not only him but everyone was shocked.

Not contented with her attack, Miracle charged once more at the disoriented Adrik to unleash a stab from her dagger.

Knowing the predicament that their leader was into, some of the men nearby stepped in to join the fray. However, the little girl immediately switched target to the nearest enemy in an unexpected manner. The first person to help their leader fell down with a bloody slit on his throat. Before the next enemy was able to react, Miracle kicked the ground causing the muddy water to splash towards the next enemy's face. The next thing that the enemy remembered was his body falling down unto the muddy water and the severe pain on his neck.

Seeing what happened, a heavily built bald man with tattoos all over his arms shouted.

"Shoot her! Shoot!"

With that command, several armed men surrounded Miracle and immediately unleashed a rain of bullets on her. They underestimated the girl too much. Who would have thought that she was a little demon that a little girl.


Alana and Karlene shouted. This was the worst thing that could happen. If she died,

The people that was afraid to fight felt remorse in their hearts. At least, the little girl died valiantly.

With emptied magazines, the men surrounding Miracle stopped shooting. However, they were all shocked.

The little girl's body was filled holes and the shape of her body had been disfigured due to the barrage of bullets. Yet, she was still standing. She was even moving. The horrifying scene immediately made the men that surrounded her step back in horror.


A creepy laugh from the girl was heard as her disfigured body twitched. Then...

Her body burst into streaks and streaks of flesh tentacles. All the men that surrounded her along with the men a dozen meters away were all drilled with bloody holes on their bodies. The tentacles started pulsating and the bodies started to dry up like mummies.

Adrik was lucky as the bald man managed to get him away. Or else, he would also be included among those men that dried up just now.




Several screams then echoed from different directions. The men from Death Valley fell one by one with different injuries in their bodies. Near their bodies, slime could be seen bobbing about.

While Miracle was fighting and took the attention of everyone, the [BloodChildren] slipped out towards different directions. With the help of the flowing rain water on the street, it became easier for them to scatter about. They slowly made their ways behind the enemies and started to kill them by piercing their bodies with tentacles that had tips made of [Blood Metal].

The men from Death Valley panicked at the sudden situation and shot the assailants. However, as their bodies were liquid and did not have a permanent figure, the bullets drilled through their bodies but did not damage them in the least. The [BloodChildren] continued their rampage causing the enemies to fall into disarray.

Miracle started to run around in her disgusting form and attacking any nearby enemy. The poor enemies that she caught with her speed turned into dried corpses in a short period of time.

'Little Miss. Everything is ready.'

The voice Miracle had been waiting for echoed inside her head.


Miracle's childish voice was heard by those near her. It was then followed by more blood curling screams. Furthermore, this time, the number was rather alarming.

"AHHH! Infected! Too many infected!"

A scream filled with horror came from one of the evacuees that witnessed what was happening.

While the criminals surrounded their victims, they were unknowingly surrounded by the infected. Furthermore, the infected were led by several [Leader Types] which made their attacks more coordinated and ferocious.

"What the f*ck is happening?!"

Adrik endured the pain on his arm and cursed as he saw the current situation.

"Attack! Attack!"

This was a good opportunity to fight back. Darren immediately issued his orders to counter attack. The gunfight under the rain immediately started and the enemies immediately fell into disadvantage. They were being besieged by four forces after all.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

It might be a disgrace but Adrik could only issue the command to retreat. This was very hateful. Who would think that he would get done in by a little girl? Not to mention those slimes that should be weak creatures and appeared out of nowhere in a stance that was helping the people from East Port Settlement. As for the infected, they did not think too much. Since they surrounded the evacuees, it was easier for the infected to stab them on their backs.

With the order to flee, Adrik made their way towards their vehicles parked just at the other side of the street.


It was then that the radio Adrik had rang. The sudden contact made Adrik feel even worse.


The moment Adrik opened the communication line, a panicked voice greeted him.

"Why did you contact? We are in the middle of something right now!"

"Emperor! This is an emergency! A gigantic whale with feet is rampaging at our settlement! A lot of buildings are destroyed and many of our people died already!"

Adrik's eyes grew wide in shock and he even forgot the pain in his arm.