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201 The Meat Plane, The True Nature of the Red Blobs

 Day 23 - 8:47 AM - Ungos River Crashed Airbus, Barangay Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal

The smell inside the airplane was really revolting. It was a combination of rotten flesh, blood, urine, ammonia and feces. If it was other people whether normal or even Mutators, as long as they did not have any gasmask or ability to mask the smell, no one would be able to endure the smell. As for Mark, the repulsion he was feeling was just a fleeting one. It was one of the advantages as a Mutator with a blank subconscious.

The place was dark but not to the extent that Mark would not be able to see. After all, even though there was the flesh wall covering the windows, the faint sunlight from the outside could still go in coloring the flesh wall with red circular patterns.

As Mark stepped into the Economy Class Area, he was not only welcomed by the revolting scene of flesh covered walls, floor and seats but also dozens of naked bodies hanged on the fleshy walls and ceilings. The ones on the walls had their arms outreached sideward and their legs opened wide while their wrists and feet were embedded unto the flesh covered walls. The ones hanging on the ceiling were all hanging because their arms were embedded to the flesh covered ceiling.

There was almost no distinction on age and gender on the bodies except that he could not see any children and elderly. The most disturbing thing was that there were flesh tubes or tentacles extending from the flesh walls and was connected to the genitals and mouths of the bodies.

This place was a meat house in both meanings both literal and roundabout meaning. No, rather, should it be a meat plane?

'All these people are infected.'

Mark thought as he observed the bodies. Even though all of them were seemingly unconscious, every single one of them was alive and some were even mutated. In short, they were all Biters. He could not help but notice that all the females had their bellies bulging with different sizes. It was not hard to say that these female Biters were pregnant.

The interior of the airplane seemed to be a breeding ground. However, Mark doubted that thought immediately. All of the female Biters had traces that they all had given birth already as their legs were all covered in blood which could be traced from their genitals. Still, despite those traces, he could not see any infant infected and even children of any age.

He approached one of the female Biter that had smaller stomach and crouched at the floor right underneath her. There were traces of feces and urine but the thing that took his attention was the traces of red gelatinous blood. It looked similar to the red blob.

'Don't tell me.'

Mark had a horrible assumption. He wanted to confirm it. To do that, he just needed to kill one of the unconscious female Biters to prevent it from making any noise and then, slit their stomach open. However, as he did not encounter the thing that caused the airplane to shake earlier, he would rather not try it now. It was likely that it would get attracted to the smell of fresh blood or might even be able to detect the sudden disturbance.

'Where is that creature though?'

He thought as his sight turned towards the front of the cabin. Maybe, the creature was at the Business Class Area.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Making only the squishing sounds on his feet, he proceeded walked between the seats towards the front of the cabin. He had to carefully dodge some of the bodies but as they were on the way but there was no problem. The only worry he had was if all of these unconscious infected suddenly gained consciousness and all sprang to attack him. That would be a horrible situation.

As he observed the area and ignoring the revolting feeling, he noticed the traces of red gelatinous blood everywhere. Either it be on the flesh covered floor or even at the seats and even on the bodies of the infected.

When he passed near the door of the airplane, he noticed a different female infected. Similar to others, her body was embedded to the wall. However, even her back was similarly stuck at the wall of flesh. The most different thing however on her appearance was that her skin and flesh was semitransparent. Mark could see through her flesh and watch her organs as they worked. Like the other females, she was also pregnant and Mark could totally see the contents of her bulging belly.

As Mark had thought.

Inside her womb were three growing red blobs.

The most horrendous thing however...

Two of the blobs had body parts of infants on their gelatinous body.

One had an infant's underdeveloped hand sticking out of its red body while the other had an undeveloped ear.

Mark wanted to touch her belly to see if it the red blobs inside would react but he would rather not. Not only that he could not feel any tugging sensation on the red blobs on her belly but it might wake her up if he touched her carelessly.

When he took his eyes from her womb and raised his head however, he almost jumped in fright despite his empty emotions.

The semi-transparent bodied woman was staring at him. It seemed that she was awake all this while.

Strange enough, she did not make any noise nor try to attack him. She was staring at him with her lifeless eyes. Those eyes...

'She isn't an infected. A Mutator?'

Mark did not notice at all since his attention was on the red blobs inside her womb and her body was semi-transparent to see the traces of infection. The only way to see that she was not infected was her eyes that Mark paid little attention to. After all, who would expect for someone like her to exist in an airplane that was supposed to be filled with Mutated infected?


She asked in a very weak voice that it did not sound like she was asking a question. It did not sound like she was trying to whisper either but she was just too weak.

