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167 Overturning the Situation with a Few Moves

 Day 6 - 2:20 PM - Multi-Purpose Clubhouse, Citta Italia, Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite

"Don't worry, after you die here, my men will take good care of her, along with the other women you have in your little group."

Chameleon's eyes turned to slits mocking everyone who was against him.

Hearing all those things, Captain Dela Rosa wanted to order his subordinates to step up but he was held back. He looked to his side and saw Irene shaking her head.

"Mark said that we shouldn't interfere."

Captain Dela Rosa calmed down his mind after hearing that. Major Lopez also heard what Irene said and became more enthusiastic about wanting to know how Mark would handle this.

Mark on the other hand calmed down. He was more determined to eliminate the threat as everything dawned unto everyone.

"Take care of my group? Don't dream too high."

Mark started to sneer.

That sneer made Chameleon choke. Infuriated, he bellowed.

"You think you can still do anything? Don't you see that you three are already surrounded? You think that making your vehicles drive away will stop us? Do-"

"Stop! Darn, why the hell do villains like you do long boring speeches most of the time?"

Mark was disinclined to listen to anymore nonsense.

"You! Tsk! You all! Take them down!"

Chameleon yelled at his subordinates.

"Odel, Gale, get ready."

Mark calmly said as the men surrounding them aimed their guns at their faces.

However, they were not able to fire anything.

Mark extended his hand swiping it once around his body. With a bright red glow in his eyes, every single man of those more than a dozen thugs fell down with bleeding orifices. This caused gasps in the area as they saw an unfathomable scene in front of them.

Even Chameleon, Black Devil and Jumper were shocked at this event. The men that surrounded Mark and the two fell down just like that? What in the world happened?

Odelina was also surprised but seeing the bleeding orifices of the men made her remember of what Mark did to Alderick last night which alleviated her emotions. Abbygale on the other hand was calm as usual. Rather, the little girl was staring at the remaining enemies, looking eager to fight.

"Uwah~ Conqueror's Haki!"

A girl's voice from behind made the corner of Mark's lips twitch.

Ignoring that voice from behind, Mark pointed his assault rifle at the unconscious thugs and...


The massacre ensued.

Bullet by bullet tore holes on the heads of the unconscious men as Mark mercilessly opened fire on their defenseless bodies. Seeing what her Master was doing, Odelina followed suit.

"Sh*t! Black Devil! Jumper! Stop them!"

Chameleon bellowed. He could not care anymore about how Mark did it. He could not let his men die just like this!

Black Devil charged forth. His body started to grow a black sheen covering his whole body. His movements then became faster as his body was covered with that black metallic sheen. Black Devil, no wonder that was his alias. When he activated his transformation as a Mutator, his already tall and sturdy body combined with that black skin cover really made him look like a black devil.

Mark tried to shoot Black Devil but the bullets were blocked off by his black armor. Black Devil then threw a downward punch at Mark.

Mark jumped back while Abbygale and Odelina jumped to the sides avoiding the punch. The blow from the punch was not retracted and went straight to the ground. Dirt, dust and grass flew around as a half meter wide crater was dug instantly on the ground.

"Wai~! Armament Haki!"

Mark almost staggered backwards after landing when he heard that voice once more. He wanted to reprimand the owner of that voice from behind but another punch from Black Devil was coming. Landing his right foot behind, he lowered his body and jumped forward letting the second punch pass above his back.

The other members of the syndicate started gathering within the covers around the clubhouse. Gunfire was about to start and Mark did not want to dawdle around.

"Gale! Odel! Transform and don't hold back! Get rid of the men with guns!"

With that command, Abbygale rushed towards a group of men before they could aim their guns. Because of her black hair and red dress, she turned into a reddish black shadow, midway her dash, the black color was replaced with white and her speed became even faster. The moment the first man was able to aim his assault rifle, a small shoe made contact with his face revealing a girl with white hair, triangular ears and fluffy white tail. The man flew backwards with his neck bent back in an impossible angle. The other armed thugs beside that man immediately fell into disarray.

On the other hand, Odelina did not have the time to remove her outer clothing anymore and such, her outer clothes ripped into pieces while her body was started to get covered with her grey colored bone armor. Compared to the previous times she used this armor however, she covered her left hand with the usual gauntlet while her right hand was only covered partially. It was to enable her to continue firing her assault rifle. If she covered her whole right hand with the bone armor, her index finger would not fit through the trigger guard.

Odelina was not as fast as Abbygale. Because of that, the armed men on her side were able to fire their guns at her. Nevertheless, it was useless. Even a shotgun was not able to leave a scratch on her bone armor at pointblank range, what could their assault rifles and pistols do?

