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252 Taking A Break, A Peacful Day at the Mountain Base

 Day 39 - 9:32 AM - Mountain Base, Mount Malabito, General Nakar, Quezon

Mark stretched his back as he went out of the crevice chambers with Amihan and Miracle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was already quite late in the morning and he had just woken up. He stayed up late last night doing something and caused him to oversleep. The atmosphere in the base and the current mindset of people around helped him a lot to recover the lack of sleep in the past days he was not here.

He looked around. It was strange that no one came to greet him. That was when he saw what seemed to be everyone in the base gathered at the northeast part of the base. It was the most vacant part of the base since most of the current shacks and houses built was more concentrated at the center and the south area of the base.

Mark stealthily approached and no one even noticed him, not even Huey. All of them were concentrated on what was happening in front of them.

In front of the crowd, there was Jolene and Alana. The two were entangled in a battle. Both were seriously exchanging attacks but looking at their faces, it seemed that they were both enjoying the battle.


Huey finally noticed and yelled.

Everybody was quite surprised that the leader of the base was already here without anyone noticing. However, none of them neglected to greet him or at least, slightly bow at him. Apparently, this kind of greeting was being popularized here by Hallie. Although it was quite strange, it was not really bad so he let it be. It was better rather than something like a new kind of salute.

Actually, it was better if they just did the usual since he was not really used to it but if he did that, Aephelia would surely reprimand him later on. That servant of Freed was a stubborn one about these kinds of things. She would probably say things about maintaining image and such.

Looking at the new people, they all look several times better than yesterday. Now, they were wearing clean clothes, able to eat enough food to fill their stomachs and slept properly without worrying that someone or the infected might come after them on their sleep. Although the marks of the hardships they had been through could still be seen on their faces and their bodies, at least, they were able to smile now.

However, they should really stop their strange glances at Amihan who was already feeling creeped out.

"What is happening with those two?"

Mark asked and he was immediately answered by Nicole and Karlene.

Apparently, the girls learned that Alana knew martial arts from Karlene's slip of tongue and Jolene asked for a spar. It all led to the current situation. Jolene's desire for strength and skill was getting larger. Fortunately, it was in a good way. After all, what she wanted was the strength to be able to protect herself and the people around her.

The two who was entangled in their fight did not even notice Mark. Watching the two, Mark knew that both of them were in a stalemate. Jolene was lacking in experience and her movements were more or less an amateur but her ability as an Evolver made up for what she lacked and she was able to dodge Alana's sharp attacks.

On the other hand, Alana's movements was not a total expert, but at least, she seemed to have years of experience. She was able to dodge Jolene's attacks without problem but she was struggling to make a good hit on Jolene. Their battle would surely not get anywhere and the two would only stop after the two of them were tired.

He then looked at everyone who was watching. Although there were still a lot to be done in the base, a short break and entertainment like this once in a while was not bad at all.

Mark decided to stop watching and made his way to where Chaflar was staying to check.


It seemed that Wargy was pestering Chaflar again. If Mark did not have control over the large dragon, it might have already eaten the brave little fella.

Yesterday, Mark told Huey to bring two of the corpse of the men to Chaflar for food. It was not the first time it ate after it became a dragon. Mark traded some meat back in the military settlement to feed it before they left and also fed it more when they arrived the other day. Since it was fond of meat, Mark thought that it would like human meat but who would have thought that it actually ignored the bodies as if it was looking at disgusting insects.

It was like a rich young lady who was tried to be fed with fried coconut worms for the first time. However, Mark immediately realized why.

Before the outbreak, human meat might be the tastiest meat animals could find but now that the animals evolved, their meat became superior and human meat became inferior. It was not only in quantity but also in nutrients. In the end, he told Huey to feed the bodies to the infected inside the chambers.

The bodies of the two Mutators also ended up as infected food after Mark harvested their mutations. He managed to get some weird abilities this time. First was an ability to stretch arms in about several meters while the second one was to be able to release flames from the pores in the body.

Both were rather troublesome abilities but they were easily dealt with due to their lack of skill.

After checking on Chaflar, Mark vanished together with Miracle and Amihan in a puff of black mist and appeared at the top of the crevice overlooking the whole base.

"My Lord, the base is developing nicely isn't it?"

Amihan said as she watched the base below.

