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134 Evolver Versus Mutator

 Day 5 - 8:51 AM - Former CVSU Campus Rooftop, Queens Row Elementary School, Queens Row Area A, Bacoor City, Cavite

Dominador who was currently looking like a half human and half monkey with a bulky body and crimson colored fur was charging towards Mark in rage. However, before he could even come close to his target and pummel him to death, he halted as he was greeted with a rising nozzle of an assault rifle. His eyes dilated. Due to his hate towards Mark, he neglected the fact that Mark was armed with a gun!


Three muffled shots were released from the assault rifle as three bullets were sent flying towards Dominador's direction. Nevertheless, none of the bullets hit the target as Dominador stopped his charge before the shots were fired and jumped to the right.

Seeing that his sudden attack that he did the moment Dominador charged at him was evaded, Mark frowned. The perception of the Mutator in front of him was not something to joke at. He noticed that the slight movement of his gun despite how fast it was alerted his enemy and immediately did the maneuvers to evade the moment the shots were fired.

Trying to gauge the abilities of the Mutator in front of him, Mark shot several more bullets towards his enemy.


Yet, every shot missed.

Dominador was able to evade and he started moving to dodge the moment the gun were fired. It was as if he had a keen grasp on the trajectory the bullet would fly. Mark could do the same thing like avoiding but the method and skill were different from what the Weremonkey in front of him was displaying. With his empathic ability, he could deduce which person was going to pull the trigger and concentrating his adrenaline to his eyes and brain would make his perception faster and slowing the bullets to some extent enabling him to avoid the gunshots.

The skill Dominador was displaying was different. Mark was sure that this was not something Dominador acquired from his Mutation but something he built up from experience. During the times Dominador was evading, Mark could feel that Dominador's emotional trigger towards the bullets were non-existent as if his mind were blank as he dodge. Watching his movements and detecting the emotional fluctuations Dominador had, Mark concluded that this person was dodging the bullets by instinct.


Mark fired another burst of bullet which made him quite indignant to fire once more. It was because he started to feel that he was just wasting bullets.

On the other hand, Dominador was getting vexed even more. The person in front of him was seemed to be predicting his movements and fire at the place where he should be moving towards which made him jump back and forth without being able to advance. If not for his keen sense to danger engraved in his mind due to countless dangerous experiences, he would already be sieved with bloody holes already.

Mark kept firing at Dominador without hitting while the latter was not able to advance further in order to avoid the incoming bullets flying towards his direction. In simple words, the two were at a stalemate.

"Hey! Fight with me fairly!"

The angry Dominador bellowed. He admit himself that he was blinded by rage and neglected the fact that the enemy in front of him had a gun even if he did not, he would not be able to use guns while he was in his mutated form either. In this form, his hands and fingers were enlarged and as such, not to mention firing one when he could not even hold a gun.

"Don't wanna."


Mark answered nonchalantly and fired another two bullets towards Dominador.


Dominador could not finish his words and jumped to his left to dodge. His mind was slowly being filled with anger.

"It's your fault making your way here alone and without weapons. Why should throw away my advantage?"

Mark shot a smug look despite the fact that his heart was aching for needing to waste ammunition on this guy. It was really not worth it.

During the time Mark met this guy earlier, he purposely provoked Dominador for two reasons. One was because he hated the farce this guy used to try and entice him to go to their base. The other was because Mark was looking for Mutators to feed Janette. As Dominador was known to be an evil person, he would not think twice of eliminating this guy at the right time. He just did not make his move earlier as Mei and the others were with him while Dominador had his men. Mei and the other members of his group might get caught in the middle of the crossfire.

Now however, seeing what kind of Mutator Dominador was, Mark became indignant to feed him to Janette anymore. If he did, who knows if his precious specimen would also get covered in fur? He would never try to risk that.


Mark shot another bullet making Dominador back up.

"You should know that we have your friend's cousin right?! That's why you're here for sure! I don't think you will want anything to happen to her!"

Dominador tried to make Mark compromise. However, he saw his enemy shooting a stare at him as if he was looking at an idiot. This made him even more infuriated.


Dominador cursed inside. He thought that this person did not care about that child at all. Then, Mark spoke.

"What are you talking about? I already rescued your hostages. There's two of them right?"


Dominador's eyes dilated. If that really happened, then it was too fast! He thought that this person had just arrived here to rescue them and the two hostages were not rescued yet! They had just informed Ms. Faja about their conditions and if this person was to initiate his rescue, he needed to scour the whole area which was filled with his men, unless, he was able to pinpoint the exact location where they hid the child. However, he just pinpointed that they had two hostages even when they also informed Ms. Faja of only one. It meant that he might have really rescued them already!

"You don't believe me? Look there. There are two of your men there with slit necks. "

Mark said smugly as he lowered his gun while pointing towards the area of the roof behind the building.

Clouded by his thoughts of disbelief and anger, he turned his head to see where he was pointing at by reflex. There he saw of his men, dead, bleeding from their necks and placed on the roof like fish being dried under the sun.


Dominador cursed in his mind.


During the lapse in Dominador's mind, Mark fired ten of his remaining bullets in his clip.

