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9 A Problem that Arose because of Something that Closed Down

 As their group ran away, Mark sprayed the contents of the fire extinguisher on the floor every now and then. Even though the foam spread on the floor isn't as thick and more spread compared to the first patch he made, it should be enough to hinder the zombies' pursuit even a little bit. Still, he did not intend on using up all the contents of the fire extinguisher. When he heard the sound of metal clashing and that loud bang on the floor, he is sure that he would need the contents of the fire extinguisher somewhere else.

"Hey open this up! Please let us in!"

Before they can get to the TechZone, they heard the voice of a man with his angry and helpless shouting as he hit the metal shutter blocking the entrance of the TechZone together with three more people behind him. These people were the ones running if front of the two schoolgirls before, the ones Mark ignored earlier. But that is not the pressing matter at this moment but the metal shutter in front of them right now.

That's right! The TechZone is already closed abandoning the Mark and the employee that followed him along with other people that are still outside!

Other people like the students, the mother and the child and even most customers might not realize but Mark who conscious of it and most of the employees working at this mall knew what it is if they heard that loud sound of metal clashing before banging on the floor. It is the steel shutter at the entrance of the TechZone being closed down! This is also the reason the employee that mark brought with him had his face drained of color!

Seeing the closed entrance from afar, the two schoolgirls and the mother being princess carried felt dispirited. They thought that they would be saved if they managed to follow that large group of people but they were shut out before they could even start doing so.

As the people outside the entrance where shouting and hitting the shutter with hands, voices coming from inside answered arguing with the people outside.

Although they can hear the voices, what the voices were saying where incomprehensible to Mark and the people with him as they were still far away.

Then, as they got closer...


A gunshot coming from inside the TechZone echoed making the people outside the entrance jump back in fright while the people with Mark froze on their steps. Several frightened screams are heard from the inside by the screams are masked by an angry shout of a man with irritating voice similar to squealing of a pig.

"Get the f*ck away! We already said that we are not letting anyone in! Who knows if you bastards are one of those man-eating monsters! Go away or the next shot will, bore f*cking holes on your bodies!"

The men who were in front of the entrance could only step back in fright.

"You f*ucking bunch of animals!"

Knowing that it would be impossible for the people inside to let them in, they left cursing as they scatter like flies towards different directions where they don't see any zombies.

As the situation isn't good, Mark frowned as he carefully make his way towards the closed entrance together with people with him despite hurrying as much as possible.

But when he is about a few steps away, he heard several thumping sounds just to his right. When he looked, he saw two people knocking on the glass of a store beside him. This part of the store is connected to store at the just beside the entrance unfortunately, it is still not possible to enter the TechZone through this part unless they break the reinforced glass which ruins the point of going into the area in the first place.

Inside the store, two familiar employees are knocked on the glass in attempt to get his attention which luckily succeeded. These two employees were the woman who Mark talked to earlier and the other is the shorter member of the cart pushing trio.

Seeing the two waiting for them with both scared and apologetic expressions, Mark started to have clearer thought about the vague ideas he had before.

The two inside tried telling them who were outside about the situation. Unfortunately, it was a futile attempt because the reinforced glass prevented their voices from going through clearly. Unless the two shouted, Mark and the others outside might hear them but the two did not dare due to their situation.


Mark swung his baseball bat at an incoming zombie smashing its face into a pulp. Seeing this, two inside the store shuddered. After looking around, Mark handed the fire extinguisher to Ange after seeing that there are no apparent zombies in the vicinity that can be deemed as immediate threat.

"You know how to use this?"

Mark asked.

Ange who was confused being asked such a question nodded.

"Spray the contents on the floor on the directions where the zombies are coming from. I know you can do that. We need buy a little time."

Being ordered like that, Ange pouted but still followed. If it were other girls like her friend, Paula, they might have declined due to fear but Ange who knew how to defend herself had more guts to do so. Mark also noticed this and thus, he did not hesitate to ask the girl do it.

Paula who was worried about her brave friend just watched as she also knew that she'll be fine.

As Ange started spraying the fire extinguisher on the floor, Mark took out his phone from his bag and pressed the power button revealing the cute anime custom screensaver. Upon unlocking the phone with a swipe, the next thing that showed is the high-tech looking theme with a wallpaper of a cute blue haired anime girl holding a high-tech plasma sword at her right hand and a double-barreled ray pistol on her left.

Paula who was just behind him saw this and was surprised and smiled wryly. Just who would think that this fierce and scary looking man that did not even bat an eyelid as he shoot his gun and smash the zombies' bloody faces actually had such hobby?

Mark opened a note app on his phone and turned around just to notice at the side of his view, as Paula smiled wryly with her gaze on his phone. He felt a little embarrassed but did not try to show even a little bit of it.

She also saw that Mark noticed her looking at his phone and also felt embarrassed and turned her face somewhere else with slightly red cheeks.

Continuing the strong façade, he typed a few words on his phone and showed it on the two who were inside the store.

"What happened?"

Mark asked using his phone.