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-2 The Infected


- The slow moving zombies and the kind with the largest population. They were described as the moving dead in a literal manner. They mostly eat their victims and the victims that they ate turned into one of them as long as most parts of the body and head were intact. This resulted to disgusting and mangled bodied Eaters.



-Slow moving

-Not subjected to pain

-Highly sensitive to loud voices whether it be human or not



-The living infected. They had the second largest population among the zombies. They are fast and agile but their only goal was to infect and as such, most of their victims turn into biters with just a bite injury. They were highly hampered by their weaknesses as a living infected.


-Strong but with lower strength compared to Eaters

-Fast and Agile

-Infinite Stamina (Unconfirmed)

-Highly subjected to pain

-Could die even when head was not destroyed but turns into an Eater

-Highly sensitive to any kind of noise

-Primarily targets the exposed skin of their prey when attacking

[Fat Mutant - Tentative]

-A kind of mutated Biter but the cause for mutation was still unknown. There was a theory that obese people that got infected by a Biter had a possibility of turning them into one of these dangerous mutations. Its body continuously swell due to its body producing methane. Fumes of methane was being released by its body making it distinguishable when it was around. It was dangerous to shoot it or light a fire when this mutant was close by.


-Fat and Towering body

-It's body swells until the limit of expansion was reached

-Reaching the limit will cause it to release fumes of methane from its body

-It's body Explodes when killed into a splatter of flesh and blood

-Using fire or guns to kill it will trigger it to catch fire and explode releasing fire and charred flesh in a large radius

[Horror Claw - Internet Given Name]

-One of the first mutants and one of the zombie mutants that were taped in a video. It stands 8 feet tall and it's body had a very thin frame. Its nails were mutated into claws that was made of unknown matter. Its claws could even pierce through military issued bulletproof armors.


-8 feet tall

-Skin and bones body

-Fast enough to even evade bullets



[The Charred]

-Mutated Eaters that had parts of their bodies covered with charred substance that were thick and hard. The charred covers had cracks that showed a gel like liquid inside their bodies that had a similar appearance to a lit up charcoal. Their bodies were burning at high temperatures that the air around their bodies distorts.


-Slow due to the thick substance covering its body

-Hard Armor

-Bodies had very high temperatures