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246 Morning Ruckus, Karlenes Decision and Causing a Huge Commotion in the Settlemen

 Day 37 - 6:18 AM - Unused Warehouse, Port of Real Settlement, Barangay Ungos, Real, Quezon

The revelation about Alana's familial relations with the Japanese biologist, Professor Masaki Suzuki, cleared up a lot of things about her. Especially about her facial features that was a mix of races.

After hearing that explanation from Alana, Mark turned to Karlene.

"So, you decided tag along with me, right?"

Hearing those words from Mark totally surprised the two.

"How did you know?"

Karlene hesitantly asked.

To her question, Mark also posed his question while glancing at Alana.

"Have you told her already about Karla?"

"No. Not yet. I don't know if she will believe me either."

Mark and Karlene's conversation caused Alana to become confused.

"Hey, you two. What are you talking about?"


Mark turned with a serious expression.

"Uhm... Yes?"

"Everything you will hear here. Do not tell it to anyone. Not even to your uncle."

"What's with all these seriousness? It's creeping me out."

Since Alana was the one that accompanied Karlene, Mark decided to fill her with some of the information about Karlene's circumstances. After all, Mark knew that Alana was a trustworthy person even before the outbreak. Still, she needed to keep it secret to everyone since the things she was going to hear were the circumstances of her best friend and if it spread, it could lead to various consequences not only to Karlene but also to Mark.

Contrary to Mark and Karlene's expectations, Alana accepted the circumstances without problem.

"After all, it's not really surprising." Alana said after being questioned. "Bessie did not feel like Bessie when she goes berserk. She doesn't even respond to everyone even her Dad. Not even a twitch."

"Still, it's amazing that she have to consciousness in her body, also for you to be able to know all that."

Alana added as she looked at Mark. She seemed to be jealous that he knew more about Karlene's circumstances even though Karlene was already like a sister to her.

"Uhm... Mr. Mark... You knew that I woke up while, K-Karla is out right?"

Karlene asked with a surprised expression.

"Of course, I knew. I caused that after all as a side effect when I tried to calm Karla for the first time."

Mark confirmed which made Karlene a little bashful.

When Mark patted Karla's head yesterday and channeled his white mental energy to calm her, the sleeping consciousness of Karlene was also subjected to the energy and woke up. Although Karla was still controlling the body, Karlene who was awake managed to see and watch everything that happened afterwards until she fell unconscious once more when she switched with Karla after the battle with the horde. Normally, she would be in a sleep state until her and Karla's consciousness switched back causing her to know nothing about Karla's actions.

Hugging Mark and crying on his chest, holding his hand for a long time and acting like a total child in front of him, Karlene saw all that and that was all enough to turn her face red, even though she was playing seductively the other night behind Mark while riding on the motorcycle and she felt nothing.

Inhaling deeply, Karlene looked at Mark.

"I want to learn how to fight and how I can use Karla's power. I don't want to be a burden to dad all this time. Also, I know you already heard about my circumstances here. Due to Karla's rampages before and getting caught up with the outlaws, I'm on the verge of getting exiled from here. If that happened, I don't want Dad to leave this settlement with me and wander around without any fixed destination. Even going to other settlements, out future won't be clear. Also... You are the only person who can handle Karla. I will just trouble other people, even Dad if this continued."

"Actually, there's a faster method for you to be able to control Karla's ability."

Mark suddenly said which took the two by surprise.


Alana asked for her best friend.

"Erasing Karla from Karlene's body and devouring her consciousness."

"NO!" Karlene shouted. "I know, this is my body and I want to be able to use her ability but I don't was to do it like that! I saw everything, even heard what you said about her. She's innocent right? Even though it's kind of troublesome, I don't want to do something that cruel. She's just afraid. If possible, I want to consider her as my little sister since I don't have one."

Hearing all those, Mark suddenly smiled.

"You're testing Bessie aren't you?"

Alana asked which also surprised Karlene.

"Well, she passed. I don't mind if you want to go with me but remember that wherever I go, it will be dangerous so I will beat you into shape. Also, it's better if you get your father's permission."

Karlene stared at Mark wide eyed but the smile on her face could not be hidden anymore. Alana hugged her in glee. Unfortunately, Alana also wanted to accompany Karlene but she would not be able to leave his uncle who would surely turn out to be worse if left alone. Scientists had different lifestyle from common people after all.

The three talked for about half an hour about things when...



Throbbing sounds suddenly echoed inside the warehouse. It was too loud that it could be heard outside. The two happy girls froze and Mark also turned to the source of the sound.

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Alana said staring at the contraption in the center of the warehouse. They did not notice it since the two focused on Mark that was near the entrance since they entered.

"Is that the lizard yesterday?"

Karlene said with a gulp.

In the center of the warehouse, the lizard that had grown twice its size before was curled into a spiral. In Mark, Alana and Karlene's view, it looked like a wall of scales.



The throbbing sound continued. It sounded like a beating heart.

"The final phase is starting."

Mark said in amazement.

The skin of the lizard started to emit a fain glow like lava and its body started to emit heat. Then, its red rock like scales started to turn into a shade of reddish black starting from the roots of the scales. It was the same color of Mark's [Blood Metal].

