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105 Firenzes Crisis

 Day 4 - 6:33 AM - Firenze Townhouse Complex Subdivision, La Joya St., Buhay na Tubig, Imus Cavite

"What's going on?"

Sundra could not help but ask with a worried face despite the fact that no one around her might be able to answer her question at all. Everyone in the group also had the same question in their minds.

Nevertheless, hearing those gunshots seemed to have triggered some unpleasant memories Cielo had and her body started to shiver with her face turning fearful. Charmaine did not know what to do and could only hug her sister tightly inside the vehicle to ease her fear even just a little.

Mark sighed.

"Those guys did not even wait for us to leave before attacking."

Hearing his words, they all stared at Mark who was still looking calm despite how intense the sounds of guns being fired at rapid succession.

It did not take long when an armored Cadillac stopped in front of the house with Madam Lanie and her bodyguards aboard it. Seeing the people outside the garage of the townhouse, the congresswoman hurriedly went out of her vehicle to inform Mark's group.


"The members of the gang syndicate from the opposite subdivision are attacking right?"

Mark asked before Madam Lanie could even say something making her swallow back the words she was about to say. As a politician, she immediately recovered her composure and replied.

"Yes. I suppose, you already heard about the situation before my men managed to find the woman you told us to find. Their main force had already returned and they getting back on us for raiding their den and rescuing those women."

Madam Lanie's face looked grave as she narrated the situation.

"I guess your men are on the losing side then for you to come here."


"You don't have to say anything. We'll need to pass there anyway."

With that, Mark turned around and did not let the congresswoman say another word. Though it might look rude, Madam Lanie could not say anything either since she was the one asking for help. Rather than feeling bad, the congresswoman felt more in debt to this unusual group.

Mark went inside the vehicle and picked up his bag and weapons.

"Master, it's rare that you won't ask for anything in return from them."

Odelina who sat at the driver's seat looked at him.

"It could at least make them feel that they owe us. It's in line with my plans if you ask me. Also, we can't let this place fall like this since we might need to return here in the future."

Mark replied stating his intentions.

"Bro, what are we going to do?"

Carlo asked with enthusiasm.

"Actually, you guys just stay behind first and let me scout the situation first."


"We're talking about armed men here and not the infected."


Carlo relented. It was true that they would not be much of help in this situation.

"Still, I don't understand. In movies and novels, people like those would attack in the middle of the night. Why are these gang members attacking early in the morning?"

Melissa voiced out her concern.

"Maybe, they just returned now?"

Anna replied with her opinion with a confused expression.

"No, it's a well thought timing if you ask me."

Mark interjected while he was preparing his weapons. They all looked at him waiting for him to elaborate.

"You guys might not notice it since you people is in a different environment compared to other people but most people haven't adapted in the current state of the world yet. In that case, those people won't be able to sleep peacefully at night and always feared that the infected might suddenly attack while they are sleeping. On the other hand, the guards for night ship are already tired while and the guards to replace them didn't have the proper sleep either. This ends up with everyone tired and disoriented at this time of the day. This situation would lead to the advantage of those guys."

"But aren't they in the same situation?"

Charm asked.

"Don't underestimate the people like them who live like criminals. They are not new to danger and this kind of environment suited them more than before. Rather than fearing the infected, they fear the government armed forces more."

Mark's explanation made things clearer. It was no wonder why the congresswoman needed to ask their help. Their display of power when Mark, Abbygale and Odelina subdued the three meter dog chasing after them back in Citta Italia yesterday was rooted in the minds of those who witnessed the event and surely thought that only their group were the ones capable of overturning the situation.

"Just stay here and wait for me to contact on the radio."

Mark said as he finished preparing his things and walked out of the vehicle. He then felt a tug on his sleeve.

"Papa, I'm going too."

It was Abbygale who wanted to come with him.

"Stay here for now alright? I'll call if Papa can't handle it. Also, someone needs to look after Laelaps. She's your doggie right?"

"Muu... Alright."

Abbygale nodded.

"Gege, be careful."

"Alright I will."

Mark patted the head of the two gently before going out.

After Mark had gone out of the vehicle, Carlo could not help but ask.

"Mrs. Odel, why do they look like Bro is going to be in danger? He's just going to scout right?"

He did not dare ask Mei and Abbygale. The little girl was not a talker while the beautiful girl was afraid of all males with his Bro as exception. He knew those things after experiencing it before he could even be informed by others of the circumstances when he regained consciousness yesterday night.

Hearing his question, Odelina, let out a bitter smile.

"Master would not bring all his weapons if he's just going to look at the situation. He probably planned on dealing with the situation himself."


