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244 Unexpected Taming Method, The Taming Method that Made Everyone Slack Jawed

 Day 36 - 6:02 PM - Laboratory, Port of Real Settlement, Barangay Ungos, Real, Quezon

Mark returned from the meeting even though it still continued even after the spies were caught. After all, there were other issues that were needed to be settled among the people of the settlement. Still, since they knew that they had been instigated and their disturbed minds were taken advantage off, the Mutators and the Evolvers became more behaved in the meeting. On the other hand, Mark left because he did not have any reason to stay and he was not interested in the affairs of the settlement.

He was not staying here for too long anyway. In the earliest, he would leave tomorrow.

As for the two spies that were caught, they were brought into custody and would surely be interrogated. Even being exposed to torture was very likely. After all, the two tried to create a rift between the relationships of the inhabitants of the settlement. If they succeeded, it would cause a lot of severe consequences for the settlement.

Still, the Death Valley Settlement moved faster than expected. For sure, the news about the horde had already reached them and a plan was devised as soon as possible to take advantage of the aftermath of the event. They even utilized two of their planted spies here in the settlement.

"How did you know that those two were spies?"

That question was raised by Jones before Mark left the meeting. This question was also inside the minds of the officers and the soldiers in the meeting. And the answer to that...

"I don't." That was his answer that took the people around by surprise which made Mark explain further. "Don't you think that it's odd that those two kept on instigating the crowd? That's why I started probing. If I'm wrong, then I am. However, I hit the bull's-eye there."

Mark's point was reasonable to some extent and the people hesitantly accepted his explanation since he did not talk further. However, while Mark's statement was half true, the other half was pure nonsense.

It was true that he was not sure about the two being spies but that was not the reason he probed them. While Mark was talking about the duties of the people to defend their current home, families and friends and about those who died, the majority felt hesitation, acceptance and sadness to the truth about their dead comrades. However, the two spies felt anxiety as they saw the determination of the crowd waver, a kind of anxiety when the happenings around them started to stray away from their plans.

Still, the two revealed themselves too quickly after Mark pointed out his assumption. It led to Jones speaking with ridicule.


That was right, the two behaved amateurish after Mark said that they were spies. It was the very likely reason why the big guys in Death Valley sent the two for this mission.

Jones as a mercenary did espionage missions from time to time and knew the routine of spies. Professional spies would not reveal themselves unless they were cornered which was not the case for the two this time. Furthermore, professional spies would not do such missions that would reveal themselves unless they were tasked to bide time for other things which was also not the case this time.

In other words, the two were disposable pawns and the two did not even suspect it.

Bringing Mark at the meeting despite the steep price was the best thing the officers had done in a while. With Mark revealing the two spies, the troublesome events with the horde finally came to a close and the settlement were saved from the worst outcome. After all, even if Mark's statements closed the issue, there would still be a rift in everyone's hearts that would be hard to mend if the spies were not discovered.


At the first floor of the laboratory, Mark stood in front of the room labeled as Containment Room A-10, the room where the evolved lizard was contained. No, to tell the truth, it looked more like a snake that grew legs. Still, there was no doubt that it was a lizard due to its body shape. However, what caught Mark's attention about this lizard was not its appearance or just because the idea of creating a dragon came into his mind. It was because he was able to feel that this lizard actually had a high level of intelligence. Compared to other animals in the laboratory, its emotions was more concentrated even at a higher level compared to the Grebe he caught with Amihan.

In this case, taming it was not impossible. The question however was how. Mark already had several methods to try, he was just waiting for the things he needed.

Beside Mark was the same female soldier that escorted him to the headquarters earlier. She was the one in charge of escorting him once more since the General made Jones stay in the meeting. The other person that accompanied him back was Professor Suzuki who had the authority in the laboratory for the things he needed.

Right now, Professor Suzuki personally went off to get the payment for Mark which was the [Regeneration Medicine] which was what Mark also needed to tame the lizard.

It did not take long and Professor Suzuki came back, however, he had more people in tow. Some all of them were scientists and soldiers except for four people.


Alana shouted while waving. Her enthusiasm was really something.

Karlene who had already woken up looked fine but she seemed to have things troubling her as she looked at Mark. On the other hand, Joash and Tyson looked like tagalongs with the two men walking behind the girls with awkward expressions.

"Just why are all of you here?"

Mark asked.

"We heard that something interesting is going to happen so we came along."

Alana answered which made Mark turn to Professor Suzuki. It seemed that they deduced that Mark was going to try and tame the lizard. Considering the facts, it was not surprising either. Mark had the [BloodChildren] with him that was obviously tamed while he wanted the lizard despite the fact that there was no way for him to transport or contain a lizard about the size of an alligator.

Unless, Mark tamed it and it was willing to follow him like how it was with the [BloodChildren].

"They are saying that you're going to tame it, is that true?"

Mark shrugged.

"I don't know. Let's see what will happen first."

