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 As Explained by Professor Isaach Co. He said that this mutagenic pathogen, a.k.a. Mutagen, was highly unstable once the person was bitten and was infected by the Agitator strain of the virus.

Mark and his company finally went out of the mall and will surely encounter mutated Z-types. Now, what kind of Z-types are they?

You guys would be able to choose what catalyst you want to use to mutate the infected. You can choose the catalyst whether it be a disease or something else. Well of course, the catalyst should not be something like fully solid material. Maybe some of you guys try to suggest plastic bottles and stuff. Just how would that affect our pathogen? Did someone ate a whole plastic bottle before they got bitten? The heck!

Post your selected catalyst in the comments and by order. First come first serve. The infected mutated using your catalyst might appear before the characters in this novel.

Now what was the fun there? You guys will be able to select the catalyst but you would never guess how the Mutagen would mutate the infected. Their abilities would also be decided by the pathogen. Who knows? The catalyst you guys chose might actually turn an infected into the strongest one?

Also, how would those mutated Z-types would mess with the characters? It was something fun to see right?

Anyways, I haven't done or said this before but...


Geez... Please pardon me for being crazy this one time.