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168 The Fall of the Syndicate

 Day 6 - 2:24 PM - Multi-purpose Clubhouse, Citta Italia, Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite

"What is that about?"

Seeing Emika who should be one of their protection targets being able to freely wander around in a dangerous area, both Major Lopez and Captain Dela Rosa had their eyes narrowed. They felt like reproaching their subordinates. Even if the vehicles in the convoy were not moved as soon as possible, they should make her remain inside the military vehicle they were in since those vehicles were bullet proof.

"Our men seem to need some talking."

Captain Dela Rosa said making the major beside him nod.

"Uhm, sirs, calm down a bit."

Irene interrupted taking the attention of the two.

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Irene pointed at the two trees near where Emika hid. There were vines wound across the trunks of the trees. Several soldiers hurriedly went towards the trees and removed the vines. Apparently, those vines bound two soldiers on those trees.

The two military officers were speechless. It was not that the soldiers allowed the girl to go out but the she tied her guards on those trees unable to pull her back.

On the other hand, the green haired girl in question did not run far away and hid behind another tree. She was already sulking because that scary uncle did not inform her that there would be a fight happening. Still, she could not help but exclaim in excitement every time she saw some abilities that coincide with what she watched from the phone she borrowed. Since it would be surely boring along the way, she asked that scary uncle for something to relieve boredom before the final preparations of the evacuation happened and that was what she received from him.

She enjoyed watching the anime but the actual fight in front of her was what she enjoyed more for some reason.


"You want to say something? Chameleon right? To have an ability like this, no wonder you call yourself that."

Mark pressed his assault rifle towards Chameleon's head despite the fact that he could not see his figure. For others, it might look impossible but since the main source of emotional energies Mark could detect was the head of the person, it was easy for him to point out where the target's head was.

Chameleon was surely did not have the strength to fight anymore. Mark was sure of it after observing Black Devil's attacks. Even Odelina with her armor would not be able to withstand a punch from him. That was how strong the bald man's body was after he transformed himself. To know that Chameleon was still alive after receiving a direct enraged punch from Black Devil was already surprising.

On the patch of sunken grass in front of Mark, aside from feeling the pain in his body, Chameleon's mind was in turmoil. He could not understand what was happening. His strength lie on his schemes but he was also proficient in assassination, stealth attacks and ambushes and the ability he acquired after mutating fully complemented his fighting style. Yet, it was used against him.

It was not hard to realize what Mark did. Mark pretended not to notice him but was actually lining Black Devil's punch for him to receive. Mark only dodged at the last moment so that there was no way for them to stop their attacks.

While on his shocked state, he suddenly heard Mark's muttering.

"Too shocked to talk? This will surely wake you up."


Four muffled shots sounded as Mark aimed his gun on where Chameleon's feet should be and fired.


A painful scream sounded as Chameleon's body started to appear in front of them unable to maintain his invisibility.

A practically naked man that lay on the grass with his front was displayed in front of them. His body covered with multitudes of greenish scales from head to toe and even his hair had a greenish color and scaly texture complementing his body. His wide eyes because of pain were actually shaped differently from what human's had. The eyelid of both his eyes were not a slit but covered his eyes only leaving a circular hole where his pupils that were looking at different directions could be seen.

There was no doubt. His mutation really had something to do with chameleons though his invisibility was not just something like color changing. It was something more advanced.

Saliva and blood poured out of his widely opened mouth. It seemed to be the first time that he was subjected to this kind of pain.


Many of Chameleon's followers that had just arrived shouted after seeing the current state of their boss. They had just received the call from Adder and Cobra and started to gather in this place. Still, even if they arrived, what could they do if their boss was already taken as a hostage?

Finally, Chameleon spoke with difficulty.

"Don't feel smug just because you got me. You might be able to fight but what about those that drove away? My men will capture them first!"

Chameleon still had some complacency left.

"Oh, you don't have to bother. You think, I never thought of that possibility?"

Mark said as he stepped and ground his foot on the gunshot wound of Chameleon's leg making him scream once more.

Gunshots then echoed making Chameleon smile despite the pain. It looked like his men that came from the other side of the subdivision had already clashed with Mark's group.

However, the gunshots did not even last a minute before stopping. Next, dead mangled bodies started to flew towards the direction of the clubhouse crashing everywhere that both the soldiers and thugs had to vacate the area. The already mangled bodies that crashed were even more disfigured due to the impact.

"Laelaps should really learn how to accurately throw things."

Mark muttered.

He expected that something like this would happen. That was why he did not allow the golden dog to participate in the main part but to help and guard the other members of his group. He know what the Evolvers there had no experience fighting a battle like this and thus, Laelaps would be a good helper for them.

