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137 The Fall of Dominadors Faction

 Day - 9:18 AM - South Building 1st Floor, Eastern Bacoor National High School, Bacoor City, Cavite

Looking at Mark standing outside the window, Dominador could not help but step back in fright. At that moment he stepped back, the red glow in Mark's eyes intensified even more. Furthermore, since Mark was standing at the wall with the sun behind him, the red glow in his eyes was emphasized even more. Dominador and his men shuddered while watching that sight.

"W-What do you want?! A-Are you really going to massacre all of us?"

Gathering the remaining courage he had, Dominador bellowed.

This bellow was then met with Mark tilting his head to the right with a look of confusion and disdain in his eyes.

"Well, why not? In the first place, it's your fault alright? I commend that you're too efficient in your moves. The moment that you heard about Captain Dela Rosa's attitude towards me, you tried to meet and even invite me. If I'm correct, you want to try and get some hints and information from me. Of course, I will decline. You think, everyone is an idiot and will be scared the moment you show up with your armed men behind you? The moment I declined, if you just let it be and stopped there this wouldn't have led to this right?"


"What about me? There might be wrong with me but the mistake here is yours. Well, since you're going to die anyway, let me tell you. I'm looking for a Mutator to feed my pet and you made your move. That's really convenient for me since I don't really make moves on people who didn't offend me in anyway. Also, no one will open their mouths to defend you guys even if all of you criminals were to die. So, I guess, I'll thank you for offering yourself as sacrifice."


Dominador spewed a mouthful of blood. His injured innards quivered after hearing what Mark said. He already heard about Janette from his men and that was how they managed to trick Mara into bringing Dorothy to them and captured the two to blackmail their targets. He never thought that since the start, the latter only viewed him as nothing but food for his pet infected!

"Dammit! Men! What are staring at him for?! SHOOT!"

Dominador who staggered backwards saw his men who seemed to be in a trance as they stared at Mark. With his shout, he managed to snap his men from their stupor and immediately raised their guns firing at Mark outside the window.


All of Dominador's armed men inside the room shot several bullets to the window but the duration did not took too long. It was because at the moment they fired, they saw the man outside the window jumped back behind the wall. They could not fathom why the man did that. It was because outside that wall, was a large number of infected that always lingered the area due to their activities.



The moment they stopped shooting, they heard a loud buzzing sound. The next thing they saw was Mark rising up above the wall with two dark brown wings moving in supersonic speed buzzing behind his back.

To their horror, Mark aimed his sub-machinegun towards them. All of them immediately dived towards cover. Unfortunately for their injured leader...


Dominador's body was riddled with several new holes before falling backwards.

With another buzz, they saw Mark flew up away from their sight.

Seeing that the enemy left, some of them sighed in relief. Some of them along with their medic hurried towards Dominador who fell on the floor bleeding profusely. Dominador was still alive and was even conscious but his condition was too severe. He did not even have the energy to speak anymore. There was not a single movement could be observed from him while he stared at the ceiling.

Soon, Dominador breathed his last. Still, his eyes did not close even after his death as indignation, regret and sadness filled his mind. Several drops of tears could be seen from the corner of his eyes which dropped on the floor soon afterwards.

Seeing the death of their leader, the men around him could not help but remorse. Dominador was their only backing and now that he was gone, even if they managed to survive their current ordeal, there was not much to expect about their future. For sure, if they did not die from being eaten by the infected, they would fell due to the wrath of the people in the settlement.


That word echoed in the mind of every single one of them.

Nevertheless, it seemed that they would not even be able to choose their death.

They were about to move out when they saw several large vines slithering into the doors making everyone step back in fright. The vines made their way towards Dominador's dead body and slowly enveloped it like a mummy. The vines then dragged the body out of the room and then up to the roof of the building on the other side.

Hearing that the gunshots had stopped and the vines did not do anything to them, everyone sighed in relief.


