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135 The Real Fight was Yet to Star

 Day 5 - 9:01 AM - Former CVSU Campus Rooftop, Queens Row Elementary School, Queens Row Area A, Bacoor City, Cavite


Dominador spoke clutching his bleeding chest with his eyes filled with indignation.

He was a known leader of an underground mafia which based here in Bacoor. Drugs, firearms, prostitution, they deal with a lot of illegal business under the backing of select officials from the government. Due to that, they were able to maintain their freedom and even the police was not able to make a move on their group. Still for the sake of taking the eyes of the populace to their movements, they had to throw out sacrifices that led to shoot outs and capture of their insignificant members.

When the outbreak came, he got caught in the middle of a crucial business transaction. Unable to find shelter immediately, he and some of his men were bitten due to the number of the infected despite their weapons and fighting prowess. Filled with remorse, he left his men at that place and fled back to their base. Despite his body covered in blood and the calls of his men as he passed by, he hurried towards his office and locked the door. Before he passed out alone in his office, he remembered his goal of conquest. He knew from the start that there was no use to chase conquering the world but he at least wanted to conquer the underground business in this country.

However, he woke up. Not as an infected but something else. His arms and legs were covered in fur but he had an overflowing strength in them. Tapping unto that strength transforms his body into something that looked like a half-human and half-monkey. Still, he did not care about his appearance. With his new prowess and the eminent fall of the government, he could rise up and conquer everything.

Since then, he built up his current group annexing the surviving small time gangs and illegal groups in the area and every single one of them was under his command. With his current abilities and the number of men under him, no one ever tried to go against him with the exception of people who held the same firepower as his group which was the local government and the military. Despite that, he never fell into disadvantage ever since they managed to annex this part of the settlement.

Even though they could not make a move against the two other factions, the other two were not able either. In case that a confrontation happened between the factions, not only the members of the factions would incur repercussions but the innocent refugees would also suffer.

Thus, he was able to start his goal as someone who conquers, living luxuriously while not fearing of anyone going after his and his men despite their vile deeds.

Now, what was happening to him was a total humiliation. The thing he was most indignant about was that he did not even know what was going on. Rage was starting to envelop his mind that he was about to explode! After all, it was the very first time he experienced a humiliating setback after the apocalypse came!

"What are you?!"

Dominador bellowed but his voice was not as confident as before and his eyes dilated in shock.

Not only that he did not gain advantage towards their fight but he was even severely injured. Furthermore, Mark was not following the by the books and even managed to use his past experiences he accumulated to trick him. Mark purposely let the magazine fall while reaching by his back like he was going to get another magazine and reload the assault rifle but he actually planned to draw another gun from the start!

To his question however, Mark sneered. He stared at Dominador with the red glow on his eyes intensifying and answered.

"Who do you think you are for me to answer you?"

Dominador's eyes dilated even more from rage hearing that reply. To question him about his identity was a complete humiliation. As someone who viewed himself as a potential ruler, it was infuriating to be questioned about his authority.

His anger was rising very quickly that his eyes started to become bloodshot.


A shout was heard calling for Dominador.

With his mind clouded by rage, he turned around by reflex and saw several men on the open hallway of the second floor of the building where Dorothy was supposed to be tied up. They were Dominador's armed men and were there to assist their leader. Unfortunately, with Dominador's current state of mind, their call made the injured Dominador give Mark a huge opening.


Dominador's body was riddled with several more holes in different parts of his body. Due to his anger and severe injuries, he was not able to put up a defense. All the five bullets Mark fired at that opening all hit Dominador's body and four of the bullets drilled holes on Dominador's abdomen.


Dominador staggered backwards spewing blood from his mouth with his eyes filled with disbelief and frenzy.


Dominador's right hand man bellowed seeing the current state of their revered leader. Without wasting any more time, Dominador's men aimed their guns at Mark and fired.


Several dozens of bullets flew towards Mark's direction making him retreat. Mark then raised his gun once more and fired parting shots at Dominador. He emptied the clip of his pistol riddling Dominador's body with more bloody holes before jumping off from the roof.


Seeing that the assailant jumped off to the other side of the building, Dominador's right hand man cursed. They then started to make their way towards the roof and approach their leader that was currently kneeling due to his severe wounds.

They thought of bringing away their injured leader. Unfortunately for them, it was not over yet. Mark did not escape. He just made his way towards their vehicle to get another set of weapons and planned to come back right away. With Dominador succumbing to his injuries, Mark would not make a mistake of not using it to his advantage.


During time Mark started the fight with Dominador, Mara had already made her way down the roof using the same route Mark used to climb up there. Carrying Dorothy on her back, she was running as fast as an Olympic athlete.

Mara was also an Evolver whose legs were enhanced. In terms of speed within Nikky's group, she was the fastest and thus, her position with the group was a scout. Now however, she was using her fast legs to bring Dorothy to safety. She already did a mistake, she did not want to another. She was actually reluctant to leave Mark there alone but as Dorothy's safety was essential, she could only obey Mark's instructions. It was to bring Dorothy to the building the military used as their quarters.

While running and ignoring the inquisitive stares of the people on the way, Mara saw a silhouette of a woman from the distance walking hurriedly towards the same direction.


Mara called out to Nikky who was going towards the military quarters to find Rollan and Mark.

Hearing the call, Nikky turned around and her eyes dilated not only because of shock but also glee.

