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61 A Mutant Servan

 The mutant woman staggered backwards while holding her head screaming in a double toned voice, a woman's voice and a voice that was not of a human.

'Mark' started his narration about what he was doing. Anyone would think that he was crazy talking alone but he was actually talking to the camera that hung on his collar.

"You always use your ability to sense and absorb emotions but you never tried to release the negative energies you absorbed. No wonder you get exhausted every time. Taking in all those negative energies and storing those without using a single bit. That is why you always possess an aura that makes people stay away!"

He tilted his head.

"Uhhhh. That's not an issue isn't it, you loner. Hah, Nevermind. Anyways you can also release it like this. Watch!"

BAM! The mutant woman fell on her knees while holding her head screaming. She was feeling a piercing pain in her head as if her skull was being drilled into.

"Ooops, I overdid it..."

'Mark' approached the kneeling mutant without fear and grabbed her forehead.

"It's quite hard to pinpoint which consciousness to target if used in a distance isn't it?"

Then, the pressure entered the woman's head but she did not scream anymore, instead, the dim eye of the woman brightened.

"Can you speak now? I'm suppressing whatever this thing eating your consciousness. You heard what I said before right?"

The mutant woman looked at 'Mark' and looked down once more. She had a sad expression on what remained of her human face.

"Please, just kill me..."


"I'm not even human anymore. I don't know if I can go on like this. In the first place... I can't accept it! I killed my family with my own hands!"

Tears of blood came out of her eyes. Her heart must have been crushed.

When the zombies started to appear, in order to protect her twin daughter and son, her ankle was bitten. With the help her husband, she managed to escape and they entered this parking area along with her family and other survivors.

She was wary that she will turn as she was bitten. To her surprise, more than five minutes passed and she was still fine.


Three hours after she was bitten, she started to lose control of her body and a bone like growth started to cover her body starting from the spot where the bite was.

After finally losing control, the first people she attacked with her claws were her family. She was conscious and saw everything but she could not do anything to stop it. She stabbed her husband who protected her children. Her claws pierced through the back of her husband and towards her children he was protecting splattering the blood of her precious family.

She then started to lose her control even more as she started to attack everyone. Slashes, stabs, her consciousness watched as her mutated body played with the lives of the people she killed.

"Hoh? Is that so? It's a pity then. The children are still alive and their mother wanted to die already. Just how are they gonna live in this f*cked up world without a single parent?"

She looked up at 'Mark' confused until she realized what he meant by what he said. She tried to stand up in shock.

"Hey! Hey! Wait! Don't move or you'll lose control again if I let go of you!"

The woman was still agitated but she paid heed to what Mark said.

"Are you saying the truth! M-My children are still alive?!"

"What? Don't believe me? Though I don't know how, they are safe and sound, though both of them are unconscious."

'Mark' looked at a certain direction at towards the east wing area.

"So? You still want to die?"

"No! But!"

The woman who was kneeling on the floor used her human arm to touch the unsightly armor covering most of her body.


'Mark' spoke making the woman look at him.

"Have you've been a good parent?"

"I did! I love my children! I can trade my life for them!"

'Mark' nodded confidently.

"Then, what's your answer to my proposition? I suppose that I can save you and you can take care of your children. But you have to become his loyal servant!"

'Mark' smiled.

"Do you agree?"

The woman became excited and as she knew that even her husband sadly did not make it, she could at least atone for her sins as she take care and protect her children in this chaotic world. Even if she had to sell herself to a demon, she would still accept it.

"I do!"


'Mark' shouted while he discharged a huge mental energy drilling into the wild consciousness that tried to consume the woman.

"Tsk. It's like a wild horse dammit!"

He was using the released energy to scatter and contain the foreign consciousness inside the woman's head but was not able to do so due to it being wild and uncontrollable. During the time he was doing that, the woman was shivering while trying to hold out the pain in her head.

"It's impossible this way huh? Then I'll just use that ability that this idiot loner doesn't even know he had!"

The flow of energy changed. It became a calming and comforting one, gently flowing into the woman's body. It was like cold water flowing in her body during the summer heat.

The woman stopped trembling and her body started to relax. The wild consciousness started to calm down. 'Mark' then shouted.

"Quick! Devour it!"


"Just like how you tried to resist it earlier!"

The woman closed her eyes as she started to struggle to gain full control of her mind. The wild foreign consciousness inside the woman's body was getting devoured slowly.

During the process, the bone armor covering her body started to retract. It retracted slowly and steadily back inside her body. Even though the grey bone armor entered her body, there were no wounds, holes or scars left on her skin as if her skin and muscles freely allowed the movement of her bones. It did not take long as all the armor covering her body was gone.

The woman looked really weakened as she opened her eyes. Still, there was obvious happiness in it as she was given a second shot in life. She stood up and vowed.

"Thank you."

It was a gratitude that came from the bottom of her heart.

"Nah, I don't need your thanks. Your life is his property now, remember?"

'Mark' shrugged her gratitude away.

"Uhm. Who is this 'his' you are talking about?"

"Hah? Are you an idiot? You are conscious all the while you are being consumed by whatever that is. Do you think I'm the same person who was fighting you at the start?"

'Mark' started smugly.

"So, you are talking about the one before... A D.I.D. isn't it. Is the 'you' before is the main personality?"

"Hmm hmm. Not bad, that's right! So you are now his servant!"

"Yes. But, are you not afraid that I will renege against your condition?"

"Hahaha, don't make me laugh! Rather, I'm more surprised that you accepted it with all your heart."

He tilted his head smiling at the woman.

"It's because it is a life debt I won't be able to pay even with my whole life. I'm already a dead person the moment I got bitten and this chance was nothing else but something you gave me. And if I did not comply, I'm sure that my children will be at stake."

The mature woman let out a refreshing smile.

"Nice, I like your personality! Then do your best and make your master accept you!"


"Yeps! That guy is tooooo much of a loner that he'll sure be troubled when you introduce yourself as his servant when he wakes up. Kukuku, I want to see the look in his face when that happens. He will surely try to ditch you!"

'Mark' raised his right arm and fixed his hair with his hand.

"Anyway, even if he tries to push you away, you will still be his servant and obey what he says except when he dismisses you. I'm the only one who can do that. Understand?"

The woman nodded with cold sweat on her back as 'Mark' was glaring at her sinisterly when he said that last word.

"Say, can you control that bone armor of yours?"

"I could. Look."

The woman stretched her right hand forward. Her skin on her hand split up while her grey bones enveloped the hand like a gauntlet.

"Hmm, I really picked up a good thing."

He nodded as he looked at the bone gauntlet the woman wore. 'Mark' then sighed. He took off the camera on his collar and took out the extra phone from the holster on his waist. She handed the two things to the woman.

"This is?"

"Hide these and don't give these to anyone but him when he wakes up alright? Also are you not cold? I don't think you're an exhibitionist but maybe I'm wrong."

'Mark' scanned her body.

When she saw where he was looking at, she looked down and saw that her mature peaks and bushes below were all exposed to the man in front of her. Her face grew red and turned her body the other way in embarrassment. Normally, she would have slapped the person in front of her but she did not feel that it would be right to do so towards her savior. And also, for one or more reason, she was afraid of offending him.

"Anyways, find something to wear and take your children here. Remember, the mutant I was fighting earlier was injured and ran away. You are just a survivor who managed to survive the mutant. You got that?"

He then turned around walking towards the nearest wall.

"Where are you going?"

The naked woman asked.

"My time is up. Remember our deal and my instructions alright?"

Under the watch of the woman, he sat on the floor and leaned on the wall. His head then drooped to the side.