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429 The Effects of The Spirit Trees Birth, The Creatures in the Mountains Deciding Their Future Steps

 Day 76 - 6:29 - Mountain Area, General Nakar, Quezon

Three days had passed since the incident about the blood-colored sky. The uproar had finally started to subside. Not only in the base but also in other places that were affected both directly and indirectly.

Many animals that fled had returned to their nests. While not all did, some of those animals that were not feral could be seen attempting to approach the towering tree with blood-colored leaves. The reason was unknown. However, some of the more intelligent animals were trying to interact with the humans that lived around the tree. Of course, the number was very few as the animal's fear of humans and other predators were instinctual.

The survivors that lived around the area that was affected by the event also started to calm down. They had been in high alert since the day of the blood-colored sky. As they knew nothing about the situation, they were thinking that it could spell danger. Although it was true because of the fleeing animals that day, trampling everything on their path to flee, nothing happened in the following days.

Thus, they finally managed to return to their usual routine since the apocalypse started. Struggling to survive the threat of the infected and mutated animals while looking for food and water.

In New Infanta Settlement, the situation had settled down earlier than other places. It was after both Professor Suzuki and Major Bautista was informed by both Alana and Karlene after the discussion with Pefile happened. Of course, the two women did not tell anything that Mark told them not to spread.

Still, just knowing that the whole event happened with Mark behind it, the higher-ups of the settlement did not know anything anymore. At first, they only saw Mark as a strange but powerful Mutator in friendly terms with the military. Now, while the military still viewed him the same way, since they knew about his exploits in Bay City Settlement, the government officials thought of otherwise.

A powerful being like Mark that could possibly rule over a country with just sheer force could jeopardize their position. However, there was nothing they could do either but grumble in their corners while feeling helpless.

That was why the military mocked these crocodiles behind their backs. Aside from implementing the rules, these government officials were barely any help within the settlement. For most, they were even harmful. It was as they try to hire Mutators and people, for their own protection and purposes, it weakened the settlement.

While the uproar had calmed down for most places that had been affected by that event. There were some individuals that were in turmoil.

Amihan was not the only paranormal being that lived within these mountains even before the outbreak. There were other spirits and elementals too. Some managed to retain their abilities to reenter their homes despite being affected by Mutagen and lived in isolation. There were also those that were in the same circumstances as the poor sylph and could only find alternatives to survive.

Because of the event that transpired three days ago, some of them investigated in order to see the situation.

Thus, they became troubled to see the actual situation.

A Pure Spirit Tree was actually born in the mortal world, and it was surrounded by a fortress made by humans.

They could not fathom as to how such a thing happened.

First and foremost, humans could not raise a Pure Spirit Tree. They lacked both the capacity and energy to supply the birth of one. Furthermore, they could not think of the possibility of a King among Spirit Races to conspire with the humans of the current civilization. The rift between the relations of humans and spirit races were that deep.

And thus, those individuals that saw the situation could not decide whether they should just flee, or if they should pay their respects to the master of the Pure Spirit Tree.

After all, if they were to go, there was the possibility of them being captured. Or worse, killed by the humans that lived there.

The only strange thing was that... They could detect two spirits and an elemental inside that fortress. And the most surprising part, they could faintly distinguish several individuals inside that were emitting an aura of the demon race.

Unfortunately for them, these Spirits and Elementals were either individuals that came from isolated tribes or you ones born in the mortal world. They could not recognize the significance of the Night Everred Tree.

Thus, they continued to dwell on what to do... Aside from a small group of elementals and spirits. No, it was better to call them a large family than a group.


Deep into the mountainous forest north of Daraitan, a large mound could be seen covered under the roots of the large trees. Beside it, a small hut was built. It was too small that it was questionable whether it belonged to a human.

In front of the two strange structures, a set of cut small trees and flat stones could be found arranged in a circular pattern. Due to the appearance of the flattened logs and rocks, it looked like a place for people to sit down and gather. Of course, humans would not fit unto these miniature chairs.

And right now, the actual creatures using the place was gathered.

At the highest log, a small male humanoid could be seen. The humanoid was about just one or two lines shorter than eight inches in height. It looked taller though because of the pointed hat it was wearing.

Wearing brown colored clothes made of roots, bark, and other materials, along with his large pointy ears, he was, without a doubt, a creature called Duende.

Furthermore, he was not just a normal Duende. He was the leader of a small tribe that lived inside this mound.

Together with him, there were seven more creatures around the place. Unexpectedly, only two of them were also Duendes.

One was a humanoid with a pair of clear-colored wings, a green flowery dress, and yellowish-green hair. This one was surely a Sylph.

Another looked like a five-inch tall doll with golden hair. The appearance of this Bukaw was definitely adorable. Her friendly and cute face would not be ignored that easily.

