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405 The Mutation of a Young Predator, Facing the Consequences of Ones Actions

 Day 68 - 12:42 PM - Recreation Area, Maryhill Retreat House, Dolores, Taytay, Rizal

"Kate, what do you think?"

Harold, who could not do anything but watch the fight, asked Kate with a deep frown.

There was no merit in this battle at all. He was be infuriated at the sudden declaration of Case and Kaira to leave. However, thinking about it more, there was not much demerit in letting them go. Among their group, these two were the hardest to deal with.

Kaira might be more manageable, but Case, there was no way for this boy to fall to his words. Also, since Kaira was close to Case, it became harder to deal with things.

Furthermore, these two suddenly had a connection with these people, which made him confused. Just when did this happen?

If their declaration came in another time, Harold might have dealt with these two like what he did to others. However, there was nothing he could do right now. Absolutely nothing.

"I'll be frank," Kate replied. "We might lose that pervert in this."

The frown on Harold's face became darker. He also thought the same.

Prince was not fighting the introverted boy they knew. The boy in front of them was a predator eying its prey.

"That boy hid himself well, didn't he?"

Kate added.

Back then, at the Municipal Hall, the food they had was limited. As such, to ensure proactiveness on gathering supplies from their members, those that contributed more would have a larger share.

Due to that, the less proactive Case had a smaller share of food and water. He should have starved to death in that circumstance. Actually, Case would not participate in their supply runs at all. They thought that this boy was just afraid of the infected.

To show sympathy and upright leadership, Harold still gave a small share. This should have received appreciation from the boy. It never did, however.

Case stayed the same. He was uncooperative and hard-headed. From that small portion he always received, he should already have starved. However, that did not happen. He stayed the same. They thought that it was because Kaira shared her food and water with him.

Now that they saw this, the circumstances might be different. Now, they understood one of the things that happened every time Case managed to slip away without any of them realizing.


Harold called with a low tone.

"What is it?"

"Prepare to interfere if Prince is about to get killed."

Hearing that, Kate looked at Harold with an annoyed look.

"Can't you just let that pervert die for god's sake?"

"His personality might be trash, but we still can't lose him. There's only three of us here. Losing him will be a great demerit for us."

"Alright, alright." Kate shrugged her shoulders. "But you better put a leash on him if you don't want more of us to leave."

What Kate had said, knocked Harold hard. He could only nod with a frown.



Prince roared with rage.

He was totally consumed by his anger. Case being able to dodge his attacks by a hair's breadth did not help in subsiding his rage.

Being called ugly was something that would trigger his inner demons. The last person that did that was secretly murdered by him.

Like his attacks towards Case right now, there was not a pint of holding back. He was absolutely trying to kill the boy in front of him.

On the other hand, Case just smirked as he continued to dodge each attack. Of course, there was also no way for him to counter-attack. With his current strength, all he could do was to avoid each attack.

Nevertheless, he was not afraid.

After all, he was not using his abilities as a Mutator.



Kaira clasped both her hands together over her chest.

Although Case showed an unexpected level of ability, it was not enough to thwart her worries at all.

It was then when she heard Mark speak.

"He's finally going to counter-attack, huh."

That made Kaira turn to Mark before she turned her head back facing the battle, in panic.


Everyone exclaimed in shock as Prince crashed on the ground.

Even Prince had the shock of his life. His eyes were open wide as he tried to comprehend what had just happened.

What he remembered was that he buzzed towards Case and was about to grab him. Once the boy was caught, there was no way for him to dodge his attacks anymore.

Then, Case's pupils enlarged and changed in color. His usually brown pupils turned golden. Not only that, but his appearance also changed.

When Prince was close enough, Case jumped to his right. Then, he felt a massive impact on his back.

Prince was not able to see what happened, but everyone else did.

After Case jumped to the side, he kicked the ground too hard with his right foot that he spun his body in the air before he dropped the same foot on Prince's back.

Seeing the transformation of Case, both Abbygale and Jester hid behind their parents. Abbygale behind Mark and Jester behind Monique.

Case had the same kind of transformation as the two children. He grew a pair of triangular ears on his head while his hair changed to a mix of gray and white colors. There was also a fluffy looking tail that dangled under the back of his shirt.

However, unlike Abbygale and Jester, Case was not a cat.

"A literal wolf in sheep's clothing, isn't he?"

Mark commented, and everyone that heard him could not help but agree.

As Mark said those words, Case already raised his foot to stomp on the back of Prince.


Prince hurriedly flapped his wings as he felt the killing intent behind him. He managed to launch his body away as the foot of Case fell.


That stomp was not a joke. Even Harold and Kate almost jumped to help. Fortunately, Prince managed to dodge. If not, his spine would have been broken already. Case's foot sunk onto the ground for about three inches. That force was more than enough to crush anyone's bones.