Although it looked more crowded for her, it still looked better than before. The mostly reddish black colored structures gave a good sense of formality although it also made the base more look like a lair for evil spirits. Fortunately, for Amihan's sake, Mark forbid to clear up some of the trees in the base unless necessary since a sylph like her should still live side by side with nature.

Looking back at the base, Mark could also say that it was developing nicely. The west side where the crevice was located was the area where the living quarters and temporary houses were built. The southwest area was where the animals were being raised and was where Chaflar was also staying.

The northeast was still vacant while the north side was where the pelts from hunted animals were being dried along with some of the fishes caught in the river and some meat. The shacks for crafting stuff was also located nearby.

To the south east was the spring where the bath was also built. It was just a single structure but big enough to allow several people inside. The outhouses were also nearby but far enough to not affect the water in the spring.

To the eastern side was also vacant but it was planned that the place would be reserved for a large joint housing in case that more people came in this place.

As for the central area of the base, it was currently being used as the meeting area with the camp fire and some chairs made of tree trunks.

It was good that Huey was here. The design for the base was made nicely.

To the north outside the walls, Mark could see the cleared land with a small part already tilled. This was where they planned to plant the crops and the area would still be expanded in the future.

Mark sat on the edge of the crevice swinging his feet below.

It was really good to take a break from time to time. He just wished that there was something he could watch anime on, play some video games or at least, read some Chinese, Korean or Japanese Novels.

Today, he was going to relax. Since tomorrow, he was going to go leave this place once more. This time, he was going to bring Miracle, Amihan, Alana and Karlene with him and Chaflar were going to be their form of transport. He also planned to take the parasite queen along just in case.

His first target was the Infanta Settlement. The settlement ruled by Mutators and Evolvers.

It was because it would be harder to go to that place after he did his business in the Death Valley Settlement first, since he wanted to get slaves from that settlement. The transport would be troublesome if he had more people around. Besides, his only goal in the Infanta Settlement was to gather the [BloodChildren] there and nothing else.

He decided to bring Karlene and Alana since the two were more experience in the outside world. Furthermore, he would need trustworthy people to leave the management of slaves as he did other things.

The preparations for departure were already done yesterday and last night. The protective gear and weapons that would be given to Alana and Karlene were also done. That was also the reason why Alana had the time to accept Jolene's challenge since today was the rest day for them too.

"Father, I'm hungry."

Miracle said while Mark was still looking around the area below.

Mark sighed and held out his left hand. Without hesitation, Miracle bit on his hand and a wound opened. She then started to suck the blood from the wound. Although Miracle was able to suck blood from the infected, the spoiled girl rather preferred her father's blood. Furthermore, if it was Mark's blood, she did not need to drink too much and she would be full faster than absorbing the blood of the infected or even other human's blood.

"She's really like a vampire."

Amihan could not help but voice.

"You have seen one before?"

Mark asked in curiosity.

"I did. They appeared almost at the same time when those people humans called priests came."

That was some nice information. Who would have thought that the vampires from the west appeared here along with the Spanish occupation? However, the stories about them in local folklore seemed to be lacking. Something might have happened before which caused them to lay low.

Mark looked below once more. It seemed that the show was done and everyone dispersed. He could see Ed walking with Althea for some reason. It was not surprising however. Yesterday, Ed seemed to be struck by something as she saw Althea for the first time. Unfortunately for him, he still needed to overcome the hurdle called Phillip even if the hurdle was not alive anymore.

Behind them was the couple without children, Randolph and Editha Vargas. Both of them were already in their forties. The two were farmers in Tanay, Rizal and owned a rather decent plantation. Due to that, the two would be in charge with the farming in the base and the two gladly accepted as it was the thing they were best at. Still, they were surprised to see the oversized leaves and fruit of the sweet potato Mark took back.

It was quite peaceful in this place. If Mark did not have important things to do outside, he would rather not leave this base. However, he could not rest yet.

The [BloodChildren], he needed to gather them to his base. He also needed to fetch Mei and his adopted children in Bay City. Furthermore, he was feeling restless for some reason though the effect was rather weak but he could still feel that something was going to happen.

Unfortunately, he could not control his future visions. Freed also told him that these kinds of visions and premonitions come at random since Mark was not directly linked to the destiny of the living anymore. That was why he was able to peek at times when the barrier was weakened or if something connected to people close to him would happen.

He just wished that this restlessness would pass by like air.