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82 Charging towards the Police Command Center

 Day 3 - 9:10 AM - Bacoor City Hall 4th Floor, Molino Boulevard, Bayanan, Bacoor City, Cavite

The congresswoman did not see any change in Mark's expression but she noticed the shock in Charmaine's face after she said the name of the subdivision.

"Is something wrong?"

To her question, Mark decided to be frank. He also knew that Charmaine's expression gave it away.

"That place is just in front of the subdivision where her house is."

"Is that so? Wait, you two are siblings right?"

The congresswoman asked which made Mark annoyed.

"Why are you asking about something private?"

"I apologize. I just grew curious. Though, I think I get the picture here."

Madam Lanie looked at Mark and Charmaine alternately. As Mark felt what she was thinking about, he said.

"You are thinking about it too much. Yes, we are not biological siblings. So what? You should stop thinking about unnecessary things."

'Seriously... Women.' Mark wanted to add but just voiced it in his mind.

"What do you think? Will you escort us there? If there are people you need to find there, I can tell my men to find them."

"Are you saying that you will just let the people under your jurisdiction suffer just because I declined?"

"No. I did not say that. At least, if you agreed to help us, I can make taking care of those people a priority."

Going back to the whole conversation, Mark could only think of one thing. Politicians were really cunning. However, he could not immediately decline this one. He looked at Charmaine and at her pleading look. He sighed.

"Alright. If you people can find your own vehicles. Then, I can at least help you people out of this building."

The eyes of everyone who heard him lightened. Mark swatted their expectations though as he said his piece to the congresswoman.

"Don't get your hopes up too much. I want you to help us find someone first and well talk later. We still have something else to do."

And with that, Mark told Madam Lanie about Charmaine's younger sister and her description before going towards the discussion about how to deal with the people in the Police Command Center and the City Health Center.


Day 3 - 9:30 AM - Bacoor City Hall Rooftop, Molino Boulevard, Bayanan, Bacoor City, Cavite

"Mei'er, do it."

Mark said as he stared at the drone flying above the rooftop of the City Health Center. On the rooftop of the health center, there were several people wearing dirty lab coats and uniforms.

After the discussion with the congresswoman, Mark spent another fifteen minutes to prepare and went back to the rooftop to commence the plan. Now however, it was not just him and Abbygale who was on the rooftop. Behind him, there were three policemen. One of the policemen was actually Chief Mallari who volunteered to participate. The chief participating was actually on the favor to the plan. Out of all the members of the police, it was him who could create the most effect against the minds of the criminals.

Using the drone, Mark told the people to go to the rooftop of the health center and used the same way he did to give the radio to Charmaine.

One of the doctors just took the radio taped under the drone and let the drone fly away after Mark's signal.

"Hello? I'm Dr. Galvez. Is what you said before true? We will get rescued from here?"

The doctor said towards the radio.

Mark did not reply and handed his radio to the police chief to do the talking.

"Dr. Galvez, this is Police Chief Mallari. What this person said earlier is true. You people there just needed to wait a bit more since we needed to retrieve the weapons in the station first."

What the police chief said was heard by all the people behind Dr. Galvez. The nurses hugged each other with the others were jumping in joy. Finally, they would get away from this place!

"Thank you, Chief Mallari."

Dr. Galvez voiced his gratitude.

"Don't thank me doctor. If not for this man beside me, it was all impossible to do. And this is a trade. You people are in the health center and you had all the medicine there. We can only proceed on helping you after you packed the medicine he needed."

Hearing that, Dr. Galvez nodded. He already knew this fact. The drone, the radio, and that man that contacted them first did not belong to the government. That person would only help them with the proper payment.

"Chief, we'll gather everything we can get. What medicine does he want?"

"Insulin, for those with type 2 diabetes. Do you have them in stock?"

"There should be five bottles remaining."

"Alright. I'll cut this conversation short. We have other urgent things to do."

"Then Chief, we'll wait."

The silhouettes of people at the City Hall rooftop retreated as Dr. Galvez put down the radio in his hand. He then shouted at the people behind him.

"Everyone, you heard it. Gather up everything. Food, medicine and other necessary equipment we can carry. Pack up some injections and the insulin bottles in another container. We'll wait until they contact us again. They are our only ticket out of here!"

Everyone nodded and they all rushed back into the building.

Back in the rooftop, Mark received the radio the Chief returned to him. Now, it was time to deal with the people at the Command Center.

Mark and the policemen deduced some of the possibilities they might encounter. First, if the criminals were armed. If that was the case, then it was likely that these people already ransacked the armory inside out. Then there was no reason to go to the first floor anymore and the weapons and equipment might have been already stored in the higher floors. Second, it was the possibility of the criminals escaping. There were four ways for them to escape. Two of which could lead to the criminals infiltrating the city hall out of desperation while one would lead them escaping to the farmlands behind the compound and the last one was more inclined to the policemen's favor and it was if the criminals try to escape out to the front of the police station. The last one would surely lead to the criminals being killed by the infected.

