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441 Annihilation of the Buddha Gang, Ending the Date in a Bloody Way

 Day 80 - 6:29 PM - Laguna Provincial Capitol, Pedro Guevara Avenue, Sta. Cruz, Laguna

The Laguna Provincial Capitol, it was the central government established in the province of Laguna. This compound had a collection of different government offices and other establishments. Thus, this about seven hectares wide area was frequented by a large number of people back then before the Apocalypse befell Earth.

Its liveliness before the outbreak, however, had long been gone.

The place was now the central area of violence in the province.

After the Buddha Gang showed themselves and gained control of the areas near the Capitol, those people that were lucky to survive the initial outbreak found another source of suffering.

Men wearing old clothes could be seen pacing back and forth, carrying things while they were being watched by armed men.

This was a usual occurrence in this place now as Buddha Gang were using captured men to do menial jobs.

Strangely, however, there seemed to be a commotion. The usual schedule of the Buddha Gang was to retreat back once night came, and they would not go out until dawn. Everybody knew the reason why and that had followed since they started to rule this place.

Now, the members of Buddha Gang seemed to be preparing to go out. It was even though the sun had already set. Furthermore, the leader of the gang, Alias Putik, commonly known as Nardo. It was quite apparent that he idolized a notorious criminal that was killed back in the 1970s for using that name.

The most strange thing was that Nardo was trying to mobilize the majority of his men. Except for the hundred gang members that would remain in the base, the rest that was about three hundred were getting ready to go out.


Concealed by the dark night sky, Mark and Mei flapped their wings while watching the commotion below.

"Aren't they restless?"

Mei voiced out. As they could only see the people below running here and there in a hurry, that was how it looked like to her.

"I found the guy that seems to be the brother of this gorilla. They really are agitated."

Mark replied.

His eyes fell on the unconcious Alias Macho that was hanging on the chain and thought of an assumption.

"Did this guy's brother sensed that something happened?"

"Gege, is that possible?"

To Mei's question, Mark shrugged his shoulders.

"Nowadays, anything is possible. Though, I don't think that he can actually sense where we are."

That was how it felt. The brother might have sensed that the gorilla was in danger, but was unable to pinpoint where the younger brother was exactly. Or else, they might have been firing guns at Mark and Mei already.

Observing the outline of the place, Mark finally decided to start.

"Shall we go?"

Mark asked which Mei nodded to. Normally, women would not want to get involved in these kinds of situations. Mei, however, did not care. As long as she was with Mark, as long as she was with the people she cared for, everything else was insignificant.

And thus... Mark started to wake up the unconcious gorilla with his [Emotion Induction].


"Hurry up you f*cking imbeciles! Something happened to my brother and our collectors! We need to find them!"

Nardo yelled to the top of his lungs.

While he shouted, his left hand was holding the ring-shaped medallion hanging on his neck, tightly.

This medallion had another part that was currently in his brother's possession. With this, he could sense the current state of his brother. In the previous hour, however, he felt that his brother was in danger. Furthermore, the connection was suddenly cut off. He totally feared that his brother was now no more.

Unfortunately, as their scavenger team had just returned, they were not able to prepare to depart immediately.

Because of Nardo's anger, his men were frightened. Their leader did not only lead them because he was strong, but it was also because he would not hesitate to kill. Whether it was men, women, children, elderly, or even another member of their gang, he would not hesitate to end their lives in the slightest nuisance.

Now that it seemed that Alias Macho was in danger, their leader might kill everyone he laid his eyes on.

While everyone was preparing, however, a familiar voice was heard from above.

That familiar voice was not just speaking, though.


The painful yells of agony made everyone's spines shiver. They could only look up to the sky where the screams were coming from. That was when they noticed something falling from the sky.


The concrete in the middle of the compound cracked as the source of the scream crashed.

However, there was no need to ask who it was. Nardo could be seen rushing from his spot towards the cloud of dust created by the impact.


Nardo yelled as he saw his younger brother in a horrible condition.


Alias Macho was still alive having a sturdy body. He realized who was calling him and tried to reply. However, the agonizing pain in his body took over before he was able to finish the word.

"Brother! Who did this to you?! WHO F*CKING DID THIS TO YOU?!!!"

Nardo yelled.

That was when another voice was heard.

"Damn, you two are really brothers. You have the same annoying screaming voice."

Everyone in the area paused and looked above. There, they saw two figures flying down slowly. The two then landed not far from the two leaders of the gang. Everyone was surprised to see a beautiful girl and a quite plain-looking man with wings.

Sure enough, even though the lights in the place were just spotlights and burning gas barrels, it was not enough to overshadow Mei's beauty. Many that were able to see her face was fascinated. Of course, for the gang members, their fascination was accompanied by lust.

Of course, Mark would not take that lightly. With a red glow of his eyes, the mobs were frozen still. Those that had nasty intentions towards Mei even started to bleed from their eyes, nose, and ears.

"Are you two the ones who did this?"

Nardo warily stood up and was readying his gun.

"We did, so?"

"Who are you two? I don't think that you two came from around here. Why did you do this?"

Nardo fired a barrage of questions. It seemed that he was quite smart. He deduced that the collection team was no more just by the current appearance of his brother. And such, he just proceeded to question Mark and Mei's intentions.

"Well..." Mark replied. "We really did not belong here. I'm just here on a date with my wife. So ask your brother who encircled us without warning and threatened me to hand over my wife and scram."

While saying that, Mark was smirking. The ridicule was all over his face and he was implying that all of it was no one else's fault but Alias Macho and the collection team.

Mark expected that Nardo would be enraged by that. Surprisingly...

"Is that so? You already trashed my brother and surely killed our men with him. So, let bygones be bygones."

