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35 Blunder

 2:01 PM - City Mall Bacoor West Wing, Service Corridors.

Mark led the way as they walked across the corridor. With the exception of Ange, Mei, Reyah and her daughter, Sariya, everyone was following behind Mark.

After leaving Ange who was fiddling with the sports armor Mark gave her. He told the others about the situation in the TechZone and what he did inside the corridor.

At first, they thought that he came back to ask for help in killing the zombies inside but the thought was dismissed when he said.

"I should be able to deal with all those zombies alone."

Actually, Mark went back to make at least Bernard and Fernan to follow him back not to help him kill the zombies but to attend the survivors after clearing the TechZone.

But then, Calvin made a suggestion. It was to let them help in dealing with the zombies inside the TechZone. By the results of Mark's scouting, he said that the possibility of having Biters inside was very low or at least there would only be a very small number. If it was just Eaters, they it would be a good way for them to get some training.

Hearing what Calvin said, Mark could not help but agree. They would really need to get some practice and experience in dealing with the zombies and it would be a good chance and there would be very little danger. If there are Biters inside, then they could apply some strategies if the number was more that he could handle. Well, he could handle a group of Biters consisting of half-dozen of individuals alone, so, it should be fine.

All the males agreed with what Calvin said and they agreed with great determination. To their surprise, Paula also wanted to come with them and experience fighting herself. Ange seemed to be reluctant to let her go but Paula told her friend that she could not stand it anymore that she could not do anything but let Ange protect her.

With that, the ones who were going and who would stay were decided. Reyah could not leave her sleeping daughter and she could not just wake her up. Mark forced Mei to stay as her body had not fully recovered yet and the bruises she received were starting to swell giving her more pain. Ange who was not in the mood to do more killing was the one who became in charge of protecting those who are staying on the rooftop.

Using the ladders on the west wing, they entered the corridors through the emergency exit. When they entered the corridor, they were surprised. Their surprise was not because of the gruesome scene inside the corridor as beheaded bodies, severed heads and limbs and blood scattered on the floor across the corridor. It was because there was a moving human sized roll of red colored cloth, which looked like a red sushi made with cloth that was bound with extension cables, rolling about on the floor. The thing kept on rolling and the filth on the floor started sticking on the cloth it was wrapped in.

"Uh... Mark? What is that?"

Paula could not help but ask Mark who should be the one responsible for that.

"That? She's the Biter I caught. The one I told you guys about. She doesn't stop rolling around when I tied her up so I rolled her up with floor mats and rags."

"To clean up the floor?"

"Yep. Quite convenient isn't it? Well, she doesn't clean the floor properly though."

Mark looked at the floor that had an odd division of slightly cleaned and dirty portions.

'Of course she won't!!!'

They all screamed at Mark in their minds.

Mark led them past the rolling Biter and put his index finger in front of his lips signaling them to keep quiet.

As they traversed the corridor, Joseph's face already turned pale. The blood and gore scattered across the floor was starting to churn his stomach. He could not even smell anything else but the smell of blood.

Calvin and Bernard seemed to be doing fine but their eyebrows already curved into a frown.

Paula on the other hand intently looked around. She seemed to be engraving the scene into her mind and was trying to stable her emotions. She had seen worse and she had to get used to this.

Mark then held his right hand above his shoulder stopping them who were following behind. Mark pointed at the door in front of him. It was the unlocked door leading to the TechZone. Actually, there were several doors that led into the TechZone while some led into the stores but Mark chose this because it was the door at the very corner of the TechZone.

Using this door would prevent would make the zombies come from a single direction. This was also the door where the zombies inside passed through to get out earlier. The bloody footprints on the floor leading out of the TechZone were the proof of this.

Mark grasped the door knob and nodded at the people behind him. They all nodded back as they tightened their grip on their weapons. While they all had serious expressions, Mark happened to see Joseph gulping his saliva.

The door was pushed slowly. When he confirmed that there was no one standing behind the door, Mark opened the door wider and went in. The people behind Mark immediately followed but they froze when they saw the scene inside. Mark already described it to them but seeing the situation with their own eyes brought a different level of shock. The scene inside the TechZone was in a higher level of gruesomeness compared to the scene on the corridors outside.

Blood splattered on the floor, the body parts and human flesh that scattered on the floor. There are even half-eaten bodies lying lifeless on the floor. The bodies were torn open leaving their bones, organs and intestines for display. There are also bodies with torn necks, eyes balls dangled out of their eye sockets and limbless bodies whose limbs were not sliced or cut but torn apart. The anguished expressions left on their faces showed how much fear and pain they felt before they died. What was worse was aside from adults and teens, there are quite a number of bodies of children and their bodies looked even more mangled than the rest.

The thick smell of blood assaulted their noses.


They all looked behind them and so Joseph who was now facing the wall vomiting on the floor. Still, no one could blame him. The others already had pale faces as they felt nauseated.

Mark frowned and immediately sprang into action and lopped the head of an incoming Biter. Yes a Biter! Mark then beheaded an Eater that was near them and went out as there was no need to bother hiding anymore. He stepped into the Main area of the TechZone and looked at all the incoming zombies.

All of them are coming towards their direction! The sound Joseph created as he vomited was loud enough to be heard by the all the zombies in the TechZone due to the silence in the area!

Mark slashed another Eater and looked at the zombies that were approaching faster than the others. There were eight of them.

Eight Biters!

Mark coldly glared at Joseph for a bit before turning his sight back at the zombies. He had a good plan in mind before but that guy just had to ruin everything.

Joseph did not see his glare but the others did. They could feel the spite behind that glare.

He did not bother with the people behind him anymore. There were Eaters approaching their direction and they said that they wanted to train using those. They should have the ability and the courage to deal with those. He only needed to concentrate on the Biters.

Retreating also entered his mind but with the wobbly legs of Joseph, he would still need to deal with the Biters if they want to escape.

Frowning, Mark's eyes turned sharp. His mind started to clear up as his concentration heightened. His blood started to boil and his heart began to beat faster and stronger.

He then reached inside his collar and pressed the play button on the button control of his earphones.

Mark dashed towards the Biters. He was not escaping this time. He needed to fight.

His fighting spirit rose as an anime battle music started to play in his ears.