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11 Dealing with Zombies Chasing Behind


Several gunshots were released in succession. Mark prioritized shooting those who moved very close to each other before dealing with the single ones. Sometimes he would need to dodge as the zombies pounced on him while he was reloading, after all, the shotgun's chamber can only hold five shells at maximum at the same time. There are also times that he needed to dodge as he attempted to shoot making his accuracy suffer in the process.

Dodging the zombies attack is hard but not impossible. From what he observed, their attack patterns are linear, like pouncing or grabbing. One only needed to calm down and catch the movements of their feet and hands and one would be able to dodge their attacks. Unless he is totally outnumbered, forced into a corner or become careless, he can deal with this much.

If a zombie pounced from his right or left, he would jump backwards. If the zombie lunged in front, he would do a large sidestep to the left or right. That is how he dealt with the attacks.



Mark was forced to jump back two zombies attacked from his right and in front almost at the same time. He shot the one in front as it was the second one to attack but the shot did not manage to hit its head and instead, the zombie's right shoulder was blown off. Its right arm flew to the back creating a bloody mess on the floor.

Then he saw it.

'So it's really like this huh?'

This isn't the first time he noticed it, he saw the similar situation when he shot the three zombies in order to save the college girls earlier.

The zombie that had its shoulder blown off staggered backwards howling before falling down on its back and started trashing on the floor splattering his blood everywhere.

This zombie can still feel pain!

In curiosity, he did not hesitate and shot the zombie that just lunged at him at its chest creating a bloody mess of broken ribs, pieces of it lungs, arteries and heart splattered on the floor. The zombie then fell with its body twitching for a bit before slumping down with devoid of any movements.

'It died?'

Mark looked at it incredulously before jumping back once more evading another attack.


He blew up the zombie's head away. Then he saw the zombie that is trashing on floor due to its missing shoulder stop moving.

'The other one died of blood loss?'

Anyone would think of that if they saw the amount of blood on the floor soaking the zombie without its arm.

Seeing that the two died due to their sever injuries, Mark stopped on solely targeting the zombies' heads which was a harder target to aim at and included the zombies' chests or abdomens. Of course, when there is a good chance of blowing the zombies' heads off, then he would do so.


"Three left!"

He muttered as he shot another zombie on its stomach and left it trashing on the floor like an earthworm poured with a pinch of salt.


Two more zombies with burst chests fell to the floor and started thrashing around creating more collages of thorn flesh and blood. It was a very disgusting scene.


Mark tried shooting the last approaching zombie but he was met a metallic sound as the last shell was already shot from his shotgun. The zombie lunged at him and he can only dodge as he tried to reach for a shell in his belt bag.

His evasion was successful and the zombie fell with force on the floor hitting a green colored plastic trashcan spilling all the garbage on the floor. When Mark saw this, an idea hit him and he quickly picked up the trashcan.

As the zombie tried to stand up, it felt some force squeezing its face and its view suddenly turned black. It felt its prey is still around but it can't see anything and thus, it started to dash forward while swinging its arms madly.

While the zombie ran away, Mark looked at the zombie incredulously. A zombie with a trashcan covering this head while running fast and crazily swinging its arms trying to catch air really looked ridiculous. Still, he was quite surprised at first. When he put the trashcan on its head Mark was standing in front of it but instead of turning passive like he thought it would be, it actually dashed towards him making him dodge in panic. After he dodged though, the zombie did not stop and continued running away back to the direction where it came from.

The last zombie ran away and Mark did not have any notion of chasing it as it is going the opposite direction they are going to. He turned around and saw the others are already several stores away from him. He looked at the bodies zombies with smashed faces and heads on the floor left behind by them and he can help but commend the ability of that girl.


With that loud sound of glass crashing down, anyone would turn to look by reflex and so does Mark. When he saw what caused the sound, he had a complicated expression on his face. Several stores away, a shop selling perfumes had its glass walls broken and buried under the pieces of broken glass, a zombie with a trashcan on its head was trashing on the floor trying to get up. Funny enough, the trashcan was still on its head and did not fall of after crashing on the glass wall. Well, it would be really hard to remove the trashcan that it was forced to wear as it can barely fit its head.

Then, Mark was stupefied, not because of the trashcan zombie but because the bodies of some of the zombies he just killed started twitching and slowly stood up. And he realized that those who stood up once more are those whose heads, no, rather, the brains are still intact.

"I messed up."

When he saw that zombie who died because of the fatal injury it had on its chest, he thought that these zombies might be similar to the green flu infected in some video game series. Fast, strong and can be killed by normal means of killing. To think he that was mistaken. It was a good lesson for him. Don't treat real life as some kind of game though he still thinks that the crappiest game of all is reality.

Then he noticed something else with gave him a clearer idea of what is happening making his eyes light up. He immediately shot back to rejoin the group and left the zombies that just stood up.