On the other hand, all the remaining members of the syndicate had their eyes opened wide and Chameleon was not exception despite the fact that his eyes were only two holes now. It could not be any clearer that the bodies crashing down were dead bodies of their members!

At the background, Chameleon's men started to fall one by one because of Odelina and Abbygale's assault. Furthermore, Chameleon's sudden capture gave the two more leeway for their movements.

Mark suddenly looked at Black Devil frowning.

"Well, I guess it won't work after all."

Mark muttered.


He suddenly left who more shots on Chameleon's both arms before he jumped back avoiding another punch from Black Devil.

It seemed that holding the leader as hostage did not matter anymore. Even though Black Devil was shocked at first, his mindset changed afterwards. Furthermore, his previous attack was swung downwards which hit Chameleon's left wrist that lay on the ground bleeding after Mark jumped away to dodge.

It seemed that Chameleon's body was really resilient. That punch should have pulverized his wrist but he had just gotten away with an arm bent at the wrong part and direction.

Chameleon screamed once more. His scream had both the pain and shock he felt after receiving another punch from Black Devil.

"Black Devil! What are you doing?!"

Chameleon hoarsely bellowed. Black Devil's reply however shocked him further.

"Tsk! Out of the way you useless piece of sh*t!"

Black Devil then kicked Chameleon's defenseless body before charging towards Mark once more. The syndicate leader flew several meters away before hitting the wall of the clubhouse creating a large crack on the smoothly painted wall.

Chameleon's lower rib sunk after that kick and he spewed a mouthful of blood after landing on the concrete pathway beside the clubhouse.

Adder and Cobra who did not participate on the fight since the start immediately went towards their boss to aid him.

"Boss! Are you alright?"

Adder asked as he checked on his body and he could not help but feel mortified. If Chameleon was a normal person or even if he was one of what the military called Evolvers, the injuries their boss had was already enough to kill him. Fortunately, he was a Mutator and he was still able to hold on.

What was unfathomable to them now was why Black Devil, who should be the boss' right hand man, would do this.

"Adder, contact... our men guarding the remaining... hostages. Kill everyone."

Chameleon tried to say out loud but the sound he could let out was only a whisper due to his injuries. He could not even lift his body up anymore as he inhaled and exhaled deeply. Aside from the broken arm and ribs he received from the traitor, Black Devil, his organs were also shaken.

"Are you sure boss? Once we do that, we won't have anything to hold against the soldiers anymore."

Adder told his thoughts.

"I don't care sh*t anymore!"

Chameleon coughed.

"The f*cking situation is... against us already! Since... they wanted the hostages, I won't let these damn... soldiers have those people!"

"Yes boss!"

Adder immediately used his radio... Only to receive not a single reply. His eyes dilated.

"Boss! None of our men guarding the hostages are responding!"


Chameleon was too shocked that he coughed several times spewing more blood from his mouth. He looked that the military officers and soldiers that were just watching earlier starting to surround him and his men. It finally dawned to him.

"Damn it! We've... been had!"

The commotion in front was nothing but a distraction and took away their attention from the possibility of the soldiers searching and retrieving the hostages.

"Drop your weapons and surrender. Kneel and raise your hands!"

The soldiers led by Captain Dela Rosa and Major Lopez surrounded Chameleon, Adder and Cobra making the latter two to drop their weapons and kneel on the ground.


The two leading military officers could not think that it would turn out like this. Just before Black Devil attacked Mark once more and ignored the circumstances of Chameleon, Irene received a call from a radio model they were sure that was not issued to the military. The more surprising fact was that the call came from Keene who was missing since the battle in front of the clubhouse started.

After questioning Irene for a little, they learned that the radios came from Mark and was given to them before he took action. It seemed that Mark had some idea what was happening and why they accepted the revolting cooperation with these criminals. When Mark made his move, Irene made her way into the clubhouse to tell them the surface of what was happening but not the underlying events.

While Irene brought the news and prevented the two officers to issue orders, Keene had already slipped by using his new abilities and searched for the place where the hostages were being held. Still, both the captain and the major felt conflicted to this. Even though what the Irene and Keene did seem to have ended up in a success, they, who were the superiors, were kept in the dark.

Captain Dela Rosa looked at Mark who was currently dodging that Black Devil's attacks. Amazingly, none of those attacks hit him. Not a single one.

The soldiers had a notion to help but to be sure, they would be just a hindrance. That black devil was impervious to bullets and using explosives were also not plausible with Mark nearby.

Dealing with this black devil could only be handled by Mark and his group.