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52 Choked After Returning

 7:31 PM - City Mall Bacoor, Central Area, First Floor, Batsons Storage Area

Carrying Abbygale, Mark bolted inside the storage and immediately shut the door close.

Paula and the two students were surprised after the suddenly entered. Paula wanted to ask him what happened first but she was not able to as Mark suddenly spoke with urgency.

"Found the medicine?"

"We did. What's wrong?"

"Then let's leave. A new kind of mutant appeared and I didn't manage to kill it."


Paula was surprised. She immediately packed everything and urged the two students who were clueless to help.

"Mutant? What are those?"

Breandan asked Paula as he closed the bag Mark gave him before.

"More powerful zombies."

Those three words shook the students to their core. Just the zombies they encountered before already cost them a lot just to survive and there were more powerful ones?

"Who is that girl?"

Paula asked Mark while looking at the girl he was carrying.

"I found her under the counter outside."

"Is she what yo-"


Paula did not manage to finish her question as thumping sounds came from the door Mark just closed.

"Let's go!"

Mark urged the three and bolted out of the storage into the service corridor. Then his eyes dilated behind his helmet.

"What the! Hurry up run!"

Mark yelled at the three. They heard his shout and glanced at the direction he was looking at and they saw a large female zombie running their way. Seeing the zombie, the two students immediately ran away. Paula and Mark also began to retreat.

Another Fat Mutant!

Mark did not hesitate anymore.

"Hold this!"

Mark threw his crossbow to Paula and pulled the shotgun hanging on his side.

"Abbygale, cover your ears."

Hearing what he said, the little girl covered her ears and burrowed her head on Mark's left shoulder.


After the Female Fat Mutant passed the door of the store they just exited, Mark shot the leg of the mutant zombie.

Just like how he dealt with the zombified fat bastard before, he decided to use the body of this Fat Mutant to block the zombies that would come from that store if they managed to break down the door.

However, due to his gunshot, the zombies on the other side of the corridor started to flock towards them.

As they ran away, Mark pulled out the radio James gave him.

"Angeline are you there! Angeline!"


"Mei'er? Why is the radio with you? Where is Angeline?"

[Gege, she's at the entrance of the store. She got wounded.]

"So, he really attacked? Is she alright?"

[Yes he attacked. Angeline is fine, she just received a papercut.]

"Ok, I'll deal with that guy later. We're on our way back, tell Angeline to send people to the stairwell and bring things to barricade the door! We're being chased by zombies right now!"

[OK! Gege! Be careful!]

"Alright! Go!"

Mark stored the radio back in his belt with a dark countenance. He was releasing too much killing intent that even Paula and the two students felt shivers on their backs.

As the radio was loud, Paula also heard what Mei said and she also looked grim.

Mark wanted to vent his anger right now. If he was not carrying Abbygale, he might have stopped and kill all the zombies behind them.

He then saw a water dispenser by the side of the corridor. Mark subconsciously activated his Adrenaline Rush and kicked the water dispenser. The dispenser was knocked back about two meters and the water container above it was toppled. The water from the container spread across the floor which made the Biter's chasing them slip on the floor.

The three was surprised not by the method Mark used to deter the zombies for some time but to how the slightly heavy dispenser was knocked back at that distance. Just how much strength was needed to do that?

Feeling the pain in his foot, Mark calmed down a little. He could also feel Abbygale's arms tightening on his neck the more he felt angry. Now that he calmed down somehow, the girl's arms also loosened.

He could not help but feel a little grateful to this girl.

As Mark and Paula secured this area before, they did not encounter more danger as they ran away and arrived at the door leading to the stairwell.

Fernan and Ella opened the door to let them in and Mark urged the two to jam the door shut. The two were surprised that Mark and Paula returned with three more people, still, when they heard the urgency in Mark's voice, the two immediately complied.

It was then that several employees came down from the third floor carrying heavy stuff to use and barricade the door as per Mark's instructions.


Returning back inside the TechZone, Paula directly went to find Reyah to give her the medicine Sariya needed while Mark carrying Abbygale went to find Ange and Mei. Breandan and Julie on the other hand hugged each other in joy as they managed to survive and find a safer place to stay.

Mark also found Mei and Ange at the store Reyah and her daughter was staying making the time separating with Paula worthless. What he saw inside the store where the two girls stayed previously was a tied up man being guarded by an employee. He did not feel dealing with that man right at that moment so he went and look for the two.

When Mark entered the store, Reyah approached him with gratitude which Mark denied for now as Sariya was just fed with the medicine and it had not taken effect yet.

Mark looked at Ange whose hand was bandaged. Yes, she got a papercut on her palm but it was quite long.

Mei on the other hand wanted to hug Mark as he returned but became quite displeased as she was not able to. It was because Mark was still carrying Abbygale in his arms.

Paula was confused and could not help but ask him.

"Why don't you put her down?"

As he heard her question, Mark removed his helmet with his free hand and put it on a counter while sighing.

"I wish I could."

Everyone became confused.

Ange had an idea and stood up going behind Mark and peered at Abbygale's face. She then spoke.

"The girl is sleeping."

They all became flabbergasted, especially Paula. She thought that the girl was just being silent while being carried by Mark. She did not expect that she was sleeping.

"When did she fell asleep?"

Paula asked.

"After I kicked that water dispenser."

"Aren't we running at that time?"

"Well, yeah."

Mark looked troubled.

"Then put her down so she can sleep in a better position."

Ange suggested. Mark then looked at her.

"Why don't you try to peel off her arm?"

Ange became more confused after hearing what he said. She then grabbed the hands of the girl that were locked on Mark's neck and tried to peel it off. She was surprised.

She could not remove her hands from him! Just how strong was this girl!

The girl only looked five or six years old but the strong and battle experienced Ange could not remove the girl off Mark's neck!

Still, it looked like what she did had an effect. The girl woke up yawning under the surprised gazes of the women around Mark. Abbygale looked around and ignored their gazes. She then looked at Mark and spoke.

"Papa, I'm hungry."

Cough! Cough!

Mark choked on his saliva.