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55 The Plan for the Arrival of Angelines Brother

 8:15 PM - City Mall Bacoor, West Wing, TechZone

As Abbygale was deeply asleep, Mark put the little girl on the folding bed to make her sleep comfortably. After he went back to his seat, he pulled the crying Mei into his lap and hugged her while patting her back. He thought of doing this since Mei was really envious of Abbygale all the while the little girl took this spot. And to his surprise, it did not take long before Mei stop crying.

"Will you be fine going alone?"

Paula asked.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you and Angeline to accompany me while I also bring Mei'er with me. I changed my plan though because of you two. Angeline's father was a general and your family was also rescued so I thought that Mei will be safer if she go with you two."

He patted Mei's head since she separated from his embrace and was listening to him. Mark looked at Mei gently and said.

"Mei'er, I wanted you to come with me but I won't be able to protect you. What I will encounter outside are not only zombies but also all kinds of people."

Mark pinched her cheek.

"Your face is too beautiful that it will me all the trouble you see."

Hearing what Mark said, the three girls understood. Even if Mark was able to protect Mei from zombies, flocks of evil men would do all they could to get their hands on her. In the current world where the society started to fall apart, aside from a very few places, laws and religion did not matter anymore.

"How about your family? You maybe have a bad relationship to them but they are still your family."

Ange asked. It was quite unusual for her to ask something serious like this. To her question though, Mark shrugged his shoulders.

"My family was on vacation in Catanduanes. Before the outbreak, it would take more than 8 hours in a bus and boat to get there but now, I'll be dead before I could even get halfway there.

Besides, Catanduanes is a large island detached from the mainland. It is likely that they are safe in that place unless an airplane filled with zombies crash-landed there. Still, the chance is close to none since there are very few flight routes that pass over that island."

~Yureta genjitsukan nakushita ma-~

Mark's phone rang. He then gave his phone to Ange without checking the number of the caller.

"It should be for you."

"Seriously, what's with your ringtone."

"That's my phone alright? I can customize it however I wanted."

Ange harrumphed before answering the phone.



A familiar voice spoke from the other side of the line.


[Geez, I was looking allover for you. Just why are you and Paula there in the mall?]

"I already told Dad! He didn't tell you?"

[He did! Still!]

"Where are you now? Are you coming here already?"

[We're here camping at your school. We're already preparing. We had other survivors with us so it will take us about 30 minutes to get there.]

While Ange was on the phone, Mark suddenly asked her.

"Your brother is coming?"

Ange nodded.

"How long? Are they just soldiers?"

"About 30 minutes. They have survivors with them."

"Alright, tell your brother to head to the basement parking of the mall."

Ange was surprised.

"Aren't there zombies down there?"

"There should be but far fewer than other places. The only people who would go there are those who have cars. As for the other zombies, I have a plan."


Ange nodded and turned back to the phone.

[Angeline? Angeline!]

"What?! Don't shout!"

[You're also shouting! Who are you talking to?!]

"I'm talking with Mark."

[Who's Mark?]

Her brother sounded confused and dumbfounded.

"The guy who saved me and Paula. He said that you and the people with you should head towards the basement parking when you arrive."


"He said that there should be fewer zombies there."

When Ange said that, her brother had already thought of several reasons why and agreed to follow what Mark said.

[Alright. I'll hang up to prepare. Be careful there.]

"You too, take care. Bye."

Ange returned the phone to Mark. Mark stored the phone in his pocket and spoke to Mei.

"Mei'er, can you stand up now? My legs already feel numb and we still have things to do."

Mei nodded and reluctantly stood up.

The other two girls saw her reluctance and started to get curious. There was something wrong here. If it was just Mei, then they would not notice but it was also happening with Abbygale. Just like Mei, Abbygale also preferred to be hugged and carried by Mark.

"What's wrong with you two?"

Mark who was stretching his legs asked as the two college girls were staring at Mei and whispering at each other.

"We just noticed something. Mei and Abbygale seemed to like being hugged by you for some reason. The envy on Mei's face was obvious when you are carrying Abbygale too. We're just wondering why?"

Mark also looked confused. He could not detect Abbygale's emotions but he could confirm that they were saying the truth about Mei.

"Care to tell why?"

Mark asked Mei.

To their surprise, Mei looked away and was reluctant to speak. Mark detected a tinge of greed from Mei. Greed for what? It made Mark more confused as he detected Mei's inner emotions.

"Mei'er, I won't hug you anymore if you don't say anything."

Mei panicked hearing her Gege say that. She then started to speak while playing with her fingers.

"Uhm... Gege, you see... I feel really comfortable when you hug me. My body feels light and relaxed. Gale should have felt the same. She easily falls asleep while hugging you. I also feel the same."

Mei was twisting her body in embarrassment as she narrated her reason.

Ange and Paula looked at Mark in inquiry.

"What? I have no idea what she's talking about."

Mark proclaimed his innocence about the topic.

"Anyways, we have to hurry. We have less than thirty minutes left before your brother comes, Ange."

Mark decided to push the unnecessary topic for another time and move unto the more urgent one.

"Paula, can you stay here to guard Gale? We can't just wake her up since she just fell asleep."


"Mei'er, Ange follow me. Oh right, Ange call Uncle Bernard and Calvin and head to the rooftop. We could use their help."

Paula sat in front of the laptop while thinking about few things while Ange went to call the two men.

Mark and Mei on the other hand went ahead towards the rooftop.


Mark was checking the perimeter of the mall with Mei when Ange arrived with the several people. To his surprise, Fernan and James also came with Ange.

"Why did you call us here lad?"

Bernard asked Mark.

"You haven't heard the reason from Angeline?"

"She told us that her brother is coming. Still, I'm surprised that she came from a family that had high standing in the military."

"Yeah, me too."

Calvin added.

"Mark, tell us what we need to do, my brother will be coming soon."

Ange urged Mark.

Mark looked at the people around him and spoke.

"Well, Angeline should have told you guys that I told her brother to go into the basement parking."

Everyone agreed.

"There should be just few zombies in the basement parking but the problem is that there are too many zombies outside the mall and on the street. It would be hard for them to pass through all these zombies for sure. So we need to lure the zombies away."

Mark then glanced at the crates nearby making everyone aside from James what they would do.

"Boss, what do we need to do?"

James asked.

"Light some fireworks."