Everyone was alarmed except for Mei and Abbygale who had already guessed it.

"Why is Big Brother going to do that?"

Charm blurted with panic.

"I don't know the exact reason either. But probably, Master wanted to test his body after his second evolution."


On the other hand, Madam Lanie was surprised to see that only Mark was walking out and nobody else.

"Only you?"

"Only me."


Madam Lanie was dumbfounded.

"You don't have to think too much."

Mark then left and walked past the Armored Cadillac. It seemed that he did not even planned on taking a vehicle into the area of confrontation.

Under that dumbfounded eyes of Madam Lanie's group, Mark started to run and used the fences of the house on the opposite street as a foothold and then jumped up towards the roof of the house. The group stood there staring at him until Mark jumped behind the house and they could not see him anymore.

After Mark left, the MB Sprinter then came out of the garage. The people in Mark's team became worried hearing what he planned to do. They decided to watch how their leader would deal with the situation. They would also manage to help sooner if things go south if they were closer to the place.

"Madam Lanie, we need to go out so please move your car a bit."

Odelina rolled down the window of the driver's seat and called out to the congresswoman who still looked stunned. After all, they just saw a person scale over a two story house in seconds while jumping over two meters high in every jump. They were caught off guard since they saw that Mark was still not able to do those movements yesterday.

"Are you all going to follow Mark?"

Madam Lanie hurriedly asked.

"We are only going to watch until Master calls for us."

The congresswoman was dumbfounded once more. She did not know where this group of people got this attitude. It was as if they were not affected by the apocalypse at all and were all doing things at their leisure. While Madam Lanie was thinking that, she was also amazed at how these people managed to adapt at the current state of the society.

After the Cadillac moved out of the way, Odelina drove the off towards the gates of the subdivision. Madam Lanie and her bodyguards also followed after.


Mark jumped over from roof to roof in a fast pace. Despite carrying an assault rifle, a shotgun, a machete and a pistol along with several clips and ammunition, his movement was not hindered in any way. While he was running on the roofs, he suddenly shook his head. It was because he detected his team following not far from his location. Even though he said that they have to wait back there at the house.

However, he had no notion to make them return as long as they did not make any move. After all, there were several additions to the group. He must show them that at least, he have the ability to lead them. Furthermore, what Odelina said to Carlo and the girls was right. The main reason Mark decided to move alone this time was to test his current capabilities and the best way to do that was to fight, not only the infected but also other people.


The sounds coming from the intense shoot out grew louder and louder as he got closer to the gates. When he arrived, he laid prone behind a roof of a house on the corner of the road leading to the gates. He was in the position where he could see everything happening on both camps.

From his location, he could see the members of the police hiding behind cars and other blind spots to his right while to the left was the raiders, the members of the gang syndicate. Mark knew that he was right since from the camp of the attackers, he could detect the same people who were monitoring the vicinity of Firenze last night.

While Mark was monitoring the area, he started to speculate what happened.

'The gates are intact so these people did not charge into the gate by force. There are two people who don't seem to be members of the gang on their side. I see, they probably disguised themselves as survivors to make the policemen open the gates. That is why there are several dead policemen in the middle of the road right by the gates.'

Mark started to murmur while analyzing the situation. He also realized why these gang members gained the courage to attack. First, it was because they had more people. They had seventy while the police only had forty people at the moment. Second, The Mutator of the police seemed to be missing. The third and the main reason, the gang members also had a Mutator on their side.

He noticed the overturned vehicles that the gang members were using as cover. There were no traces that the overturned vehicles had no traces of being pushed over. Also, the position of the overturned vehicles was organized. It led him to assume that the ability of the Mutator among the gang members had the ability that had to do with strengthening his body.

However, Mark could not help but find the emotional fluctuation of the Mutator familiar. It was not a friendly familiarity however, rather, it was animosity.

Mark focused on the person hiding behind one of the overturned vehicles.

It was him...

No wonder that he found that person familiar.

While he was looking at that familiar person, Mark suddenly tilted his head to the right involuntarily.


A loud gunshot echoed followed by a loud swish passing by his ear. Someone just shot him and the bullet was aimed straight at his forehead. Mark looked at the gang member who shot him. The gang member was also staring at him like he had seen a ghost.

Mark frowned. Despite how close he was to the gunfight, his location was not easy to see... Unless that person who just shot him was an evolver who evolved his eye sight. That was the only reason he could think off as he could not detect any other Mutator from the gang members.

Since he was already seen, he might as well make his move. He pulled the silenced assault rifle from his side and aimed. His first target was that person staring at him.