"Dorothy! Mara!"

Nikky shouted as she ran back.

In a few seconds, the two women and the girl stood in front of each other. Nikky immediately pulled Dorothy into her embrace. She was really worried. After she confronted Dominador, she agreed to his terms so that Dorothy would remain safe for a longer time even though she had no intention to follow the terms that hateful man gave. Nikky was actually going to find Mark to discuss what they should do. However, not long had passed and she actually saw Dorothy safe and sound being carried by Mara.

"Mara, what happened? Why is Dorothy with you?"

Nikky hurriedly asked. Though she was happy that Dorothy was now here, she did not think that Mara would be able to rescue the girl. Dominador's area was filled with his armed men and it was basically suicide to go there and save Dorothy alone.

Panting, Mara was about to answer but the girl beat her to it.

"Sis Nikky, Sis Mara and that Unc- scary looking big brother saved me. Right?"

At the end of her sentence, Dorothy turned to Mara.

Hearing that, Mara looked at Dorothy with shock just to see the ten year old girl also looking at her. Dorothy then shook her head slightly preventing Mara to say what really happened.

Understanding what Dorothy was trying to say, Mara felt touched. She did the girl wrong but the girl was still speaking up for her. This was a debt she needed to pay in the future. Now however, there was an urgent matter.

"Th-that's right! But now is not the time to ask questions! Your boyfriend's friend.."

Mara tried to recall his name.


Nikky asked confused but thinking that Rollan might have told Mark what happened, that could be the reason why. Though, she was still confused as to why Mara and Mark would be together.

"Yes! Mark! He stayed behind to hold off Dominador and his men to let us escape!"

Mara looked worried. She was also saved by Mark though the latter really had no intention to do so.


Nikky was shocked.


They then heard the sounds of multiple guns firing which echoed across the whole settlement.

"We need to help him!"

Nikky was about to charge back but Mara held her arm.

"Don't! We won't be much of help if it's just us! M-Mark have connections with the military right? We should ask them first for help!"

Hearing that, Nikky nodded. The three hurriedly made their way towards the military building.


On the military building however, another scene was happening.

Rollan and Irene immediately reported what happened to the Captain who was currently with Joey and Alderick discussing a few things. Hearing that Mark went to rescue the missing cousin of Rollan and the possible culprit, Captain Dela Rosa frowned. As their manpower was now lacking, it was not good to clash with that faction of criminals. However, if Mark was there, they should prepare to support. Though he was a little hesitant about it...

"Alderick, gather up our men that are not in guard duty. The time for us to confront Dominador and his men came earlier than expected. Joey, contact Councilor and Chairwoman Palabrica. Tell them what was going on and ask them for support."

"Yes Sir!"

The two soldiers answered with a salute and hurriedly went to fulfill their tasks.


Inside the room Botanist Chervil was staying, he shared his experiences with his older sister and her children. It was then that Emika and Mikio suddenly stood up from their seats while looking at the same direction.

"Emika, Mikio. Is there something wrong?"

Rosamie asked her children.

The two children looked at each other and nodded before replying to their mother.

"That scary uncle is fighting someone."

Hearing that, Rosamie frowned while looking worried. Mark was their benefactor so she would at least be concerned about his business.

"Are you two sure?"

"We are!"

The two children then looked at each other communicating.

"Mom, stay here with Lil Brother and Oji. I'm going to help that scary uncle."

"But it can be dangerous."

"Don't worry Mom. If it's dangerous, that scary uncle will sure protect me."

Emika assured with a bright smile. Without waiting for her mother's consent, she bolted off out of the room. Her green hair grew and latched onto the railing before she jumped down from the second floor hallway to the open space in front of the military building with the assistance of her hair.


At the room where the rest of Mark's group was currently staying, the girls were chatting and the group spending on different activities together. Abbygale, Odette and Siegfried were even playing on the phones Mark lent them before.

As for Mei, she was standing by the window looking at a certain direction as if she was staring at something far away.

"Gege, be careful."

She muttered under her breath.

It was then that the curled up Laelaps stood up looking at the same direction Mei was looking at. Under everyone's confused gaze Laelaps faced the large beetle resting by her side.


Laelaps barked at the beetle jolting it awake.



As if conversing, the two let out sounds alternatively.

Looking like the two came to an agreement, the beetle climbed up to Laelaps back and the Laelaps bolted out of the room with the beetle.

"What's going on? Where are those two going?"

Melissa could not help but voice out because the two were behaving strangely. However, no one was able to answer that and Mei who seemed to know feigned that she did not hear the question.

It was then, another strange thing happened.


They heard a loud sound of metal breaking and falling unto the floor. Looking at the source of the sound, everyone's eyes dilated.

They saw the always quiet Janette standing in front of the chair where she sat on before. By her foot were the broken chains that were supposed to bound her. Furthermore she was looking at the same direction Mei was looking at.

Then, with a fast speed, she tried to run out of the room. Everyone else quickly retreated away while Odelina quickly caught Janette but shockingly, Janette was overpowering her. Unable to hold on, Janette pried Odelina's grip open and pushed her away. Due to the strength of the push, Odelina was flung away towards the wall about three meters away.

As she was freed from restrictions, Janette ran out in her fastest speed. Surprising enough, she was running the same direction Laelaps took.


Everyone heard the loud noises caused by a number of guns being fired.