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264 Conflict, The Feud Between the Three Families and the Arrival of the First Threa

 Day 41 - 10:02 AM - Free Port District, East Port Settlement, Barangay Dinahican, Infanta, Quezon

Everyone in the port had already stopped what they were doing in shock at the scene they could see by the horizon. Most of the people here in the Free Port District right now were those that were already informed of the incoming storm and were preparing the anti-flood measures they planned. Seeing the storm that appeared ahead of time however, they all lost confidence that the measures they were preparing would be able to stand against the incoming storm.

In fact, they want to retort who ever said that a storm was coming. It was very far from being a storm and also far to be called a super typhoon. The storm on the horizon was obviously way stronger than those.

Strange enough however, although the clouds started to thicken and move faster towards the storm, not a single drop of rain had fallen anywhere outside the dark-gray clouds.

Since Mark and Annica suddenly went out of the compound, Raybert and Riley along with several of their guards came running after them. Annica's two brothers wanted to reprimand her for suddenly running off like that but both of them were also frozen by the scene that everyone here was watching. Later, even Darren and his wife, Maitea, came out of the compound after receiving the news about the abnormal scene at the sea.

"Is this what you said before?"

Darren stood beside Mark who was observing something at the terrifying storm and asked.

"It is." Mark turned his head to Darren and replied. "Rather than watching here, it's better if you already announce the evacuation and prepare to abandon this place. I've been observing the storm since we noticed it but even though we can see it already from here, it sure is still far away and the speed it is moving is very slow. My estimate is that we still have a few hours before it can directly affect the settlement."

With a grave expression, Darren nodded. Evacuating and abandoning this settlement was the thing they did not want to do the most as they spent a lot to build this settlement. After they leave, not only them but the residents of the settlement would have nowhere to go. For sure, the Military Settlement would not reject them but the sudden influx of people would surely affect them severely. Not to mention the dangers that everyone could experience on the way.

The worst thing was that the protection of the non-combatants would be the sole responsibility of his family and their personnel. After all, there was a very small number of Mutators that fully maintained their humanity while many had viewed themselves as superior. It was very less likely for the latter to protect the common people as everyone evacuate.

However, there was nothing Darren could do but his best.

"What is this evacuation I'm hearing about?"

Someone suddenly interjected between Mark and Darren's conversation.

Looking at the person that spoke, Mark frowned. It was a man in his forties that had a very sly look on his face especially because of his narrow shaped eyes behind his small rectangular glasses. The man was on the lean side and was wearing a form coat. Around him was his own group of guards.

Beside the sly looking man, there was another man about two or three years younger than Mark. He also looked unfamiliar and looking at the similarities between the appearances of the two men, it was very likely that they were father and son.

Darren looked at the man with a frown.

"What does it have to do with you Jacob?"

"Of course it had something to do with us." Jacob emphasized the word "us" by waving his hands outwards indicating everyone and every people around them. "You didn't even consult the other two families about this when us three families built and made the rules in this place."

"But there is no rule that stated that anyone is restricted from leaving this place, am I right? If anyone wanted to leave, what does it got to do with you and your family?"

"Oh, really?"

Gunpowder was everywhere in between the two people.

"That is the head of the Ruanto Family, the former Mayor Jacob Ruanto and his son Devon."

Annica whispered beside Mark. No wonder Darren was showing a hostile attitude.

In this settlement, although the Cristobal Family flaunted their status more than the two, the most dangerous was the Ruanto Family that was mostly quiet and not participating in too much hubbub in the settlement. However, they were always scheming and no one could predict their moves.

At the first days of the settlement, Mutators, Evolvers and common people retained the normal relationship until the campaign of this family about the Mutators and Evolvers being superior over the common people who had no abilities started the chaotic hierarchy between the three kinds of people. That campaign rallied those Mutators with the same ideals and reigning traits towards their camp. It was a very effective recruitment scheme.

In fact, both Jacob and Devon were Mutators and the arrogant looking guards around them were the same. Apparently, all the remaining family members of the Ruanto were all Mutators.

While Annica was filling Mark with the information he needed while whispering, Mark felt a hostile intention towards him. He turned his head and saw another group of people surrounded by guards. At the center of the group, Mark saw the familiar lecher from last night. With that man there, that group was surely the leaders of the Cristobal Family. The guard captain that let Mark's group into the settlement was also with the group.

To say, the stout man and the young master of the Cristobal Family were looking at Mark with pure ill will. The stout man was looking at Mark with displeasure while the younger was angry and jealous.

Mark could not help but frown. It seemed that the young master of Cristobal Family was a pedophile. For him to not only target women for his lecherous intentions but even a brat like Annica could not escape his interests.

"Mark! Uncle Darren!"

While the interaction between the two heads of the families was getting fiercer, Alana and Karlene finally appeared. Alana immediately called towards Mark and Darren.

