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83 Wiping Out the Escaped Criminals

 Day 3 - 9:35 AM - Bacoor City Police Command Center Rooftop, Molino Boulevard, Bayanan, Bacoor City, Cavite


A group of seven inmates were scrambling around. Five of them were firing pistols while two held a riot shield and a police baton. The men with guns were firing indiscriminately in panic. In their front, a red blur could be seen agilely dodging a gun shots.

Click! Click!

One of them had the clip of his pistol empty as he heard the clicking sound twice while trying to fire his gun. That moment, the red blur charged straight at him. As the blur was charging straight, he could see the figure more clearer.

It was a little girl!

His eyes dilated. What kind of monster was this? This was no little girl at all!

After that split second that he realized what they were fighting with, inmate's eyes went black. He received a kick on his forehead without being able to react and his neck bent backwards.

One of them died just like that!

The remaining criminals became frenzied. What was happening! They had no idea at all!

When the kick connected, there was a split second that they saw a little girl with a red frilled dress with her foot planted at the forehead of their comrade. The next thing they knew was that the neck of their comrade was bent at an unnatural angle before his body flew to the wall behind them!


The little girl turned into a blur once more and retreated.


One of the men who were shooting at the little girl fell down. There was a hole on his temple and was bleeding profusely.

On the roof of the suspended pathway Mark immediately jumped back after shooting one of the inmates that was shooting his daughter.


A shot bore a hole at the place he was standing before he jumped.


The person who shot him just now fell with a hole on his forehead.

Mark was pissed. Those bunch of fools were actually ganging up on Abbygale! He holstered his pistol and pulled up the Assault Rifle on his side. He was using the pistol as the M16 was a gun not suitable for sprinting, harder to aim and not suitable for narrow spaces. However, he stopped caring anymore!


He switched the M16 into full auto and rained half a clip of ammo at the group Abbygale was fighting with!

The men with guns immediately fell and one with the shield soon followed. One guy managed to react in time and blocked the barrage of bullets with the riot shield. However, was he safe? NO!

With a crack, his neck bent as a foot of a little girl made contact with the right side of his face!

Abbygale landed on the rooftop after giving that vicious kick. She looked at the dead men then looked at her Papa. She was displeased and shouted.

"PAPA!! These bad guys are mine!"


Mark shot another inmate that tried to shoot him from the window.

He looked at Abbygale and said.

"You took too long killing them."

"Muu! Papa bad!"

"Pfft. Alright! Add those guys to your score."

Hearing that, the little girl calmed down. It looked like she wanted the present more than actually doing the killing. Even if she was like this, she was still a little girl! Children always loved to receive presents from their parents!

On the rooftop of the City Hall, the Chief and his two subordinates did not know what to say after hearing the conversation of the father and daughter. The two were more savage than those criminals!

However, they also received a lingering fear from the two. They were not human at all! It was better for them to not offend these monsters or they would not even know how they died!

"We need to report this to Madam later."

Chief Mallari said making his subordinates nod helplessly.

The sounds of guns firing stopped. It was not because the criminals were already wiped out but because the remaining inmates retreated inside. By the looks of it, the one who was leading the criminals deemed the situation dangerous and started to focus on defense.

The scouts were wiped out. The group on the rooftop was the same. Mark jumped onto the rooftop and joined Abbygale who was looking down while spreading her fingers one by one. Mark almost laughed. The little girl was having a hard time counting her score.

Mark looked down by his feet. He spread his detection area below and felt the remaining criminals gathering and preparing an ambush in several rooms.

Counting how many was killed, the scouts were nine people while there were eight here. The total they killed was seventeen. There were still six inside along with the leader like figure of the criminals.

Killing them was very easy to Mark since there was cover fire from behind provided by the three policemen. If not, it would be a lot harder and more dangerous. The scouts did not dare to poke their heads at the same time which gave him the leeway to pick on the limited number of heads poking out.

Still, it was really unfair to these criminals. While they needed to aim at their target outside, the person outside was already anticipating their movements. It was like playing a shooting arcade to Mark where enemies who had shots that would hit him would be showing a red marker. To him however, there was a sudden surge of emotional fluctuations to those people who was planning to shoot making it easier for him to detect where the shot would come from.

It was real life hacking! A real life wall hack!

Mark looked at Abbygale who finished counting her score. While he had a wall hack, this girl injected a speed hack into the game called Real Life!

Dodging five people shooting pistols at her and she was left unscathed. That feat could not be replicated by anyone!


Mark was confused and suddenly looked at a far direction. He detected two more people in the furthest room of the Command Center. Their emotional fluctuation was very weak. It should be the reason why he did not detect them earlier. However, Mark also felt pity on the two he just detected. The emotion that was enveloping the two was despair. Considering the possibilities, those two should be women. And they were here stuck with a group of animals in human skin. It was very easy to tell what happened to the two.

As the gunfight died down, the three policemen caught up to the father and daughter standing on the rooftop. Chief Mallari and Abbygale noticed that there was something wrong as Mark was blankly looking at a certain direction.

