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426 The Event Settling Down, Starting the History About the Blood Demon Race

 Day 73 - 10:30 AM - Mountain Base, Mount Malabito, General Nakar, Quezon

The tremendous event was witnessed by almost everyone, in and out of the base. Whether it be humans, animals, insects, infected, or non-mortal beings, they saw the blood-red color that covered the clouds and the sky in several mile radii. It was even if they did not see the actual reason.

With the blood-red sky could be seen miles away, many people were alarmed.

The new survivors that now inhabited Barangay Daraitan closed their doors tightly as they gazed at the strange sight.

Even the New Infanta Settlement was alarmed by the scene, and the military went in full alert. Civilians were told to retreat back to their dwellings and wait for further instructions. On the other hand, survivor groups known for their inhuman abilities were called for a possible disaster. It was especially since everyone here experienced the pitch-black storm that destroyed three settlements not long ago.

Not only that... Unknown to most people, other smaller survivor groups managed to survive hidden in many places. Even these poor people felt terrified because of the ominous appearance of the sky.

Not to mention the earthquake that occurred. It was not too strong. However, the tremors were still felt by everyone within a great distance.

As for the non-mortals, they were even more shocked. Being otherworldly entities themselves, they were sensitive to the immense influx of supernatural force that transpired below the blood sky. Of course, they felt threatened. Such amount of energy undoubtedly belonged to something nearing the level of a lower deity. They could only help that it was not a malicious entity. Or else, they would be forced to flee.

That powerful entity could become the new overlord of these mountains. Because of that, while some felt fear, some of these creatures started to consider paying their respects.

This had been a rule to these races. If one could not defend themselves, they would either run away or submit. That way, they could ensure their lives.

It was because, unlike the world of mortals, the world of the paranormal was more prone to deadly conflicts. Deadly enough that a single dispute might end up a to the fall of a whole race.


While everyone outside feared, the actual cause of the event was now at a stupor.

As the supposed short session of planting the Spirit Tree had finished, the sky started to clear up back to its natural state. The violent surge of paranormal energies had finally calmed down and vanished.

At the same time, Mark and those that knelt towards him finally snapped out of their trance.

They were all confused as to what in the world happened. Especially Mark, who transformed into something he never had before.

Feeling not used to the slight weight added to his forehead, he touched it only to get pricked by his sharply pointed horns. Each red blood horns were about four inches long with a bit of curve. Mark could not understand why this pair of horns suddenly grew.

Inspecting his body, he felt his canine fangs and saw the new pair of wings that grew on his back. Furthermore, his hair grew once again... Now, it had a bit or red highlights mixed with the previous white ones. The most annoying part was that he had to cut this long hair for the 4th time already.

"Gege! Are you okay?"

Mei immediately came towards him with the three girls. Both Iola and Miracle seemed to be confused as to what had transpired earlier. But one thing they were sure, their bodies were far stronger than before.

"I'm fine..." Mark replied and looked at Iola and Miracle. "Are you two fine?"

Mark saw everything, even though he had no control over his body at that time. It would be lying if he said that he was not worried about Iola, and Miracle.

"Papa. I'm fine, I think."

"Fine! I'm fine!"

Both Iola and Miracle, replied respectively. As there the two really seemed fine, Mark sighed in relief.

Mark looked around toward everyone that exhibited that strange behavior. Despite looking confused, they all seemed to be alright. That was a good thing.

Still, Mark could feel a distinct aura from them that was not different from his. It was as if everyone was connected. Though the connection was a bit weak and unnoticeable.



Everyone received a great shock as they suddenly heard a loud some amidst the confusion.

When everyone turned where the sound came from, they saw Alana, who was still in a punching pose. It seemed that for some reason, she punched the metal wall of the structure near her.

The most surprising thing, however, was that her fist actually sunk half an inch into the wall. It would not be this shocking if what she punched was a regular metal sheet. That black wall she had just hit was in no doubt made of [Blood Metal].

Alana might be an Evolver. However, her ability was her enhanced stamina. There was no way for her to be able to do such a thing.

"Ooops... Sorry, everyone..."

Alana noticed the commotion she created. She could not help but apologize while scratching her head. Of course, it could not be hidden in her expression that she was absolutely confused about her current strength.

In that commotion, Mark called Huey and Jolleen to make everyone disperse. He decided to sort things first before telling the crowed what actually happened here. Of course, he decided to make those that were acting strange earlier to remain.

And lastly...

"Pefile, just what are you doing here?"

Mark called out to someone that no one in the settlement knew of.

In their search for the person, the owner of the base was calling for. They saw an unfamiliar person step out of the crowd. Everyone was surprised at the fact that someone handsome looking was here, and no one knew about him.

Of course, Edzel somehow saw recognized that person. There was no doubt that he was the person that guided him to Pearl. This mysterious person actually appeared here. Edzel was confused. Furthermore, Mark seemed to know this person.

"You really surprise me. You know that?"

Pefile said as he approached Mark while panning his sight from Mark towards the Spirit Tree.