They then heard several uncanny sounds coming from outside. The moment they looked through the window, they saw bodies landing in front of the building. It was as if the bodies were tossed into their place. Some of the bodies twitched in pain after landing but soon stood up like nothing happened.


They then heard several screams coming from their surviving brothers outside. After that, one of the bodies thrown in turned towards them and they could not help but feel goosebumps on their bodies. The people being thrown into the high school compound were actually infected!


After gathering his subordinates, Captain Dela Rosa with his men marched towards the dwelling area of Dominador's faction. Together with the soldiers, Rollan, Nikky and the other members of Nikky's group followed. Daniel and the other two were also looking around for Dorothy when they heard from the soldiers that the girl was safe. When they got back to join Nikky and Rollan, they saw that the two were preparing to go with the soldiers to confront Dominador and his men and thus, the three tagged along.

When they reached the entrance to the area where Dominador and his men were staying, they saw the troubled Barangay Chairwoman and City Councilor along with their men. It was because the entrance was being blocked by layers of thick vines and with the height of the vines that reached the second floor of the buildings beside the entrance, there was no way for them to pass through.


"Get away! Get away! Ahh!"


"Help! I won't do it anymore! I promise! Help me! AHHHH!"

The soldiers and the others standing in front of the vines could not help but step back hearing loud screams, gunshots and pleas from the other side of the vines. The feelings of horror, pain and remorse infused within those screams even made the hair on their bodies stand on end.

"Just what in the world is happening in there?"

Councilor Reynald spoke with a grim face. They were called here by Captain Dela Rosa so they could finally deal with the thorn called Dominador but they could not fathom what was happening now.

"Captain Dela Rosa, do you have any ideas?"

The councilor asked.

"I don't have any idea either. I only know that Mark, the person we invited earlier, clashed with Dominador and his men."

"What? Then..."

Though he had doubts, Councilor Reynald could not help but think that what was happening had to do with the person Captain Dela Rosa pointed out. If that was really the case and that person was able to do this much suffering to Dominador's men, then no wonder that even the aloof Squad Captain looked respectful in front of him!

Frowning, Captain Dela Rosa turned to his men.

"Any of you, go climb to the second floor and see what is happening."

The captain ordered. Nevertheless, a voice sounded from above the moment he finished his order.

"There's no need for that Captain."

While everyone was searching where the voice came from, several thick vines appeared from the roof of the building making their way to the ground.

As the scene was too surreal, everyone stepped back in fright with Rollan as the exception. Given that he was together with Mark since yesterday, there was no way he would not realize who these vines came from.

Soon, the vines formed a ladder on the face of the building leading towards the rooftop. Realizing that Mark wanted them to climb up, Rollan went towards the ladder and checked if it was safe to climb up. Since the vines were strong enough, Rollan looked towards Nikky.

"Nhie, let's go."

"Dhie, what's going on?"

Nikky approached but she still looked warily at the vines.

"It's not dangerous. Mark probably wanted us to climb up."


"That's right. Let's go."

Rollan then climbed up the ladder without hesitation.

Seeing that her boyfriend was not even a little bit afraid of the vines, Nikky followed.

Next were Nikky's group mates followed by Captain Dela Rosa, Alderick, Joey and Irene while the rest of the soldiers were ordered to stand by. Out of curiosity, Barangay Chairwoman Kat and Councilor Reynald along with a few of their men also followed.

Halfway the ladder, they could finally see what was happening on the other side of the vines blocking the way. And to describe was they saw, was hell for the men of Dominador's faction. There were dozens of infected inside running after the armed men. Though the men had guns with them, there was no way for them to kill all the infected chasing after them. After they killed one, another would replace it and the cycle repeated until they used up their ammunition and succumb to the grasp and bites of the infected.

Despite the fact that the ones climbing on the vine ladder was open for Dominador's men to see, none of them spared a glance at them as everyone were busy fending off for themselves. A single lapse on their focus could easily end their struggle in the worst way.

Reaching the rooftop, everyone was dumbfounded.

