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7 The Shot He Wanted to Make

 As the woman continued trying to tug her leg off the man's grasp, she saw the man's head slowly slump down the puddle of his blood on the floor. She thought that it was a chance for her to escape but to her horror, the man's grasp actually tightened even more.

After the man had totally gone quiet, the zombie stopped biting at the man's neck and shot a sudden fierce stare at the trapped woman accompanied by snapping sounds of bones on its neck due to the quick turn of its head. It started adjusting its body trying to pounce at the woman who now burst into tears due to fear.

"Paula! Take the child!"

One of the two schoolgirls shouted as she burst into a sprint charging at the zombie. The girl called Paula hesitated a little before running after her friend.

Seeing the sprinting girl coming over, the zombie changed its target and quickly lunged towards the girl.

After two uncontrolled lunges, the zombie sped past the woman and the child and jump strongly at it pounced at the girl.

The girl stopped for a moment as she saw the zombie jump at her. She brought her right foot behind to gain momentum and then mercilessly swung her right leg upwards with all the force she can release hitting right in the middle of the zombie's neck and chin. The zombie who is in the midst of its attack spun a sling flip to the air backwards at it flew back for about three meters and had an unsightly landing on the floor.

Two more zombies from behind fell as one got its feet swiped by the flying zombie while the third stepped unstably on the first two zombies and also fell down.

With that little time she managed to get, she immediately pried the dead man's hand away. Unfortunately, to her surprise, she failed to remove the hand and the man's grasp is actually getting tighter and tighter that the woman started to wail in pain.

The man's body then started twitching violently but still not letting go of the woman.

"Ange! Quick! They are coming!"

Paula who already secured the child in her embrace shouted at her friend as she saw the three zombies who fell down getting up.


Ange gritted her teeth as he heard her friend. She looked at the twitching man.

"Don't blame me for this!"

Their situation is getting grim. She then removed her last ounce of hesitation. Ange raised her feet and brought it down with heavy force.


The eerie sound of bones breaking entered their ears. Ange violently stomped at the man's arm breaking his bones. Some of the bones break but unfortunately, the man's grip did not loosen. As she saw this, she made several more stomps breaking more bones in the man's arm.

The woman and Paula looked at Ange who stomping at the man's arm with surprise. Despite their situation and the fear they are feeling against the zombies, they can't help but feel goosebumps as the sound of breaking bones enter their ear.

Stomp after stomp, the man's grasp finally loosened.

However, the time Ange needed to release the woman is also enough for the three zombies to recover, furthermore, the other zombies that were left behind are also catching up. Ange's pupils constricted as she the three zombies that had fallen earlier jump at her side by side.


Paula shouted as she watched the plight of her friend.


A deafening sound echoed into their ears. At the same time, the three zombies pouncing over Ange are blown several meters away riddled with bloody holes on their bodies. Two of the zombies tried to get up immediately after but the injuries the two received gave them a lot of difficulty, as for the other one, it just slumped to the floor and stopped moving.

The four females covered their ears due to pain because of the sudden gunshot but still looked towards the source of the shot by reflex. Just to see the back man wearing a hooded jacket and a black beanie on his head who already stood between them and the zombies while pointing a short shotgun on the zombies.

"Finally got a head shot."

They heard the man mutter.


Mark ran towards the group and saw them being picked down by the fast running zombies one by one. Seeing the dire state of their situation, he urged himself to run faster.

"Help! Please! Help us!"

A man in the front of the group shouted.

He then saw a zombie catch up to another man behind the group and lunged at the man. He did not have much reaction to the man being caught but he could only frown as he saw what the man did.

"What a bastard."

'Only at the worst possible times can a man's true nature is revealed.'

It is something he always believed.

Mark heard the child who was thrown to the floor cry in pain and of course, the other people in front of the escaping group also did. However, they only stole a glance behind their backs and continued running towards Mark.

Instead, the two college girls stopped and went to help the mother and child despite the danger are facing.

The survivors who continued running was about to reach Mark and stop him to ask for help but did not manage to as he shot them a cold look and continued running past them.

As Mark ran past them, the ones who wanted to stop him gritted their teeth in anger and left one last glance at Mark and continued running.

The employee behind Mark saw what happened and also ignored the group of men fleeing as he followed him.

While running, Mark's uneven eyes grew larger in surprise as he saw one of the girls charge at the zombie who caught the man that is holding the mother's leg and sent it flying. He can't help but grin as he saw the girl's movements and the method she did to free the woman.

Unfortunately for the girl, she took the time she had isn't enough for the time she needed and the zombies already jumped towards her by the time she freed the mother from the bastard's grasp.

Luckily enough, Mark also arrived by their side at this point without them noticing.


Mark shot his gun at the lunging zombies making them fly back several meters.

The three zombies disregarded each other and tried to lunge at the girl almost at the same time sticking them together in a single line. As Mark shot the zombie in front, most of the shotgun pellets blew its head off into mush and the remaining pellets riddled the other two zombies with holes.

He then shot a look behind him and shouted.

"What are you women staring at me for, hurry up and run!"