Before the men was able to realize that their guns were not doing damage on her, Odelina already rained her own barrage of bullets towards them immediately taking the lives of several men. Those remaining who managed to hide before Odelina could shoot had their backs covered with sweat. This was not the first time they saw someone impervious to bullets. Chameleon's right hand and who was also their vice-leader Black Devil was the same. Still, it did not mean that they had enough experience to deal with these kinds of mutated humans.

In front of the clubhouse, the people who witnessed the shocking display of power and ability of Mark group could not help but feel awe. Of course they could not deny the fear they felt. The soldiers, while not being able to help as they did not receive orders, still had their immediate duties. They started to evacuate the convoy away from the clubhouse in case that they and the refugees got hit with stray bullets from the gunfire.

As for the leaders and their entourage, they were safe in their current position and were entitled to the first class seat of the show. As the armed men of the crime syndicate had their backs on them and Mark and Odelina were being careful not to fire towards their direction, there was no threat of stray bullets hitting them.

While Mark was concentrated on the close fight with Black Devil, he noticed that someone was actually not making his move. It was Jumper. Like his alias meant, he was able to jump high and swift. In two short jumps, he was able to reach the highest roof of the clubhouse. He had a sniper rifle in his hands and was aiming from that roof since the start of the battle. Yet, he never fired a single shot for some reason.


Chameleon could not believe what he was currently seeing. The hopeless situation of Mark's group had before was overturned just like that. It was like a dream. He then noticed Jumper who was seemed to be just watching on the roof top. The syndicate leader could not help but bellow while looking at up at the roof.

"Jumper! What are you doing?! Shoot the enemies!"

"Boss! I can't! The little girl is too fast and the woman is impervious to bullets! I can only shoot that Mark but Black Devil entangled with him! If I shoot, I might accidentally hit Black Devil! My specialties lie in scouting not sniping!"

Jumper shouted his reasoning from above.

Hearing that reply, Chameleon gritted his teeth. It sounded like Jumper was just making an excuse but what he said was also reasonable.

The situation was not good, Chameleon signaled his two remaining guards to come forward.

"Adder, call all our men on the other areas to gather here. Target those vehicles that left first. Cobra, call our men guarding the remaining hostages tell them to wait for my orders."

"Yes Boss!"

The two guards, Adder and Cobra answered in unison.

"I also have to make my move."

Chameleon muttered.


In the center of the battlefield, Black Devil looked very furious. His punches and kicks that could even topple small vehicles were not hitting his opponent. Mark was too slippery with his movements. Even though Mark was not attacking and just dodging every single attack he made, Mark did not fall into a disadvantage at all. He was getting more and more furious.

He remembered that night when all of his brothers in arms were killed by this man. Black Devil was on the lookout at that time quite a distance away in another building and he was actually the one who spotted Mark. He sent the others to silence the witness but it turned out that the witness that wanted to slip away was actually a bloodthirsty killer.

Looking at his current opponent, the killer of that night overlapped their appearance. His rage reached its peak as he threw another punch at Mark.

It was then he heard a voice by his hear.

"Continue attacking, I'll flank him."

There was no one that could be seen beside him but he knew who it was. Black Devil nodded and threw more ferocious attacks at Mark who was dodging.


Mark continued to dodge even though Black Devil's attacks grew ferocious within the previous seconds. It was not because he had no way of attacking but he was waiting for something. Finally, what he waited for arrived.

A whistling sound slashed through the air behind him despite the fact that no one could be seen in that place. Still Mark positioned himself in the middle of that attack and the punch coming from Black Devil. At the last moment that both attacks were about to collide with his body, Adrenaline filled his body and he jumped up summersaulting two meters in the air towards the back.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Black Devil hit something with his punch but it was not Mark. The grass in front of him could be seen moving as if someone was rolling of the short grass. There was even blood that could be seen on some parts of the grass where the invisible person rolled on. There could even be a muffled sound of heavy coughing and more spurt of blood splattered on the grass.

The enemy who threw that punch was stunned and froze on the spot. He could not fathom how this happened. Others may not know what he hit with his punch but he was sure what it was!

Mark then pointed his assault rifle at the empty space in front of him and spoke.

"Isn't it too harsh for the right hand man to severely injure his boss?"

Everyone who was confused to what happened and heard what Mark said immediately looked at where Chameleon stood before but he was nowhere to be found. Did it mean that what Mark was pointing at was actually Chameleon?

"Woh~! Observation Haki!"

Mark was about to speak once more when he choke on his saliva and coughed several times.

When his throat cleared, what he did first was shout behind him.

"EMIKA! Can you shut up?!"

Emika who was watching behind the ornamental plants in the street island and was pretending to be one of the plants immediately scurried away shouting.

"UWAH~!The pirate king is angry!"

Mark now regretted allowing Emika to burrow one of his phones with the copy of the newest arcs of that anime.