"I'm someone from the outside." Mark whispered. "What happened here?"

However, she did not answer. Instead, she weakly glanced towards the front of the cabin before turning back to Mark.

"You... Leave...She...Coming..."

The way she said it was rather hard to understand in words but Mark understood the meaning immediately. This woman wanted him to leave because someone was coming. That "She" must be the one that caused the tremors of the airplane earlier.

It was then that he heard some muffled growling from the back of the cabin. That "She" should be coming from the front so what was the commotion at the back?

Mark then felt that someone was coming from the front as he heard a loud squishing sound of the floor coming from that direction. As there was no time to escape, he jumped over one of the seats and hid behind one of the hanging bodies. Still, he was able to see the creature that was approaching from the front of the cabin by carefully peeking over the seat in front of him.

The creature was a woman with a height that was enough for her head to bump over the fleshy ceiling despite the fact that she was walking with her back curved downward like a humped back witch. Her arms were elongated having more than one and a half meter long that it was just two or three inches from touching the floor as she walked with fingers long enough to grab the whole waist of an average sized human. Her legs and feet were still normal sized though except for how skinny her whole body was. It was too skinny that her skin had turned saggy. Her face looked like someone splashed acid on her. It was also the same for the most of her body. Her hair on the other hand was too long at it almost covered her whole torso.

While he was observing the creature that somehow resembled an old witch, he felt a tugging feeling from the back of the cabin. It should be a living red blob and it was coming from the direction of the growling infected.

The witch like creature passed by where Mark was hiding and went towards the growling infected. With her long fingers, she grabbed the body of the pregnant infected and lifted it up. Then, the witch pulled out the flesh tentacle inserted on the infected's genitalia without mercy causing the Biter to wail out in pain. Following the removal of the tentacle, the witch creature squeezed the belly of the Biter causing the contents of her womb to be flushed out.

With the spread of the bloody smell, two red blobs plopped unto the floor. Of the two, only one was alive. At that moment, the witch picked up the living one and stuffed it into her mouth. The tugging sensation Mark felt vanished totally. After eating the living blob, the witch grabbed the tentacle she pulled out before and shoved it back into the genitalia of the Biter.

She then picked up the dead blob and went to the nearest window shoving the unconscious infected away. Unexpectedly, the infected she pushed away did not wake up.

Reaching the window, the witch tore through the wall of flesh and tossed the dead blob out and left back to the front into the Business Class cabin disappearing from Mark's sight. The torn part of the wall of flesh by the window slowly fixed itself like Mark thought before.

Now, he knew why there was very little number of living blobs outside. As for the two he found, they might have survived because the two were rather on the weak side and almost dying or maybe because those two were rejected by the witch woman.

Now, he finally confirmed what these red blobs made of blood were. They were deformed result of some sort of mutational infected breeding. Something that was done for that witch woman to eat or maybe, there was more reason to this. The only person that could answer him was the semi-transparent woman.

[Mission had been updated.]

Mark started to imagine a quest like notification on his mind. Well, his goal had been updated, really. To other people, this place might be a disgusting one but for him, it was a great source of building resources.

He did not care if their process of creation was horrible or what kind of beings these red blobs were supposed to be. To him, they were valuable resource and loyal subordinates.

Now, his mission was to eliminate that old witch and take this treasure trove for himself. The optional mission was to get the details from the semi-transparent woman that was stuck by the flesh wall on the door.

'Now, what should he do?'

That creature was surely not a Failed Mutator. It clearly had intelligence. Did it somehow keep its mind after mutating, probably not? Mark remembered how her eyes looked savage as she swallowed that red blob. Even though she maintained her consciousness, she had gone crazy and not only that, it seemed that she had hate for all these people inside the airplane.

As he went out of his hiding place, he saw that the semi-transparent woman was staring at him with her lifeless eyes.

"Do you want to leave this place? If you can tell me what happened here, I'll help you."

Mark asked.

Unexpectedly, he got a different answer.

"If... I... Tell... Kill... Me...? Please...?"

The semi-transparent woman replied. Mark could see how her tears started to build up even before it fell from her eyes.

It seemed that she had suffered enough and just wanted to end it.

"As you wish." Mark agreed. "But first, I'll kill that creature."

Mark said those as the six [Blood Whips] burst out from his back before turning into armored bladed whips. He unsheathed his katana once more and even readied his folded crossbow.

He looked at the semi-transparent woman whose lifeless eyes contained a bit of surprise before his eyes fell onto the red blobs on her semi-transparent womb. No, they were not just red blobs or even blood slimes.

They should be called as the [Blood Children].