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47 Emergency

 While everyone was looking at the aftermath of the Fat Mutant's body explosion, a wave of stinky gas assaulted their noses. Everyone immediately retreated by reflex until they could barely smell the stench.

"Everyone alright?"

Bernard asked in concern while looking around.

"I'm fine, just a little nauseous."

One of the employees replied which was followed by the reply of others. Most of them felt nauseous and some coughed hard but overall everyone is fine.

Paula who was also coughing said.

"It looked similar to that Boomer in Left 4 Dead."


Ange replied with a knitted face. Mark was surprised that these two girls knew something like that. It was very rare for girls in this country to play these kinds of game genres after all.

"It's only similar is the way its body exploded. Everything else is different. It was also releasing methane from its body, just think what will happen if someone were to shoot it with a gun."

Everyone became serious when Mark said that. He then turned to the employees and ordered them.

"Keep watch here and don't let anyone light any kind of fire or spark nearby. Wait until the gas dissipates."

After the employees nodded, Mark turned around to leave together with the girls. It was then that Bernard spoke to Mark.

"Wait! Reyah is looking for you too. Her daughter had a fever and it's kind of high."

"We know."

Mark then left the bewildered Bernard. They knew? Bernard could not make out how they would know that.

The four immediately went back inside the TechZone and into the store there Reyah and her daughter was staying. What they saw Reyah inside looking very worried beside the table where her daughter was sleeping. They could also see Sariya with a wet cloth on her forehead while breathing heavily.

When Mark arrived at the door of the store, Reyah immediately looked at the door and her worried face brightened a little bit. She stood up and approached the Mark in a hurry.

"Thank goodness. You arrived."

"How is her fever?"

Mark asked making Reyah look at her sleeping daughter before turning back to Mark.

"It's high. When my daughter slept this afternoon, her temperature started to rise slightly. I didn't think that her fever would flare up after the sun set"

"Is she your first child? I don't think you would be worried like this if she's not."

Reyah nodded to Mark embarrassed. Mark then entered the store and touched Sariya's neck with the back of his right hand.

"It's normal for fever to flare up during the night. I think it should be the effect of her being thrown away from your arms earlier."

"What do you think?"

Ange asked while Paula also tried to feel the child's temperature and it made her eyes turn wide. Paula then voiced her concern.

"Isn't this dangerous?"

"It is. I think it's too high for a child her age to endure."

Mark replied and turned to Reyah.

"You did not find medicine for her?"

"I tried asking everyone but no one had any. I also don't think that medication for adults can be suitable for my daughter's age."

Mark nodded. It seemed that Reyah studied a few things when she became a mother. At least, she really valued her daughter. Nowadays, it would not be surprising that there were mothers who knew nothing about raising a child and did not have the initiative to learn either despite the fact that there was the internet present to feed their knowledge. What most mother's who lack knowledge do was to cut off a part from a tablet for adult medication and feed it to their children. It was not suitable for most cases of sick children.

Paula also looked solemn. Sariya's temperature was too high. It could lead into severe complications if not addressed quickly. She looked at Mark appealing to do something.

"Paula is it really bad?"

Seeing her friend's expression, Ange could not help but worry.

"Yeah, it's bad. If her temperature continues to rise, she might..."

Paula replied to Ange but did not dare complete her sentence in front of Reyah.

"Looks like we will need to visit the first floor."

Mark said in all seriousness. Mark then turned to Reyah.

"What is your daughter's exact age?"

"Sariya is 4 years and about 5 months old."

Reyah calculated for a bit and replied.

"Alright, stay here and take care of your daughter. I'll prepare for a bit and go to find medicine for her."

Hearing what he said, Reyah's desperate heart found some hope. She grabbed Marks arm and profusely thanked him.

"Thank you! Thank you! I don't really know what to do."

Mark nodded and pulled her hands away from his arm gently.

"I'll get someone to bring clean water. Wipe Sariya's body to keep her temperature as lower as possible."


Mark, Mei, Ange and Paula went to the store where Mark set up his base and saw James who was using the laptop in front of the chair. When James saw Mark, he immediately stood up and called.


The way James called out to Mark made Ange and Paula stared at him with inconceivable expressions. Knowing what the two girls were feeling, he could only sigh.

"I have something for you to do."

"Just tell me what you need and I'll do it."

Seriously, this guy was behaving like he was Mark's subordinate. Mark shook his head and sent him to bring water to Reyah and Sariya and also told him to ask the other survivors if there was anyone who had knowledge of what kind of medicine should be given to four year old children who had fever. James immediately ran off after receiving Mark's orders.

Mark knew that it was possible to find the medicine Sariya needed but having someone tell them what to get would make things easier.

"Gege, you're really going to the first floor? Isn't it dangerous?"

"We have no choice. The only store in this mall that sells medicine is on that floor."

"Can I go with you?"

Mark shook his head hearing Mei's question. He was happy that she was willing to help but with her still having a hard time walking with wide strides, she would not be able to run.

"No. You're still not able to run right? Just stay here."

Mei had a sad expression but obediently nodded.

"Then I will go with you."

Ange said with her hands clenched. But to her surprise, Mark still shook his head.

"You also stay here, bring Mei and help Mrs. Reyah with taking care of her daughter."

He then turned to Paula and looked at the bow tied to her back.

"I'll take you with me this time."

Knowing what he was thinking as he looked at her bow, Paula nodded.

"Why? Paula should be better at taking care of others than me!"

Ange who did not get the meaning of Mark's gestures started to throw a tantrum. It made Mark smirk.

"At least you know that you can't."

Ange felt perplexed and mad.

"Ange, we needed to be stealthy this time. He wanted me to accompany him because I can use a bow."

Paula who knew that her friend was being teased again said the reason why. Ange also settled down after knowing the reason.

"Well, I'm leaving you here primarily to guard Mei so you don't need to worry about your skills for taking care of people."


"You don't have to bother about the reason. Just guard her and don't leave her side alright?"

Mark said it too seriously that he made Ange nod by reflex.

"Also let Paula borrow your armor."

Ange made a reluctant face for a bit before nodding.

Even if she just showed that face for a bit, Mark felt the fluctuation of her emotions.

"I see, that armor is more important that your friend huh?"

"Wha--! No it's not! I-! YOU!"

Ange replied flustered but she realized it after seeing Mark's smirk on his face.


Ange looked to the side and saw Paula who already turned her back to her shivering. Paula tried her best to hide it but Ange still saw that her friend was giggling at her antics.