What a cruel brother. He realized that Mark and Mei were not people to be trifled with and decided to avoid fighting. This made even the agonized Alias Macho look at his brother in pure shock. However, it had been always how this gang survived. Kissing the feet of those with power using bribes, this gang was able to keep operating. That was also how he kept his head while being wanted by the police.

To Nardo's surprise, Mark shrugged his shoulders.

"You're quite cruel aren't you. Abandoning your men and your brother to save yourself."

"We have to compromise sometimes in our line of business."

Nardo replied. Of course, he was ready for any confrontation. One of his hands was on his back making signals to his men not noticing what was happening to the other members of the gang.

"Hmmm..." Mark smiled. "Sorry to say. Your men disturbed our date. That brother of yours called my wife insulting names. He also threatened me about you taking revenge."

Mark's smile became even more bloodthirsty.

"I'm quite a cautious person and annoyed so... I don't plan to let anyone from your group live."

Mark's glowed brighter enveloping every enemy in thick bloodlust. They not only that they were frozen, they felt that they were sinking in a bog slowly.

On the other hand, Mark was also quite surprised. He just wanted to try replacing the effect of his [Emotion Induction] from fear to bloodlust. For some reason, the effect was stronger and he also felt quite a chill even though he was the one that used the ability.

Though as expected, Nardo was unaffected.


The gang leader yelled. He then froze as he realized that all his men looked odd.


It was not hard for Nardo to realize that Mark might have done something. And thus, he sprung into action by himself.

He tried shooting Mark and Mei. However, he missed as the two who were holding each other's hand vanished in a puff of smoke and appeared to his right.

As the distance as too close, Nardo knew that the gun was useless. He released his own bloodlust stemming from his trait as a Mutator. His muscles then started to change shape. However, different from his younger brother who looked like he overdosed with steroids, Nardo's looked sleek and tight.

Nardo was not strengthening his muscles but was enforcing it. Storing a large amount of strength in his muscles and release the strength in one go to deal massive damage to his enemies while doubling the endurance of his muscles. It was quite a unique ability.

Seeing that ability, Mark was not fazed but was excited. Finally, he found a very interesting ability to take.

Mark then noticed something. It made him angry. Although it looked like Nardo was going to attack him, the bastard was actually aiming for Mei who was slightly behind him.

And thus, Mark decided not to play with this guy anymore.


Mark said in a cold, low voice as a red blurry flash passed by Nardo's waist once he got close.

All the energy Nardo stored went out in a puff as his body split in half fell. The flaw in this ability was that he was not able to reinforce his whole body at the same time. The most he could do was enforce his limbs in one go. As such, his waist was vulnerable.

Nardo became wide-eyed as he saw his organs spilling on the floor. In a few seconds, he died not able to accept his death.

Mark then bent to pick up the necklace Nardo was wearing. There was no doubt that it was the other half of the one Alias Macho had. Wiping off the blood from the right-shaped medallion, he put it into his pocket.

The death of Nardo surely made the gang members devastated. Even Alias Macho could not believe what he saw. Sure enough, Nardo was strong and fast because of his ability. However, Mark was on a way different league from their leader.

They wanted to rely on other Mutators and Evolvers in their gang. However, all of them were in the same situation right now. Frozen in place while being submerged in thick bloodlust. They were starting to feel faint and was having a hard time breathing.

Mark then looked at all the remaining members. There were sure a lot of them. He was feeling lazy to go and kill them all. He only wanted to deal with the Mutators and take their abilities. As such, he turned to the captured slaves who were keeping it low to not get caught in the battle.

"Hey, you people."

The slaves froze. However, Mark's next words left them in ecstasy.

"Kill their remaining members and all of you are free to go."

"A-are we really free to go? You, Sir, will not harm us?"

One of them strengthened his resolve to ask.

"You people didn't offend me. Why should I kill any of you?"

Hearing that, the men's blood started to boil. Despite their malnourished bodies, they stood straight. With angry faces, they looked at the frozen members of Buddha Gang. One by one, they picked up any weapon they could use.

With a war cry filled with grief, anger, and revenge, the male slaves rushed to kill the enemies that could not fight back.

They were shouting about their wives, daughters, girlfriends, and even mothers that were humiliated and killed by these animals. The members of the gang could only watch in agony as the supposed slaves killed them slowly.

On the other hand, Mark and Mei watched the scene in satisfaction. They approached Alias Macho who could not believe what was happening.

"See the consequences of offending us?"

Mark ridiculed.

The fearless gorilla wanted to curse. However, before he was able to say anything, he froze as he saw Mark pick up the chain.

"You don't have to say anything. Just say hello to your brother in hell."

Mark's right arm that was holding the chain glowed bright red. Without hesitation, he whipped the chain up causing Alias Macho to bounce up into the air. Then, with all the strength Mark could muster, he flung the chain away to the side.

In a very fast speed, Alias Macho was shot towards that direction along with his agonizing screams. When the inertia from swing was about to pull the chain away, Mark suddenly pulled the chain in the opposite direction.


Alias Macho's body was torn and exploded into pieces as his guts, organs, and blood splattered on the wall in that direction. What was left on Mark's hand was the chain with a kind of odd "anthill art" with a decapitated human head at the other end.

They then proceeded to deal with the bodies of the Mutators.


It did not take long. Not only the members of the gang were killed, but the pitiful women were also rescued. When everyone wanted to thank their benefactors, they were already gone.

They could only thank the two within their hearts. Some even kneeled as if praying to a god.


Mark and Mei saw that scene before they left. Sure enough, it felt uncomfortable.

"Let's go home?"

Mark asked.

"Uhum... Let's go."

Holding each other's hands, Mark and Mei flew under the night sky.