Due to the two escape routes, there were actually six policemen participating in this plan. Three was with Mark who would infiltrate the Command Center and three who would guard the suspended pathway to the fourth floor of the city hall. They only need to shoot the criminals that would pass on the pathway and there was no escape for them.

As the start of the plan, Mark picked up a golf ball sized debris from the rooftop.


Mark's eyes squinted as he activated his Adrenaline Rush and concentrated it on his right arm. Along with his slightly strengthened body, he threw the debris towards the window of the Command Center's top floor.


The pieces of windows scattered into the room and unto the pavement below. The stone Mark threw was to create an impact to the minds of the scouts watching them.

This was not a stealth mission. The criminals had long seen their group and Mark was sure that these guys also saw him before. Earlier when he detected these criminals, there was only one person guarding the top floor but now, there were several of them. Mark was sure that these guys were alerted to his existence.

If that was the case, then, just burst into the frontline and straightly deal with these people.

After shattering the windows, Mark turned to the chief. It was his turn.

"All of you convicts inside the Station! Surrender yourselves to the police!"

The Chief shouted towards the building. Mark scanned the building and felt the people inside the Command Center being intimidated after Chief Mallari shouted.

However, there were a few people who did not seem to be affected. Mark could hear a faint shouting inside the building and the intimidation was alleviated to those people that were affected. It seemed that there was someone who was leading the bunch of society's scums.

Mark turned to Gale.

"Gale, how about having a contest with Papa?"

Abbygale looked at him confused. The three policemen beside them also felt the same and perked their ears at the conversation of the father and daughter.

"Papa, what contest?"

Abbygale tilted her head cutely.

"Let's see who will defeat more of those bad guys there."

The policemen were floored after hearing that.

"Mark, what are saying to your daughter?"

The Chief could not help but ask. However, the two in question just glanced and him and ignored his question.

"Then Papa, if I win, I want a present."

"What present do you want?"

"I will tell Papa later."

"Alright. Then if I win?"


The little girl was seriously thinking. Mark ruffled her hair and smiled.

"Just give Papa a hug if I win then."

Gale nodded while smiling.

The policemen did not know what to say about the conversation of the two. Of course the father would win. What could a little girl do in this situation anyway?

Mark looked at the Command Center then at Chief Mallari.

"There are movements inside. We're starting. You guys just need to provide cover."

After saying that, Mark had drawn his pistol and jumped onto the roof of the suspended pathway with Abbygale following behind him. He reached into his collar and played the music on his phone.

Another battle song was played. Mark's heartbeat pumped faster as his Adrenaline level rose higher. His eyes turned sharper and concentration had risen by several levels!

The Chief was shocked as Abbygale followed her father and tried to grab her. It was a dangerous situation after all and not a place for a little girl to participate into. However, with Abbygale's speed, would he be able to catch the little girl? Of course not.

"Chief! What are we going to do?"

One of the policemen asked.

"Dammit. Stick to the plan! Provide cover!"

The policemen took out their pistols and aimed at the windows of the Command Center. If there were anyone who would try to peek out of the window, they would shoot. However, when the three looked at the Mark and Abbygale, they became slack jawed.

Fast! The two was already just a few steps away from the building!


Mark made two shots with his silenced pistol and two criminals who had guns that tried to peek out of the window were silenced forever.

It seemed that not only the police failed to react to the father and daughter's movements. Even the scouts at the front rooms of the Command Center were dumbfounded.

Mark squinted as he felt movements on rooftop of the Command Center. It seemed that there were still others who could keep up with the situation.

Several people went up to the rooftop. Some of them were even holding riot shields and wearing police helmets.

Abbygale saw them. With a single kick on the roof of the pathway, the little girl turned into a red blur and jumped onto the rooftop before charging towards the bad men that just came out. Abbygale kicked the surface the riot shield one of the criminals were holding blasting him away to the wall and directly fell unconscious.


The shootout between the two groups started. The scouts finally reacted and tried to shoot Mark who was still running on the roof of the pathway but they were pushed back into hiding as the police started shooting them.

Several of the scouts were even killed but not by the shots the policemen made but by Mark who was closer.

"Chief! What in the world are they?!"

The policemen were both amazed and dumbfounded. While they were providing cover, they saw everything. The little girl who they thought was just a distraction and needed to be protected actually jumped several meters away onto the rooftop of the Command Center and kicked one of the criminals unconscious. Furthermore, the criminal was actually a burly middle-aged man who was even equipped with a riot shield and a helmet!

Mark on the other hand might not look too eye-catching but as the police who were experienced in this field, how could they not notice that Mark was already aiming at the criminals' direction before they could even poke their head out! Although not all his shots were accurate, half of the shots he made killed a single person per bullet!

Seeing the performance of the two, the Chief remembered their contact with the police branch that secured Firenze. It dawned into him. This father and daughter might be the same as that person there! People who gained superhuman abilities!