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2 Zombies?

 10:06 AM - Bacoor City Mall 2nd Floor

Mark slumped on a bench as thought of how this day is just too unlucky for him. First, he was unable to pay his electricity bill early so he decided to play at the arcade center in this mall to pass time but who knew that the arcade is closed?

Furthermore, there is no sign that it is being renovated or something like that. It is just closed despite the fact that the mall is already past its opening hours.

Still, he can't help but notice that the arcade center isn't the only one, rather about half of the stores he passed through earlier are closed and some are just barely open.

Many of the mall employees he saw had worried expressions as they held on their phones while some are even trying to make calls despite the fact that they are on their working hours.

He breathes deeply as to calm himself down. There is really nothing he can do about these circumstances. He can only blame his luck.

Still, the atmosphere was surprisingly heavy. As if something horrible is happening somewhere and was affecting everything.

"I just hope it's nothing too troublesome."

Disregarding everything else in his mind, he stood up and made his way towards a stall selling drinks not far away from him.


As he paid and received the bottle of soda from the clerk, a loud explosion-like sound coming from below disturbed everyone's mind. Others might not be sure of what caused the sound but Mark exactly what should be the source of it.

That was a gunshot. To be exact, it is the sound of a shotgun firing.

The gunshot was then followed by loud terrified screams.

Everyone from the upper floors that heard the sounds coming from the first floor grew curious as to what is happening. They moved towards the terrace trying to have a view of the commotion below.

What they saw left them speechless. Mark also watched as he took a sip of his soda. The people below ran away in fear as they screamed. Some pushed the ones in front of them just to get away faster while others pulled their companions who ran slower.

As the people below scrambled in panic and the people on the floors above watched, the gunshots in the background continued at different intervals.

Yelling, screams, curses and gunshots... there is a lot of noise that can be heard but what is the cause of these scene?

"Just what is going on?"

A man near Mark voiced the sole question on everyone's mind at the moment.

At first, what all they could see are the people running away from the eastern side of the mall. As the people running away got fewer in number, the sounds of gunshots get closer and closer below them. Soon enough, the security guards of the mall who were firing their guns entered their views as they shoot at something as they retreat backwards as fast as they can.

Though the people watching from above are terrified by the gunshots, their curiosity got them better as many stayed and watched intently. Those who were cautious and scared enough already left to find a way to hide or escape the place.

"Shit! What the hell are these things?!"

Mark heard a guard just below him curse with a very loud voice. This just showed how overwhelmed the guard under his own emotions.

It is then another guard who is reloading his gun fell down as he screamed, no, rather than falling down, he was pounced on as another person is currently above his helpless body attacking him.

"F*ck! George!"


The guard who Mark heard cursing just earlier shouted as his companion got attacked. He aimed his gun at the attacker to shoot but all he heard is the clanking sound of his gun. He is also out of ammo!

Panicked, he shakily reached at his pocket to take out some bullets from his gun. Some bullets fell out of his pocket while he attempted to reload his shotgun with the ammunition he just took out. Unfortunately, he is late.

Before he could even close the cartridge of his shotgun, the loudest and final scream of his companion is heard. He froze as he slowly raised his head looking at the bloody corpse of the other guard. The attacker mercilessly tore his neck as he or it chewed hungrily at the chunk of the fallen guards flesh on its mouth.

Filled with rage, the guard held his weapon tight as he ran towards the fallen guard and shot the attacker on the head without mercy. The attacker's head blew up like a balloon being shot at pointblank with a shotgun.

He just killed the attacker as he looked at his dead companion with remorse. Then he felt severe pain on his back as the floor got closer and closer in his eyes. Only unknown pain and confusion filled his mind as his sight slowly faded to black.

By the moment the first guard died, the people watching were totally terrified. Like bats disturbed from sleeping in their caves, the people ran away in every direction finding ways to escape. Those who had weaker stomach ran away with pale faces leaving traces of vomit on their initial spot.

As the people around him scattered away in fear, Mark was remained standing in his spot near the terrace as he watched the second guard being bitten brutally. He then saw the body of the guard who died first move and stood up while staggering, with his head hung to the side revealing the eaten part of his neck dripping in blood. Mark had his brows furrowed but on contrary, his eyes had a slight twinkle of excitement in them and his lips slightly curved in a smile he never showed before.

"Zombies?" He said but no one around him heard what he said.

If anyone was to hear his voice as he said that, they would likely notice that his voice isn't filled with fear but rather, is filled with anticipation.

Taking his sight away from the scene below, he looked at the people who are making their way down in panic. All the escalators and stairs are filled with people. He spotted several students in the middle of the crowed, though their uniforms slightly got his attention, he only looked at them for a second.

Trying to measure the situation one last time, he turned his head back to the scene below. The staggering zombie guard is already gone while the body of other guard lying on the floor started twitching. Around the guard are bloody figures of people either staggering as they walked or some that are even running at the speed faster than how their physiques are showing.

Mark started to move, but not following the waves of people escaping from the mall and are rushing down the escalator. He rushed towards the stall were he bought drinks earlier. Seeing that the clerk of the stall had already gone, he picked up a plastic bag and started filling it with snacks and drinks. It is then that he ran the opposite direction countering the flow of people and climbed the escalators going up towards the third floor.