The other was a way taller than everyone else here and was sitting on a large cut of wood. This Kibaan was a little less than two feet tall and had golden teeth. The most noticeable thing about it was that its feet were facing backward with the heel in front and toes at the back. Every time it spoke, its voice sounded mellow and pleasing to the ears.

One of them sat on the shoulder of the Kibaan. A four-inch-tall humanoid wearing a glittering green dress and had two pairs of dragonfly wings on her back. This Pixie scattered a bit of sparkling dust every time her wings moved.

Lastly, a humanoid about four inches tall. It looked harmless with its innocent-looking face. Unlike the others, it was actually wearing clothes with intricate designs that had blue and white colors. The most noticeable about it was the large leaf it was holding like an umbrella.

It was an unusual sight, especially since, aside from the leader of the tribe, everyone else here was all females.

The strangest thing, however, were the last two female creatures.

While the others could be said as creatures known to this country, these two were not. One was a Pixie that had a Celtic Origin. The other was actually a creature called Koropokkuru. She was a creature known in Japanese culture.

And the truth was even more overboard.

Because all these females of different races... Were all wives of the tribe leader.

It was a harem of folklore creatures.

Furthermore, there did not seem to be any conflict between the wives as they worriedly discussed their next plans regarding the incident three days ago.

Since they lived the nearest to the human fortress, they were in the greatest danger in case that the master of the Spirit Tree was hostile to them.

However, they were not oblivious to the fact that the world had already changed. Being close to Daraitan, they had seen humans turn into infected and Mutated. They also encountered the mutated animals and insects of the forest.

Furthermore, they already lost the ability to hide from human eyes. The worst thing, some of them already lost the ability to enter their home inside the mound. That was why the hut was built to house those poor tribe members that could not go home anymore.

The most worrying part here, three of the leader's wives, were affected by it and now stayed in that hut. The Sylph, the Pixie, and the Koropokkuru. And thus, the three were very prone to danger.

With the appearance of the Spirit Tree and its Master in the area, they needed to decide what they had to do.

Teremillio, the Duende who was the leader of the tribe, decided on communicating with the Master of the Spirit Tree.

"We have no other choice." He said with a serious face. "Whether if the Master of that Spirit Tree is an enemy or we run away, many of us will die. I can't bear to lose any of you, my wives."

The girls were touched by his words. However, they could not let him face danger, just like that.

"Is there really no other choice?"

One of the two female Duendes spoke with a sad expression. She was wearing a white dress and hat. Her name was Felenia.

To Felenia's question, no one here could answer.

Not only humans were facing a crisis. Even these races that lived in the mortal world.

Right now, none of them knew what they should do.

Unlike humans that could gather to survive, these races had more strict rules to follow, and most of them lived in isolation. It was already unusual that a number of different races gathered like this and actually formed a family.

Thus, aside from keeping on hiding, their options to survive was more limited.

"I'm also worried about Amihan."

Teremillio suddenly said, which made the seven girls frown. However, it was not that they were angry at the tribe leader or at Amihan. They just hated the fact that Amihan would not appreciate Teremillio's feelings to her.

After all, it could be said that Amihan was an odd one among Sylphs as she actually lived side-by-side humans despite fearing them.

It truth, they view Amihan as a friend and was also worried about her, especially, Malaya, the Sylph among the wives of Teremillio. After all, both of them belonged to the same race.

Aside from their tribe, Amihan's tree was also closer to the human fortress. In fact, they wanted to check on her ever since this started. However, the journey through the mountains had become dangerous for them.

While everyone lamented the fact that Teremillio had no choice but to confront the Master of that Spirit Tree, the wives solidified their resolve.

"Husband," Daniya, the Bukaw, spoke. "Can we just go with you."

"I can't let any of you face danger."

Teremillio immediately tried to shut Aniya down. However, not only her had that thought but all of his wives.

"We are the same! We can't just let Husband face these dangers alone!"

Angis, the Kibaan angrily said. Her mellow sounding voice did not make her words any feel angry, though.


Teremillio was in loss for words. All of his wives were staring at him with resolve. Still, he could not let anyone of them face danger. As the man of the house, he should show his resolve.

But then... The Pixie said something that made him panic.

"If you don't let us come with you, we will leave you behind."

Hearing that, the girls nodded.

"No! No! I..."

As if they already talked about it, the girls acted to stand up and leave. This made Teremillio even more anxious. They all looked serious and it was not the first time it happened. The last time they got angry at him, they all left and did not return until he looked for them.

He could not have that happening right now.

"Alright! ALRIGHT! You all can come with me! But, make sure to always follow my instructions!"

Teremillio had no choice but cave in.

Sometimes, his circumstances could make others envious.

Still, while having wives that would always bicker was a total headache, having wives that had no conflict with each other could overwhelm the man in many ways.