Mark was not surprised by the change of color. He would also not be surprised if the rock like scales turned out to be as strong as his [Blood Metal]. After all, Mark also made the lizard ingest a fistful of his blood when he threw the crystal into its mouth. Since Mark's body and blood was highly compatible with Mutagen, it would surely cause a reaction like what happened to Iola when he treated her. It was one of what Freed told him back then when he spent time inside his subconscious.

A dragon flying in the sky would surely be vulnerable to attacks. With Mark's blood, superficial wounds would not be a problem anymore. Although it should not be as fast as Mark's since his blood had already changed from when he was an Evolver, it should still be fast.

Mark suddenly froze, something unexpected happened.

The lizard was about to wake up and he felt a connection with its mind. It had the same feeling as what he had with the [BloodChildren]. He really did not expect this to happen but this was a good thing.

Behind Mark, Amihan who was awakened by the throbbing sound stared at the lizard that had undergone changes while keeping silent. As for the [BloodChildren] they were awake all this time since Mark stood up, they were just staying put due to Mark's order.


The loudest heartbeat echoed and the eyes of the lizard, no, dragon opened immediately.

Inside the warehouse, the dragon with a body larger than a saltwater crocodile slowly stood up on all fours. The reddish black scales looked majestic and its body was more muscled than before. Two large bat like wings opened widely causing a gust of wind inside the warehouse. It raised its head and faced upwards.


A roar reverberating across the whole settlement sounded early in the morning.


"What is happening?!"

Professor Suzuki rushed out of the laboratory hearing that loud roar. Not only him but everyone in the settlement rushed out of their places while those outside started to run in panic.

No one knew what was happening but that roar would likely mean bad news for everyone.

The soldiers immediately readied themselves for combat.

"Where did that roar come from?"

Professor Suzuki asked a soldier guarding outside the laboratory who seemed to be getting ready for the worst situation.

"Professor, we don't know yet but it seems to come from the east."

"At the ocean?"

"Most probably Professor."

But then...


A loud sound of roofing and concrete that collapsed echoed at the eastern side of the military section.

Everyone froze and stared at the large figure that flew at the sky.

A lizard with reddish black scales almost twice the size of a salt water crocodile flew up to the sky with its pair of bat like wings that spanned about the same length of its body.

"I-i-is that a dragon?!"

"Run away! Run away!"

"Escape the area! Quick! Soldier's ready for sortie!"

Several screams echoed in the whole settlement after they saw the figure flying in the sky.

There was no doubt that it looked like a dragon, no, it was really a dragon. No one would have expected that a creature in folklore, mythology and fantasy would suddenly appear in this settlement.

On contrary to the people running away, Professor Suzuki followed the soldiers that were already running towards the place that the dragon originated. There was no doubt that these soldiers were ready to defend against the dragon even if they had to sacrifice themselves.

The dragon on the other hand flew in circles roaring and even breathing fire for who knows what reason.

Reaching the eastern part of the port, the soldiers lined up in formation wielding their guns and even rocket launchers.

"Men! Aim!"

The officer on site shouted at the soldiers with rockets.

"Stop! Stop! Don't shoot!"

When two girls filled with dust on their bodies came running and frantically shouting at the soldiers.

Seeing that one of the girls was Alana, Professor Suzuki also took command to stop the soldiers from shooting. As the head scientist in the settlement, he had the authority to command the soldiers to some extent.

However, accidents happen at times.

One of the running people tripped bumped unto one of the soldiers aiming his RPG at the dragon in the sky. Since the soldier was quite nervous and was already waiting for the command to fire, his index finger was on the trigger. The soldier being bumped caused him to fire his rocket accidentally.

Seeing the rocket that was launched prematurely, everyone paled. Alana and Karlene paled since they knew what that dragon was while the soldiers paled because that preemptive rocket revealed which soldiers were the most dangerous. With some of the animals that evolved and gained intelligence that they encountered, a mishap like this caused the animals to pay attention to the most dangerous groups which made it harder to kill the animals.

As the rocket flew however, it flew straight toward the dragon that seemed to be oblivious to it. It was every likely that it would hit.

At that moment, black wavy mist flew up towards the trajectory of the rocket and a human figure appeared before it. The figure that was wielding a katana slashed the rocket into two and vanished leaving the flame and smoke of the explosion. The soldiers dismayed at the outcome of the rocket and thought that the person was also an enemy since they could not recognize him due to the distance.

But then...

The man appeared in front of the dragon and unleashed a downwards rolling kick on its face.

Due to the force of the kick and to an unknown factor, the dragon fell down on a nose dive. The dragon fell in front of the soldiers and the man that turned into mist followed after. A dragon falling unto the concrete caused quite an impact and dust flew everywhere.

Everyone then heard an angry voice in the midst of the dust.

"Just who told you to show off?! Huh?!"


"Look at the ruckus you made!"


"You need to learn to behave!"


The dust subsided and everyone was dumbfounded.

In front of them, they saw Mark who was also covered in dust beating the dragon that was afraid to move with his spear.