There, the saw a man, a green haired girl, a golden dog and an oversized four horned rhinoceros beetle. They were all watching the scene below as if they were watching a movie. The two people and dog were even eating ready to eat popcorn! Looking at the four, they saw that the vines they had just climbed on were directly connected to the hair of the girl.

To the side, they could see a roll of vines stained with blood that had the shape of a person. Nevertheless, they instinctively chose to ignore it at their main purpose there was the man eating popcorn, Mark.

"Mark, Emika, what's happening?"

Rollan immediately approached the two to ask what was happening.

"You already saw while climbing right?"

Mark said as he another piece of popcorn on his mouth.

"We saw but..."

Rollan also looked troubled. Even though it was already the fifth day of the apocalypse, the scene below was just too much for him. Looking at the current Mark, it felt that he was playing with the lives of people below like it was nothing.

It was then that the soldiers stepped forward.

"Mark did you let those infected in?"

Captain Dela Rosa asked with a frown. It could be said that it was still fine if Dominador's men were all killed but if the infected managed to breach the settlement, it would not be a good scenario.

"Don't worry about that. We didn't break any walls or opened gates to let those in. Also we just threw in enough to deal with the remaining people there. I'll leave the cleaning of the bodies to you all but I'll deal with the infected afterwards."

Mark replied nonchalantly making Captain Dela Rosa was speechless. It was then that Irene interjected.

"Mark, what about the abducted women and children? Are they safe?"

To her question, Mark did not speak since her was chewing on his food and just pointed to a certain direction.

Everyone stepped closer to the edge of the roof to see what he was pointing at and saw several rooms which windows and doors were being sealed securely with thick vines. Swallowing his food, Mark spoke.

"The women and children are there, they aren't fine but they are alive. You soldiers can take them out after we're done here."

"What about Dominador?"

Councilor Reynald could not help but ask with his usual tone to people around him. With everything that was happening below, there was no way that that monster would stay quiet.

To his question however, Mark frowned. Though he knew this politician, there was no connection between them. To ask with a tone like Mark was one of his subordinates, who would not feel displeased.

Hearing the councilor's tone and seeing the displeasure on Mark's face, Captain Dela Rosa could not help but speak.

"Mark, just pardon his tone since he always speak like that."

Captain Dela Rosa should mediate without fail. If not, with what happened to Dominador's faction, it was hard to say that the faction of these couple of politicians would be able to handle him.

On the other hand, the Chairwoman elbowed her husband's side and urged him to apologize.

"Right, I'm just shocked so I can't help but raise my voice."

Seeing that they chose to compromise, Mark's frown eased. He then spoke.

"Emika release the vines on Dominador."


On Mark's command, Emika started to move the vines away from the human shaped roll to the side. Soon enough, Dominador's dead body was revealed for everyone to see.

Everyone except for Rollan found it inconceivable. Dominador had been a headache for their factions due to his prowess and manpower but to think that he would be done in like this. Not only that he died, even his men were still being slaughtered like lambs.

After a few minutes, Mark then stood up.

"Almost done. It's time to eliminate the scraps."

Under everyone's confused eyes, Mark picked up his sniper rifle and aimed at a certain direction while crouching.

They saw that he was aiming at a closed single room toilet beside the school building.


The shot passed through the closed plastic door. In a few seconds, blood seeped through the gap between the door and the floor indicating that he hit someone inside. Everyone's eyes dilated to that. This was cheating for sure! Then, it happened several times. Though there were times Mark shot a person in the open a few times, there were times that he made his shots pass through the wooden classroom door, windows and toilets. And every time he did that, they would hear a scream filled with pain or blood seeping under the door or splashing out of the window.

The soldiers and the people of the local government could not help but shudder to this. It just indicated that no one could hide from this man in front of them.

Firing his last shot, Mark stood up and stretched his body.

"All right, time to clean up."

Mark then made the large beetle climb on his back and without hesitation, leaped down the building making everyone gasp in fright.