With the professor in the lead, Mark entered the room with everyone. Inside, the room was divided into two parts. The smaller part had devices and apparatus used by the scientists in studying the lizard while the larger part contained the large metal cage. Looking at the cage that was not painted but had a dark shiny color, it seemed to be not just some ordinary metal.

"Here are the [Regeneration Medicine]. I wonder what you will use these for."

Professor Suzuki handed a metal case and asked.

"You'll see."

Mark replied and opened the case. Seeing the ten vials inside, he nodded.

"Open the cage."

With Mark's cue, a scientist carefully opened the cage and Mark entered. The others stayed in the safe area of the room. Looking at the four that was able to join the scientists without problem and was able to tour the lab on their own, Mark started to wonder.

Inside the cage, the large lizard that was also shackled raised its head after seeing that someone entered its cage. Despite being held into this cage and unable to get out on its own, the lizard was still filled with arrogance in its eyes and mind. It seemed to not regard humans highly.

"Hey, can you understand me?"

Mark said and he was surprised inside. Of course, the lizard could not talk but he detected a sort of response. It made Mark turn towards the scientists and shouted.

"Professor Suzuki, do all of you talk in this room often?"

"Well, we spend a lot of time here studying that lizard. If we don't talk, we won't be able to finish you know that?"

Professor Suzuki replied.

Turning to the lizard once more, Mark felt relieved. This guy really seemed to be intelligent and managed to understand some human language just by observing the scientists. In this case, it would be easier.

Mark looked at the lizard arrogantly as if challenging its own arrogance.

"I'll go straight to the point. Submit to me. In exchange, I will make you stronger."


Alana was almost unable to hold herself back. It was very much unexpected that she would hear some demon lord dialogue here.


However, it would just be a wishful thinking if the lizard would really accept that. Although it could not understand all of Mark's words, the essence was transmitter successfully. Despite its shackles, it trashed around wanting to attack Mark.

"It can't be helped huh."

Mark murmured and his eyes glowed red.

The lizard trembled as if it was enveloped in a very heavy and strong pressure.

Mark activated a mechanism on the [Darkness Shade] set on his back and a short bladed baton launched upwards which Mark caught without difficulty. Pulling the end of the baton, the baton extended became a one and a half meter spear.


The spear [Blader], one of the [Darkness Shade] weapons, was mercilessly swung on the face of the lizard. Mark did not hold anything back and swung the spear with all his might.

After being hit by the body of the spear, the head of the lizard was blown backwards. Its skin was thick and its scale was strong so it was not injured in the surface but inside, its muscles were damaged by the impact.




Mark did not stop with just one attack. He repeatedly swung with the same amount of strength at different parts of the body of the lizard. The lizard tried to roar and resist many times but when it tried, its face was struck mercilessly.

Outside the cage, the scientists were slack jawed along with Karlene, Joash and Tyson. This was not taming. He was going to kill the lizard if he continued bashing it like that. They could even see that the skin of the lizard started to crack and bleed. Fortunately, its scales were still intact.

On the other hand Alana seemed to have a different idea about what Mark was doing. However, she could not remember and was trying hard to.

The lizard fell on the floor writhing in pain.

"Do you submit now?"

Mark asked and he was targeted with a resolute and prideful stared which made him shake his head. He then took out one vial of [Regeneration Medicine] and forcefully poured a quarter of it on the mouth of the large lizard.

After a minute or two, the lizard started to heal. And then...




The pummeling continued.

"AHHH! I remember now!"

Alana shouted outside which caused everyone around her to almost stagger.

"[Beast Pummeling Method]! I read it before!"

"Where did you even read that?"

Joash asked.

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Finally, everyone around her really staggered on their places.

Inside the cage, Mark continued pummeling the lizard that could only let out painful roars while ignoring the antics outside caused by Alana. Every time that the lizard could not handle the pain anymore and started to bleed heavily, Mark would make it drink a part of the [Regeneration Medicine].

Soon, the painful roars of resistance started to become softer and turned into cries of pain and despair.

The repeated actions continued until one and a half vials of [Regeneration Medicine] were used.

"So, do you submit now?"

Finally, the lizard lost all its arrogance and lowered its head in front of Mark. Its mouth was bleeding, its body felt very painful and its skin was cracked. The lizard did not want to undergo the painful beating once more and just wanted to end its suffering by giving up.


"I see... Let's continue then."

Mark smiled sinisterly which made everyone inside the room shiver. He continued healing and pummeling the lizard until three vials was used. He was not afraid that it would feel the side effects of the medicine due to overdose since its body was way bigger than a humans and its body structure was different too.

What Mark wanted was full obedience of the lizard and not just the lizard giving up because of the pain. This could get the ire of the lizard but he was not afraid of that either as he was putting pressure in its consciousness at the same time while also using [Emotion Induction] to gain its obedience.

After the three vials, any shred of resistance from the lizard disappeared and it lowered its head in fear.

"I see. Even without the [Heaven's Path Zhenqi], the [Beast Pummeling Method] could still work somehow."

Alana muttered with all seriousness.