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94 Unconventional Use of the Dozer

 Day 3 - 1:52 PM - Commercial Center, Molino Boulevard, Bayanan, Bacoor City, Cavite

After Mark noticed that this Mutated Infected changed its target and was actually running towards him, he did not hesitate to lure it away from the convoy. It was impossible for the vehicles to drive away because of their current location and the road towards the exit was still littered with several abandoned vehicles.

He really did not expect that he would encounter another of these Dozers here and someone that had mutated further. Given the fact that the Dozer back in the mall exploded like a balloon and released methane gas, it could surely do the same. If the policemen started shooting this guy when it got near the vehicles, the result would be devastating.


Loud sounds echoed across the Commercial Center as the Dozer bulldoze through all the obstacles just to reach Mark who was quickly fleeing. Abandoned stalls, metal signage posts and even vehicles did not manage to stop the charge of the Dozer and was pushed aside.

Strong! This Mutated Infected was too strong! Furthermore, it was also too fast! With the speed it was running right now, it was not hard for it to catch up to Mark. It was a wonder how those four survivors managed to run away from his guy. He then realized. Maybe, the dead person it was carrying right now delayed it for a bit giving enough time for the other four to run away.

Seeing that the cars were pushed aside, Mark's eyes lit up. He started luring the Dozer towards the street.


Multiple loud sounds echoed as the Dozer started slamming its body on the vehicles that were blocking its way. The vehicles crashed towards one another after being pushed aside by the Dozer's charge.

On the convoy, the people tensely watched the scene unfold. They could see Mark agilely jumping over the roofs of the vehicles with the two meter fat infected chasing him from behind. They could not understand why he was not shooting the infected.

The four survivors that were running away reached the convoy and were assisted by the police and the medical workers that went out of the vehicles. The four was assisted into one of the vehicles to tend to their needs.

"Chief, what are you doing! Assist him! Shoot the infected!"

Madam Lanie walked out of the vehicle and ordered the Chief as it seemed that the situation was not good.


However she was interrupted by a shout coming from Mark's vehicle. When she turned to look, it was the beautiful girl who walked out of their vehicle holding a cool looking crossbow. She seemed wary with the chief around but she was seriously looking at her.


Madam asked the question with a toned down voice. No matter what, this girl should be Mark's woman. It was not good to offend her.

"That infected could explode with fire if you shoot it with a gun!"

Hearing what she said, the policemen who were getting ready to assist Mark shivered. They were already preparing their guns and move out upon receiving orders.

"What do you mean?"

The Chief stepped forward and asked but they were dumbfounded. When he stepped forward, the beautiful girl actually retreated. Everyone around looked at the Chief. Was he that scary?

Seeing that the girl seemed to be afraid of Chief Mallari, one of the policemen took the initiative to ask but before he could even ask he turned speechless. Because the beautiful girl also stepped back giving all the men a scared look.

"Move away all of you men. Can't you see she's afraid of you all?"

Madam Lanie pushed them all away. All the men around was crying inside. When the men retreated, the beautiful girl's face looked better.

"I'll ask this time, what do you mean with what you just said?"

Madam Lanie asked in a gentle manner.

"Uhm. That infected can release and its body is full of methane. That is why it looked too bloated."

Mei replied in a low voice.

Hearing her reply, everyone around understood. Carelessly shooting that infected could lead to severe repercussions.

"How did you know?"

Madam Lanie asked again.

"We encountered one of those back in the mall. When Gege shot it with this crossbow, it exploded and released a lot of methane."

Mei's reply enlightened the congresswoman. Still, she could not help but wonder why she was calling Mark, "Gege".

"Madam Lanie, its better if we don't get in Master's way."

Another voice interrupted Madam Lanie's thoughts. It was Odelina who just went out of the vehicle to look at the situation.

"What do you mean?"

"Look, Master is paving the way for us."

Odelina replied to Madam Lanie's question while pointing at Mark who was already leading the Mutated Infected along the middle of the street.

Then they saw it.

All the vehicles blocking the way were being pushed aside and the space between the pushed vehicles was enough for the convoy to go through.


Mark continued jumping over the roofs of the abandoned vehicles to lead the Dozer out through the street and even attracting more infected on the way. However, his plan was still going smoothly. Even the regular infected that started to chase after him became collateral damages after the Dozer pushed their bodies aside and some even became mangled after getting squeezed between the Dozer and the vehicle in front of it.

At the last jump, Mark did not land on the roof of another car but in the concrete after he entered the vicinity of the gas station on the other corner of the intersection right in front of the fast food restaurant where they stopped earlier.

Back at the convoy inside the Commercial Center, Odelina already started to push the remaining vehicles blocking the road aside. Around the convoy, the police and even the bodyguards of the congresswoman that started to help continued on keeping the infected at bay. So far, they did not incur any casualty which was a good thing.

It was then that the radio Mei was holding rang.