Unfortunately, Case had no intention of letting Prince go.

Case stretched his fingers with his nails already turned into thick claws. He then stretched at a speed comparable to a bullet.


Prince screamed in pain.

Without effort, Case caught the left foot of Prince. His claws dug deep into his skin which caused that scream.

Case then pulled Prince back before slamming the pervert on the ground with a big swing.


Prince coughed blood as his back and head slammed on the ground. Even his clear wings were torn from the impact.

Attacking the enemy's weakness, it was the easiest way to win.

In Prince's case, his arms were armored and the front parts of his body, especially his face, were guarded by these armored arms. The greatest strength of Prince was his wings as it enabled him to fly at fast speed.

However, it was also his weakness.

Once the wings were broken, more than half of his capabilities would be lost.



Case stomped on both arms of Prince.

The arms were still fine but both armors had been cracked.

Of course, the boy would not stop there. He wanted to break these arms and hands that were used to touch Kaira.


"Case! That's enough!"

Harold and Kate already rushed to rescue Prince.

If the two let this go on, even if Prince was left alive, he would be nothing but useless baggage.

Harold secured Prince and pulled him away while Kate blocked Case.

"You two better stop meddling."

Case said in a menacing manner. There was even a tint of killing intent in the stare he gave Kate who stood in front of him.

"You probably won't believe me but I don't want to meddle at all. Like you, I wanted this pervert dead. But, it's best that you stop already." Kate tried to persuade Case. "Look at Kaira."

Hearing that, Case turned his head. He saw the worried Kaira who had tears in the corner of her eyes.

"You are right with what you said. We are a group of dumb people. But it's better for you to not lower yourself to our level. Just return to Kaira. I'm sure, she's not used to seeing you behave like this."

Kate tapped the boy's shoulder before turning around.

Case observed Kaira before sighing. He took a last chilling glare at Prince who was being carried away by Harold before walking towards Kaira.


The fight was over and Odelina let go of Kaira. She immediately rushed towards Case and embraced him.

"Sorry, did I scare you?"

Case asked with a bit of guilt. It was not wrong to say that he also lost himself to anger.

In response to his question, Kaira only shook her head and sobbed while hugging him.

"Are you sure you two want to let that guy go?"

Mark's voice interrupted the two with a question.

"Honestly, no."

Case bluntly replied which made Kaira look down.

It was obvious that Case planned to kill that guy on the spot after playing with him. Nevertheless, he stopped for her sake. She never had the thought of killing someone or having someone die because of her. Kaira was still too naive to carry that guilt in her conscience.

"Alright." Mark nodded. "The ending is a bit disappointing but ability-wise, you passed."

"Thank you, Sir."

Case finally felt light.

Unlike the group that Harold led, Mark's group had more of a lighter atmosphere. The bond and reliance were mutual and not one-sided.

Back in the municipal hall, Case could only endure. Kaira was also the same. It was even if they were treated like trash there and Kaira was toyed by Prince. The reason being that they both had nowhere else to go. Both of them could escape. However, surviving with just the too of them, their future would be bleak.

Case was aware of his abilities. Even if he was a Mutator, he was still far from being able to protect himself and Kaira on his own.

It could be said that today was their luckiest day since the apocalypse started.

As the two officially joined the group under Mark's direct approval, the other members congratulated them. The two were quite overwhelmed as they did expect to be welcomed like this.

Nevertheless, the two could only smile.

Unlike their previous group that was bonded by the goal to survive, the bond in this one was like a huge family.

The contrast was like heaven and earth.


"F*CK! F*CK! F*CK!"

Prince's screams could be heard from the second floor of the Retreat House. His cursing was too loud that they even received warnings from the soldiers guarding outside their room.

However, no matter how he cursed, his anger would not subside.

He was turned into a laughing stock. More than that, he was called ugly in front of many people.

He would get his revenge no matter what.

Of course, that would not happen immediately.

Although not broken, both his arms received fractures. His wings were also broken which impaired his ability to fly. His body also felt numb as his spine was hit by two attacks Case made.

Unfortunately for him...

Kate might have managed to stop Case.


The leader of the group Case and Kaira joined was not as forgiving as the two.

It was impossible for that leader to not notice how he drooled while staring at Mei. It was also impossible for that leader to not feel the perverted thoughts he had while looking at her.

Just looking was fine. Even admiring would not have an issue. Nevertheless, Prince already overstepped both those boundaries.

That was why...


Day 69 - 6:17 AM - 2nd Floor, Maryhill Retreat House, Dolores, Taytay, Rizal


Early in the morning, the scream of the annoying perverted fly caused turmoil to everyone.