Realizing the he unknowingly fell to his enemie's ploy, he immediately tried to dodge but it was late. The most he could do was to step his left foot back and make his right side face Mark's incoming bullets while covering his head.


Though four bullets missed, the rest riddled the right side of Dominador's body spewing out blood from the wounds.

"RAAHHH!! I'll kill you!"

Dominador's mind became enveloped with rage faster due to the pain and the humiliation he felt from falling to his enemy's ploy.

Mark on the other hand felt elated. Not only some of his shots managed to hit the target, it managed to raise the opposite's anger level. It was barely below tolerable range of what Dominador's mind could handle before losing his rationality and going berserk.

It was really good that Mark positioned himself to face the way a little bit against the sun. In this way, he could conceal the fact that his eyes were constantly glowing red ever since the time Dominador transformed to his Mutated form. For Mark, he felt that it was hard to influence the mind of Mutators even with his emotion induction. It was the reason he was looking smug and continuously taunted and created that ploy. He was slowly increasing Dominador's anger.

Nevertheless, what he was doing was really effective. The reigning though at Dominador's subconscious was domination. He wanted to lead, be a king or an emperor. That was also why Mark said that he did not want to play kingdoms with him before. However, everything that Mark did was not only disrespectful but also insulting to the eyes of this aspiring ruler. And thus, Mark was successful in building up this guy's anger level.

Seeing that Dominador was still able to charge despite his injuries, Mark could not help but curse this guy's tenacity and toughness. But Mark also expected this as this guy was a Mutator. Common sense would not totally apply to their kind.


Mark fired two more bullets and it did not miss but Dominador purposely made his arms hit by the bullets and did not stop his charge at all.


The magazine of Mark's assault rifle was finally emptied. The three remaining bullets also hit Dominador's arm.

Managing to close onto Mark, Dominador pulled his right bloody arm backward and swung it forward. The movement was fast and due to that, the wounds created by the bullets started to spew out blood profusely. However, due to Dominador's anger, he was not affected by the pain anymore. He only wanted to pummel this disrespectful bastard to meat paste.

Dominador's charge was fast and so as his attack. A normal person would not be able to dodge it. Unfortunately, his current adversary was Mark. Concentrating his adrenaline to his eyes and brain, Dominador's attack coming towards him started to slow down.

Mark took a single step back making the smash miss. Due to the force and speed of the attack, Dominador's fist continued towards the roof they were standing on.


A fifteen inches diameter hole was created on the roof with the surrounding two more inches around the hold dented inwards.

Strong! Dominador's arms were as strong as a bullet! If Mark was hit by a single punch by him, it would sure feel like he was hit by a cannonball!

Seeing Mark dodge his attack without problem, Dominador's eyes dilated. Even though he was about to be consumed by his anger, he still had rationality left in him. He knew that his attack was not any random person could dodge. Yet, this person in front of him dodged it without batting an eyelid!

Dominador followed his attack with a diagonal swing of his left arm upwards. But Mark then slanted his body to the right dodging the attack by just two inches. Mark could even see the pores under the fur on Dominador's arm due to the close distance. Seeing his second attack miss once more, Dominador followed it with a front kick using his right leg. This time, Mark stepped his left foot back and dodge the attack by a few centimeters.


Dominador's anger started to rise once more. He already unleashed three deadly attacks and all the attacks missed. Furthermore, there was not even a shred of panic on Mark's face but he was still looking at him smugly.

However, Dominador regained a part of his rationality after he noticed the eyes of Mark. As the two were already engaged in close combat, there were times that Dominador would block the rays of the sun and thus, he noticed the red glow on his enemy's eyes. He could not help but regain a bit of rationality as he felt goosebumps and danger. Nevertheless, as a dominator, he had no thoughts of backing down. For someone aiming to rule, backing down would be a humiliation. Because of that he continued his combat exchange with Mark. Still, none of his attacks hit Mark making him angrier for every second that passed.

From the last attack, Mark found a leeway and jumped back. He then released the lock of the clip of his assault rifle making the clip fall unto the roof they were standing on. Mark then reached for his back.

Seeing that, Dominador immediately closed in. He should not let this person reload his gun or he would be forced to separate. Due to desperation, he swiped his hand targeting the assault rifle. The assault rifle was hit and immediately broke into pieces leaving the strap on Mark's body.

Dominador felt elated seeing the assault rifle break but for some strange reason, Mark did not stop reaching for his back. It was then his eyes dilated once more.

Mark was not reaching for another clip for the assault rifle but reaching for his pistol. As Dominador had just attacked his assault rifle, he was totally open. Mark drew the pistol as fast as he could and fired towards Dominador's chest where his heart was located. He did not try to aim at Dominador's head because he would be able to dodge it with minimal movement but how about his enlarged torso?


Mark managed to fire three shots but it seemed that it was not fatal. At the last moment, Dominador was able to pull his body back diverting the aim from his heart to his lower chest. The three shots were not fatal but severely injured his organs. Dominador jumped back several times clutching his bleeding chest with blood also trailing down the left corner of his lips. Pain was apparent to his face despite the huge amount of anger he was feeling inside.