"Papa, what are you looking at?"


Mark shook his head. As if he would narrate what he just deduced to a little girl.

Chief Mallari approached the two.

"Mark, there should be some of those scums remaining inside right? What are your plans?"

To the Chief's view, blindly charging inside was a bad idea. There were too many rooms inside the Command Center. They would not know where these criminals would be hiding. Of course, he would never think that Mark already determined the locations of those guys.

Mark heard his question but he did not reply and looked at the Chief in confusion.

"I'm surprised. You're not going to ask anything about us?"

The Chief smiled bitterly.

"I won't bother. I don't think that you will answer anyway."

Mark laughed. At least this person knew what to ask and what was not.

"About your question. We'll just bust in."

"What? It will be dangerous without a concrete plan. Who knows where those bastards would be hiding."

"You don't have to worry about that. Just follow behind us."

With that, Mark turned around and drew his pistol once more. The inside of the police station would be narrow and using an assault rifle in there was a foolish idea unless they arrive at the main hallways which would be unlikely. The criminals were hiding not far from them after all.

He entered into then Command Center with Abbygale and the three policemen behind him. They were greeted with a flight of stairs leading to the third floor of the Command Center.

Reaching the third floor, Mark led the group towards the western side of the hallway. He then stopped in front of one of the doors.

The Chief knew that this was one of the offices his late subordinates used. He felt remorse as he knew that the subordinates he was mingling with in the past days was now gone. However, now was not the time to mourn about the dead. They were here to deal with the trash of the society.


Mark shot the lock of the door and kicked the door open.


Several gunshots echoed making the policemen step back and find cover. Mark also hid beside the wall but he was not as panicked as the policemen. Abbygale was remaining calm as ever and charged inside without waiting for her Papa's instruction.

The next thing they heard was a scream and sounds of things breaking before Abbygale walked out like it was nothing.

Mark wanted to reprimand the little girl for charging in like that but decided to do it later. He turned around without checking the inside of the room and proceeded along the hallway.

The three policemen could not help but become curious. Chief Mallari sent one of his subordinates to check what happened inside while he followed Mark with the other policeman.

The subordinate he sent to check soon returned and relayed the information to him. What the policeman saw was an inmate with a broken neck lying on a broken wooden table.

The Chief shook his head. He knew that they were really not needed here. Since that was the case, he sent his two subordinates to go back and collect he guns and equipment that the dead inmates used. He was the only policeman that continued to follow Mark.

Mark checked several rooms. It looked like he was just choosing random rooms but in every room he chose, there were someone hiding inside. It happened five times and only one person was left.

Mark frowned though.

The last person was running into the furthest room where the two women he detected were detained.

"Chief Mallari, the last one is going to get hostages. What do you want to do?"

The Chief was shocked.

"Hostages?! Can you save them?"

"You know that I always ask for payment if it comes to saving lives right?"

'Damn! Could you be even just a bit compassionate?' The Chief cursed in his heart.

"Can we talk about that later? It's not like we can escape from you right?"


Mark rushed towards the end of the hallway and into the last room.

The door was not locked and it looked like it was deliberately left open.

Mark kicked the door open and the scene inside was revealed to them. Mark immediately pulled the little girl out of the view and prevented her from seeing the scene.

"Gale. Stay here alright. Don't peek inside. The bad guy there is mine."

Seeing his serious eyes, the little girl nodded. This little girl was very sensible compared to other children of her age. She knew that what was inside was not for her to see. She went to the side of the hallway and sat on the corner.

Mark and Chief Mallari entered the room. It was one of the resting rooms in the station. There were several bunker beds here. However, the nauseating smell of male's juice was suffocating.

At the end of the room, there was a fat man holding two naked women at gunpoint.

"Welcome Chief!"

The fat man smiled sarcastically and sinisterly at the Chief before turning to Mark.

"And you! What are you?! There's also that little monster! What are you bastards! You ruined all my plans! Damn you f*ckers!"

The fat man cursed while pointing his gun at Mark. However, the person in question did not even react and just stared at him. The fat man was dumbfounded as he saw Mark's stare.

Mark was looking at him like he was looking at a dead person.

"Shit! Why are you looking at me like that?! You think you can shoot me without killing these two bitches?! Just try!"

To his provocation, Mark did not answer but let out a sinister smile. He holstered his pistol under the shocked eyes of the fat man and the Chief.

"What are you doing?!"

The Chief asked in panic. Mark did not answer me.

"Hahaha! You chose to surrender because of these whores? This will be your end!"

However, Mark's smile did not diminish. He raised his right open palm towards the fat man.

"Are you crazy? What do you think you f*ucker is doing?"

But then, he choked. He lost grip of his gun and the gun fell to the ground. He even let go of the two women he was holding. His body shook, his eyes, ears and nose started to bleed. He felt pain in his head as if it was going to split apart. At the last moment, he tried to look at Mark.

Mark was still pointing his open palm at the fat man while letting out a sinister smile. However, his eyes were now glowing red.

With that last horrifying scene in his mind, the fat man fell unconscious.