"Mei'er, tell Odel to follow the path I opened and head towards the gas station. Try to see if we can get gas from there."

"Okay! I'll tell her. Gege? Where are you now?"

"I'm past the gas station now. I'll just lure these guys chasing me away. Wait for me at the gas station."

"Alright. Be careful."

"Don't worry. I can handle myself."

With that, the convoy moved faster and out of the Commercial Center. The path Mark made using the Level-2 Mutation Dozer was proven useful. The opened path between the cars was still a little bit small compared to the width of the MB Sprinter but it just took a second of push to widen the space between the abandoned vehicles.

In about two minutes, the convoy reached the gas station.

After arriving, Odel immediately jumped off the vehicle and searched for a possible way to get diesel for the vehicle. However, she was disappointed. Without electricity, the fuel pumps would not work. All she could do was gather necessities for maintaining the vehicle like motor oil and other stuff found in the gas station.

The other people also went out of the convoy to help. It was also necessary for the other vehicles to be refueled. At their estimate, two of the vans they had could only be used one way and could only be discarded once they reached Firenze which would be a pity.

The policemen and the bodyguards proceeded on guarding the group and kept the incoming infected at bay. However, the noise was starting to get louder and more infected started to head towards the gas station. The number of the people dealing with the infected at the moment would not be enough. Luckily, a little girl kept on running and jumping everywhere killing all the infected she could deal with. It really helped the armed men a lot and to be frank, Abbygale was more efficient in killing the infected than all of the men combined.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Mei also started to help in killing the infected. She was currently using the crossbow pistol Mark made for her. And to say, she was getting better at using the weapon.


While everyone was busy doing their tasks, a loud explosion accompanied by a burst of flames upwards to the sky was seen not far from their location. They could not see the actual cause of the explosion because of the curved road but they were sure that it happened just beside the road.

Mei could not help but worry since the explosion was too large.

Soon, they saw someone coming over from the direction where the explosion happened. It was Mark. He looked tired as he walked back and dealt with some of the infected on the way.

When he finally returned to the group, she was greeted by another hug from Mei making the men around stare with envy.

"Mei'er, do you really have to do this every time?"

Mark asked Mei helplessly.

"I do. Is it bad?"

Mei answered his question with a pitiful expression. Mark could only sigh to this. He then hugged Mei tightly in return before letting her go.

"Happy now?"

To his next question however, Mei did not answer and immediately ran back into the vehicle with a reddened face.

"Papa, me too."

Mark looked beside him and saw Abbygale who already raised both her arms waiting for her Papa to lift her up. He could only sigh as he picked the little girl up. He did not even notice how this little girl got beside him. He then walked towards Odelina while carrying the little girl in his arms.

"Master, is this really the time for that?"

Odelina said with annoyance. She had been disappointed that she could not find a way to get diesel for the vehicle and her Master was flirting after he returned.

"Sorry about that. I'm too tired running away. That fat guy is too fast. I had to give it my all just to run away. If I didn't manage to make it stuck between two trees, I would still be running right now. I'm just refilling my energy."

"What kind of energy are you even refilling?"

Odelina felt helpless as she murmured that question.

"We can't get diesel?"

Mark suddenly asked Odelina noticing that she looked down and disappointed.

"Yes, the pumps won't work without electricity. There are no generators either."

"I see."

Mark came understood the situation. This gas station was a small one after all. He looked around the gas station before giving Odelina some instructions.

"Odel, remember that siphon pump I brought from the mall? Take it out and also get me a crowbar."

Odelina was a bit confused what he was going to do but did not question him and took out the items he needed.

"Papa, I'll help the police fight the infected."

"Alright, just be careful."

Mark put Abbygale down. She then rushed towards the incoming infected like she was just playing in a playground. He did not know what to say about this.

Odelina brought the pump and the crowbar to Mark. After that, he moved towards one of the square metal covers that had yellow paint. Using the crowbar, he pulled off the cover which was luckily not locked.

There, the smell of diesel escaped out of the hole under that removed cover. Odelina was surprised.

"Master, you also knew about these things?"

"Don't underestimate the abilities of a Job Hopper alright?"

"Master, I do not think that it should be something to be proud of."

"Nah, forget about it. Drive the car here. Oh, wait. Find me an additional hose first. The hole is too deep for the pump."

While Mark was doing all those stuff, everyone around was watching him. They could not help but become amazed on how versatile this man was.

After that, it did not take too much time until they filled the fuel tank of their vehicle. They also got some extra gallons just in case they needed it. They even managed to get enough fuel for the other vehicles the survivors was riding on.

The only struggle the experienced while getting gasoline was the number of the incoming infected that was getting larger overtime. Because of that, they did not fill the fuel tanks of all the vehicles and just filled it enough to be driven several more times. Mark also had to join the people who was keeping the infected at bay. With him and Abbygale joining forces together, everyone felt more at ease.

After gathering the fuel, the convoy hurriedly drove off leaving the gas station overrun with infected.