"The Military Settlement already started their evacuation! They are heading inland and towards the mountains to setup a temporary camp. They said that we are fine rendezvous with them. The meeting point is at the entrance of Marcos Highway."

Hearing that, Darren's eyes lit up. While he was arguing with Jacob Ruanto, he was thinking of where he should direct the evacuees but to think that the Military Settlement would give them such offer. It was like sending them coal in the middle of winter.

Even though the road to traverse between the East Port Settlement and the Marcos Highway was quite dangerous, it was way better to have a destination point than none. More than that, the military could provide support and protection to the evacuees afterwards.

The goals had been set. Ignoring the members of the other families, Darren urged his children and men to start preparing.

"Can we use the boats to travel to the Military Settlement? The sea is still calm."

Riley asked as he looked at the sea that was strangely normal.

"We better not." Darren shook his head. "With a strange storm like that, no one can predict what will happen at the sea."

Darren and his children returned to compound and started to issue orders. Preparing any vehicle they could gather, transporting supplies and informing the people was the priority. For sure, not all the people would be able to ride the vehicles and as such, everyone needed to leave as soon as possible.


Mark called Edzel without even looking at the boy who wanted to approach him but was not able to since he was surrounded by the members of the Cristobal Family.


Surprised, Edzel replied in a question like tone as he approached.

"Are you done packing?"


"I have a task for you."

Hearing that, Edzel looked at Mark to listen.

"Do you know Hamlin and his grandchildren?"

"Yes Boss! Actually, we work together sometimes to fish at the coast."

Hearing that, Mark felt relieved. It should be easier this way.

"Go find them and bring them to the compound of the Salvador Family. These girls will be waiting for you. Hurry up."

Mark ordered and pointed at Alana and Karlene.

"Yes, Boss!"

Hearing his first task, Edzel hurriedly ran off. Seeing how Mark could interact with the head of the Salvador Family like equal, Edzel had forgotten his hesitations over following Mark. Even the tone the head of Salvador Family used to talk to Mark was quite polite meaning that his status might be higher. His decision last night to follow him as the right thing he did this time.

"Mizuki, Karlene, take Miracle and Amihan and wait within the compound. Also wait for the boy I just sent to fetch the others I recruited last night."

"Alright." Alana replied. "Still, I can't believe that you really recruited people."

Mark turned to Alana with a reproachful stare.

"Mark, what about you?"

Karlene asked.

"I'll stay here for a bit and also call Chaflar. You all hurry up. Also take my bag. The [BloodChildren] and some important things are inside."

Handing Miracle, Amihan and his bag to the two girls, they then returned to the compound of the Salvador Family. This time, the cards the proved their access in the settlement was useless as they were in a state of emergency.

Being left at the Free Port District, Mark glared at the backs of the members of the other two families that were also returning to their bases after being ignored by the members of the Salvador Family. However, Mark frowned as he looked at the backs of the Head of Ruanto Family. He could feel that the guy was planning something sinister.

As for the Cristobal Family, Mark could not bother about them. They were just a group of garbage in more ways than one.

Ignoring everyone that was already panicking as they ran back to their dwellings, Mark removed his jacket revealing his armor and the [Darkness Shade Set] behind him. The gauntlets, [Attacker] and [Defender], the whip blades [Slicer] and [Divider] and the two parts of the shield, [Defier] were then launched from the [Darkness Shade Set]. Mark then turned the bracer on his right hand putting the needle launcher under his wrist and like a docking robot, he caught both gauntlets with wore it in his both hands. The two parts of the [Defier] came after and the last was the two short blades that stretched into longer blades after Mark waved the two blades to his side.

Some people saw Mark's sudden display and were amazed. They were even more amazed that his weapons could combine and change forms like that. Still, there were those that were confused as to why Mark would bring out weapons this time.

Then, Mark took out a small whistle rocket which the stick of firework was made of [Blood Metal] that could fit the needle launcher on his right wrist. Lighting the fuse, he shot the whistling rocket towards the sky diagonally to the west. As it was a modified firework, the whistling sound was rather loud and many were alarmed by the sudden whistling sound followed by a loud explosion at the sky.

That was the method Mark prepared to contact Chaflar who was staying at the forest not far from the settlement. For sure, the dragon heard that and would come shortly.

Before Chaflar would arrive however, Mark prepared to fight.


Screams came from the people that were taking things from their boats docked at the port and by the shore. The people started running away from the shore with shocked and frightened expressions.

Mark moved. Vanishing in a puff of mist, Mark appeared above the port overseeing the coast.

Different kinds of evolved sea animals started to come ashore. They were attacking everyone and destroying everything on the way. Not because they were here to attack but these sea creatures were fleeing from the ocean, specifically, from the storm and the cause of it.