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73 The Situation Around the World

 Day 3 - 6:11 AM - New York City, New York, USA

This city was the most populous city in America having half of the population of the state itself. However, this was also the reason why the number of infected in this area was much larger than other places nearby.

The military and armed forces failed all possible containment and quarantine of the infected. It would have been possible for the authorities to secure the Manhattan area as it was a large detached land. To enter and leave the area, one has to travel through bridges which were connected to the other areas of the state. If the military was able to successfully destroy the bridges, it might have been turned to the most populated places in the world that would have been free of the infected for some time.

Unfortunately, to the fact that New York had a very large population, the armed forces failed their duty to secure the area and they failed ultimately. The armed forces were overwhelmed not by the infected but the panicking people in the initial phases of the outbreak.

However, they had their back up plans. On this third day of the outbreak, the armed forces had already established three secure areas in the middle of the state. These were the Rikers Island, the Randalls and Wards Island and the Roosevelt Island. The three Evacuation Zones were islands in the middle of the state in the middle of the east river and all were accessible through bridges that were built across the islands with Rikers Island as the exception.

At first, the local government was apprehensive against using the Rikers island as an Evacuation Zone as it was the home of one of the world's largest correctional and mental facilities but unfortunately, they had no time to be picky. They just decided to use the prisoners as cannon fodder to successfully secure the islands. It was an extreme method but was successful and it would also lessen the risk of the prisoners starting to revolt against the government.


Day 3 - 6:26 AM - Paris, France

This place might have been one of the most popular travel destinations in the world due its iconic spots before the outbreak. Now however, it was one of the deadliest places in the world due to the overwhelming number of the infected. The large number of tourists did not help as man power but just enforced the increase of the infected. The iconic spots were no more but an execution ground for the people who went this time to this city for their holidays.

The number of mutated infected were also not small. This caused the government and armed forces to abandon the survivors of the city and evacuate using aerial means. They only issued an emergency evacuation once and did not plan to return anymore. Any survivor that were not able to aboard the evacuation vehicles were left to fend themselves.


Day 3 - 7:02 AM - Cairo, Egypt

The city was a lost cause. The infected cause havoc in the city and immediately spread without warning. As there were very few advantageous terrains to exploit within the city to fend off the infected, the citizens were forced to flee into the deserts around the city.

Still, even if they managed to escape the city into the desert, their future was still bleak. Several groups that evacuated had not only perish due to exhaustion and the infected catching up to them. At this moment, larger variants of the insects and animals found in the desert started to appear and became a bigger threat to the survivors rather than the infected.


Day 3 - 7:16 AM - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The survivors in the city were devastated. There were large numbers of evacuees that fled across the city after the outbreak started and successfully managed to leave the city alive. However, on the third day of the outbreak, they found more pressing issues.

Most of the survivors that fled the city went north, west and south as there was only the ocean in the east. Those who fled to the ocean were only those who owned private boats and yachts while larger passenger boats did not manage to leave the port before they were overwhelmed by the infected.

Those to who went to the other directions, the people with vehicles were fine but those who did not could only flee through the forested areas of national parks that surrounded the city. They were fine in the first two days but just the past night, mutated animals started attacking the fleeing survivors. Still, many of them managed to flee but their conditions were the worst as they could have.

Unfortunately for the survivors of this country, it was not the end of it. Just who did not know of the dangers one could encounter in the Australian deserts? Right at the moment though, many of those sources of dangers already mutated and were moving towards the populated areas of the country.


Day 3 - 7:30 AM - Beijing, China

As the most populated country in the world, China did not fare any better in the face of the apocalypse. The infected came in large droves pushing the military back.

In actuality, the military actually managed to contain the outbreak in the initial stages due to the overwhelming number of soldiers dispatched to control the area. Unfortunately, as they started to gain control of the situation, the soldiers grew more and more complacent which made them caught off guard as the mutated infected appeared.

Due to the large population of the country, more varieties and more powerful mutated appeared. Furthermore, as the countries around China started to fall into the hands of the infected, the infected from those countries started to come in droves entering the border of the country.

It was unknown what was happening but it was most like that the large population of China was taking the attention of the infected from outside the borders.

At the moment, the military started to fell through the chaos while the survivors within the city were starting to group up and build their own communities trying to fight back the infected.


Day 3 - 7:32 AM - Jeju Island, South Korea

It was a large island known for tourism in South Korea. However, it was now a place for carnage. As there was no place for the civilians to run to but the sea around the island, they were trapped.

Only those locals who had means of transportation through the sea were able to leave the island. The smaller island to the east of Jeju became a haven for fleeing survivors as the mainland also started to fell apart.


Day 3 - 7:40 AM - Tokyo, Japan

The JSDF had already abandoned the city. There were underground shelters prepared by the government but the ones found in Tokyo already fell as the infected started to mutate.

Chuobuhatei, two artificial islands built to be a breakwater and was used for waste disposal since it was built begrudgingly became one of the safest areas in Tokyo and Wakasu that was to the north east of Chuobuhatei became the outpost of the military and the government. Both areas were connected by a long bridge.

In terms of safety, Chuobuhatei was safer than Wakasu that was closer to the mainland but of course, the elites of the society would not allow themselves to stay in an island used for waste disposal.

Right at the moment, the JSDF planned to reclaim several artificial islands of Koto City to expand their area of operations. However, it would not be easy and no one was optimistic about the results.

South of Tokyo, there were several more artificial islands that became Evacuation Zones like Ogishima, Daikokufuto and Minamihonmoku.


Day 3 - 7:40 AM -Pyongyang, North Korea

The North Korean government also failed to successfully contain the outbreak in their country despite their overwhelming fire power. It might be the heaven's will but two of the airplanes that fell in the city contained several powerful mutants that were able to stand against their military.

Their military force took a heavy blow due to this. Out of desperation, the government officials started to hunker down inside their emergency shelters which were not known to the public. In a more direct saying, they abandoned their citizens.

In the end, the citizens started to take arms and managed to secure Turu-som, Yanggakdo and Rungnado which were all islands along Taedong river.


Three days into the apocalypse, many cities were almost destroyed. Still, the possibility of survivors hiding within these cities was high. There were countries where the government chose to abandon their people forcing the populace to stand up while there were countries where the authorities continued to stand over the masses and fulfill their duties.

However, counting all the survivors in the world right at the moment, the world population already lost its sixty percent and was still increasing. It was due to the fact that there were still places that the infected had not invaded yet.

After the infected had taken over the whole world, just how many people would be able to survive? No one knows.