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6 The Survivors from the West Wing

 From west wing of the third floor, a group of people despaired as they ran away from the group of fast zombies' ferocious chase.

Among the group, two college girls wearing their school uniform held their hands together as they gave their best to not lag behind the group.

It is because...

Those who lagged behind are the first ones to be eaten.

When they managed to finally get to the this floor after a lot of hardships, there is about a dozen of them running away but with the relentless chase of the zombies behind, they are picked up and eaten one by one.

Right at this moment, there is only seven people left running away. Then can only bit their lips, close their ears and steel their hearts as they hear the cries of help, fear and pain of those who were caught and eaten.

The girls' hearts had already grown cold to this. They held their hands together without letting go assuring each other of their existence. They felt that once one of them let go, they totally fell into despair.

Just this morning, they are happily chatting with their friends in school, complaining about their schedule for today which are all math related subjects except for the first period and all those subjects is handled by a single instructor.

That is then that they learned that their instructor for the whole day is absent and none of the instructors present know why. Their whole class thought they are fortunate to not have classes and together with a few friends, they decided to go to the City Mall to play and pass time.

It's all fun and games even though many shops are closed for unknown reason. They bought and ate fast food, laughed as they chatted while eating.

But who would think that...

It is the last time they would laugh and eat together.

Things fell into chaos as they heard the gunshots and the screams. Not even finishing their food, they decided to escape out of the mall.

Together with their friends, all eight of them ran along with all the people escaping. But their escape failed horribly when the exit they wanted to go through is actually the entrance to hell. Fast running zombies entered in frenzy past through that supposed exit trapping everyone who wanted to go out and escape.

Then, a sequence of horrible, sad, infuriating, disappointing and unfortunate events happened. In the end out of all the people in their group, only the two of them are left and managed to reach this hopeless point in their lives.

They can only run together with these people who are in the same circumstances.

Then, the group was shined with a little bit of hope as they saw a quite larger group of people further away on the direction they are running.

They heard them shouting as they seem to be directed by some people. Even though that group is far away, they knew, all of them ran into the same direction like they found salvation.

Why did they know that? The answer is because it is the only thing they hope to find at this moment that they are being chased by death itself.

Now, in the minds of every single person in this small group of survivors, a similar goal sprouted. It is to follow that large group of people into safety.

The only question now is if their pursuers would let them.

But of course, that won't happen in the slightest. And not only that, for some reason, the pursuit of the zombies behind them became more and more aggressive.

"Ahhhh! Help me! No! NO!! NO!!!STOP!!! AHHHHH!!!"

Another man who was in the tail of the group was caught. Several zombies pounced on him and tore his skin with their mouths and tore his stomach with their nails creating a bloody scene of human flesh and guts while the man screamed to his death.

Unfortunately, the even with the man's death did not lessen the pressure this group is undergoing. Not all the zombies stopped to take a bite at the man and continued their relentless pursuit of the remaining people.

They ran and ran with the fastest they could, none of them even have the slightest intent to look behind them as they feared to. Still, they could hear the hungry growls that crave for their flesh draw closer and closer.

They looked forward, towards the people escaping from afar. It is then that they noticed two figures separating from the group going towards their direction.

"Help! Please! Help us!"

A man running in front can't help but call out as they saw the two figures.

The two figures, the two men ran towards them both carrying something in their hands. As the two came closer, they finally saw what they are carrying. The person running in front held a shotgun with his right hand and a baseball bat with his left while the other person in the back held a fire extinguisher.

They felt elated as the thought of the incoming help entered their minds.


But before they can raise their hopes up, another anguished shout echoed into their ears. The fastest one of the zombies managed catch up and pounced on the back of the last man running behind the group.

The remaining people didn't try to help of course but the two girls can't help but stop when two more voices of panic sounded from behind them.

"AHHH! What are you doing! Let go!"

"Ouch! Mommy! Wahhh!"

The two girls looked behind them and saw the man who just shouted in fear as he was pounced on. He did not cry in pain as the zombie over his back bit the flesh on his shoulder and instead, with a crazed expression in his face and bloodshot eyes, his right hand tightly clutched on the left foot of the woman who was running in front of him.

"Help me or I won't let go!"

The man's voice started to go hoarse as all sanity left his mind. He will die if no one helped him, and if so, then he wouldn't let himself die alone!

The woman tried pulling her leg out of the man's hand but it was like a clamp that tightly clenched her foot without letting go.

A step away in front of the woman, a girl about three to four years old sat as she started crying because of both pain and fear.

The woman carried her daughter as she ran but as she fell down because of the man grabbing her foot and her daughter was thrown away to the floor in front of her.