"Do you know anything about this?"

Mark asked with a frown.

To that question, Pefile smiled.

"What I know might not be concrete information. I don't mind sharing if you want to know about it."

"Good, come with us."

Mark said. Unexpectedly, Pefile nodded without hesitation. It was even though he was now exposed to the humans around. This made Mark think that there might be more to it that Pefile wanted.


Everyone dispersed from the plaza and returned to their work. Of course, there were a lot of questions in their minds. However, Mark's representatives in the base, Huey, and Jolleen, already told everyone Mark's plans. They could only wait.

Only those who were affected by the sudden change in their behavior earlier followed Mark along with a few people. The only exceptions were Chaflar and most of the [Blood Chilren] since they would not understand the conversation that would happen.

As for the few people that followed, there was Edward, the tribe elder, and her grandchildren, Edzel and Pearl, lastly, those that were living in Mark's home.

Edward was accompanying Emi. She was being silent. However, it was obvious that she was not mentally ill anymore. Her blank eyes from before were now showing emotions. She was even walking ahead of Edward while pulling his hand. He was truly happy. However, this was not the right time to celebrate.

As for the elder and her grandchildren, they were actually called out by Pefile. Because of that, Mark could not help but let them come along.

Edzel and Pearl were following because Mark called the two. Since Pefile decided to show himself, there was a chance that he would finally tell his circumstances. Furthermore, Pefile actually did not refute Mark's actions.

As for the others, there was Odelina and Spera, who were both living in Mark's house. The two served as the house's servants. Spera was diligently learning from Odelina. They were called to serve treats. After all, they had guests.


Inside the main room, the very same room Mark used when he made Huey and the others turn into Evolvers, everyone gathered. They were all focused on Pefile.

Well, except for Mark.

Mark was able to retract his wings. Now, he was trying if he could retract his horns and fangs. There were some changes. However, it was rather hard to control. As for his hair, he had given up on it. As such, Mei volunteered to cut it later. This would be the second time that she would do it, and she was happy to be able to do something for Mark.

On the table, Aephelia and Amihan sat. It was obvious that the two were also interested in what Pefile would say. Furthermore, the two could tell that Pefile was not human. Amihan was a Sylph, after all. She could tell if the one in front of her was another Spirit Race or an Elemental.

On the other hand, Aephelia could tell because she was in the body of a Sylph.

Pefile also seemed interested in the two. However, it was not the time for that.

"So, can you tell us what you know already?"

Mark voiced out.

"Alright, I will go straight to the point." Pefile nodded. Have anyone of you ever heard of Blood Demons?"

"Blood Demon?" Alana suddenly chimed in. "Are they capable of-"

"Mizuki, stop." Mark immediately cut off Alana. "That's obviously a different thing."

That made Alana sit down silently. She just wanted to joke a bit. However, she was shot down brutally.

"Blood Demons? That extinct race???"

Amihan was visibly shocked. She never saw one as the race had been extinct several hundred years already before she was born. Who would have known that they would be mentioned by Pefile?

To her outburst, Pefile nodded in confirmation.

Finally, he told the story.


Blood Demons, they were a very prominent race in the world of Spirits several hundreds of years ago.

They were known to exhibit abilities that were related to their blood. Furthermore, these abilities varied to a great degree. Their appearance was also not consistent. It was because, aside from Pure Blood Demons, the Blood Demon Race was actually composed of individuals coming from different races.

The only thing consistent with every member of their race was that glowing veins would appear on their bodies every time they would use their abilities to the maximum. That was coupled with glowing red eyes.

For purer Blood Demons, they were known to have veined wings and horns. The deepness of the color of the horns and the number of pairs of wings determined the purity of the individual.

Contrary to being demons, however, they were one of those demon races that were not considered to be purely evil.

Rather, their race could be said as one of the pillars maintaining the balance between the races of Demons, Evil Spirits, Elementals, Spirits, and Cryptids.

The Blood Demons stood between the lines of good and evil in the Spirit World. They were not biased towards any race and kept their neutrality.

Of course, not many of the other races liked that fact, especially the other Demon Races. Most Demon Races had a hostile relationship to Blood Demons despite having a related race.

At that point, the story was cut off by Mark's question.

"Did you say that Blood Demons are composed of individuals that came from different races? How is that possible?"

To that question, it was not Pefile who answered. It was actually Amihan.

"Master, I don't know if it was true." She spoke. "My parents told me stories about Blood Demons before. They said that a Pure Blooded Blood Demon can turn other races or creatures into Blood Demons using the essence of their blood."

That made Mark freeze for a second. He then turned to Iola. He also remembered that the [Blood Children] and Chaflar also exhibited such behavior. He did not know about the [Blood Children] as they were truly mysterious creatures.

However, there was no doubt. Pefile already said that Pure Blooded Blood Demons had horns and veined wings. He had both. There was no way for him to know how it happened. However, the evidence was here. He was a Pure Blooded Blood Demon.

Mark was the reason both Iola and Chaflar had that reaction. He turned the two into Blood Demons.