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389 Day of Departure, Leaving the Bay City Settlement After Setting Up a Bomb

 Day 66 - 6:22 AM - South Gate, South District, Bay City Settlement, Parañaque City, Metro Manila

Four days passed in the blink of an eye. These days were rather uneventful except for a few battles at the eastern walls. It was a common occurrence as the walls there were not separated from the mainland with trenches, unlike the other sides of the settlement. Furthermore, it would be very long before such encounters stopped. It was because of Metro Manila alone had millions in terms of the population before the outbreak.

Furthermore, the wave of infected returning from the coasts increased that number.

Mark and his group also raided several of the nearest untouched food establishments to gather the supplies they needed for travel. Although they could ask the military and trade [Mutagen Stones] for supplies, Mark would rather not. It might not be too soon, but with the large population of Bay City Settlement, they would surely experience a shortage.

Since the military governing the Bay City Settlement had treated his people well, he did not want to contribute to the cause of their future struggles.

Today was the scheduled day. With everything prepared and things to do had been done, it was now time to leave.

At the preparation area near the southern gates, several vehicles gathered. Most were modified military vehicles, but the most eye-catching were two odd futuristic-looking vehicles along with several oddly modified cars.

The [Exceed: Personnel Carrier] was already known by many. However, everyone was shocked seeing the completed [Exceed: Disintegrator Fortress]. It looked like a huge metal monster packed with weapons. They also saw Aimee test the slots dedicated to her tentacles that made it even scarier. Aside from those two vehicles, there were also supposed to be "normal" vehicles before. Now, these vehicles had attachments that were never there before.

Normally, the military vehicles were the ones that looked intimidating. This time, their vehicles were overshadowed. Heavily overshadowed.

There was also Gifre and Chaflar.

For some reason, the soldiers felt small.

Nevertheless, there was a good advantage to this. It would be very unlikely for raiders to target them.

The news was not heavily circulated to the public, but the military and survivor groups had encounters with armed enemies once in a while. Very much like Gifre's group.

This event had not been announced. However, it seemed that the presence of Mark's group and the military's higher officers in one place attracted onlookers.


Inside the preparation building, Mark was together with General Perez, Major Lopez, and Captain Dela Rosa. There was also the person that would lead the soldiers, 1st Lieutenant Enrico Baller.

They were doing the final discussion about the route they would take to Marcos Highway.

"Going through C-6 might be the best idea."

The General said.

As Mark had prepared before internet services were cut off, he had a full map of the Philippines, especially, Luzon, in his device. Even the military requested a copy as they had not thought of preparing one. All they had were normal maps that did not even have satellite images. Although the satellite images on Mark's application might not be too well updated, it was still a better reference than a blank map that only showed the roads.

They were currently using the application to determine the routes and Mark had several routes in the proposal.

The C-6 or Circumferential Road 6 they were currently talking about was the same road Karlene and Edzel took while riding on Chaflar's back. Since they had seen the road, they knew it better even just by memory.

Furthermore, as the east side of C-6 was facing Laguna Lake, the only threat they should expect would be coming from the west side of the road. Of course, there was still the possibility of attacks coming from the lake, but it was uncertain.

From there, they would enter Taytay and Antipolo, Rizal, before they get to Marikina-Infanta Highway.

This was the route they all agreed to take. It proposed the roads with less risk compared to others. There were still populated areas among the roadside, but it could not be compared to what they could encounter when traveling through several highly infested cities.

"So, the last thing is the possible resting points."

Major Lopez spoke.

Since the final route had been decided, the only thing left was the resting points.

Like what happened to Mark when they had to travel to the University of Perpetual Help, they had to spend the night there. It was because unlike before the apocalypse, the roads now were longer to traverse because of the blockades. Those blockades could either be barricades or the infected. If the worst came, even humans could block them. In any case, they needed to choose where they could camp if they took too much time on the road.

The final meeting did not take long and the directions were circulated among the members, especially, the soldiers.

As Mark, went out of the tent, a woman hugged him.

"Dude, be careful on the way."

Mark shrugged, this woman was no other than Carren. His college classmate and could be said as both good and bad influence on him. The person he also viewed as an older sister.

These past days, except for preparing, he spent time with his friends. He was not able to before since he had a lot of things to do.

Beside Carren, Markron tapped his shoulder. Together with the two was Saime. In college, the four of them were a group. Not a normal group, but a weird group with weird personalities.

The main reason Mark became an otaku was because of this group.

"I know, I know."

Mark answered as he escaped from her embrace. Before, he quite liked being embraced by her. However, this woman was a married one. Yet, she never changed this habit of hugging Mark. She never did that to others though for some reason.

Aside from the three, the others that would stay were also here to say their farewell. Like Mark had expected, only those that had positive feedback when he told them about leaving decided to come with him. Most of them would stay. Hoping that their families managed to survive.

Rollan, Nikky, Mara, and Daniel, even the little Dorothy were saying their farewell to the other two members of their group. It was the same for Arvie's group as also two of their members would stay behind. Because of this, the ones staying on these two groups decided to form a new one.


One the side, Edward's voice could be heard as he saluted to General Perez and Major Lopez. Captain Dela Rosa even gave him a brotherly embrace. As it appeared, they were all in one platoon when the accident happened on Edward. Seeing their comrade still alive made the officers happy. Now, however, Edward had to leave once more as he was recruited by Mark.

"You better take care of your partner. She might have gone through bad experiences, but life is not over."

The General tapped Edward's shoulder.

"Yes, Sir!"


The farewells had been made and the ones leaving started to board their vehicles.

"Emika? Where are you going?"

Rosamie caught her daughter that was trying to slip away.

As the most important people here, it was decided that they would board Mark's vehicle that was the most secure one. Then, while the [Exceed: Disintegrator Fortress] led the way and the [Exceed: Personnel Carrier] along with the other vehicles behind it, the soldiers would be distributed around the convoy. It was to ensure that the non-combatants would be protected.

However, it seemed that Emika had no interest to board the designated vehicle.

"I want to ride on that too!"

She shouted while pointing in a direction.

In that direction, Mark could be seen sitting on Chaflar's back.

Of course, who would not want to be able to ride on the back of a dragon?

Even so, Rosamie would not let her.

"No. That will be dangerous."

"But I want to!"

Emika looked dejected. It was fortunate that while this girl was hard-headed, she was not the type to throw an unsightly tantrum.

Unexpectedly, Mark appeared in front of them.

"She wants to ride with me?"

Mark asked Rosamie.

"I want too! I want too!"

Emika did not even let her mother answer the question.


Mark nodded which made the green-haired girl jump in delight.

"Will it be fine? It's not dangerous, right? Also won't she be a bother?"

Rosamie worriedly asked. Although she was happy to see her daughter lively, she did not want to bother other people.

"Don't worry. She'll change her mind after an hour or probably, less."

With those words, Rosamie nodded. She could not understand why Mark seemed certain about it but she did not bother to think anymore. She just said strict things to her daughter before Mark brought her away.

As Emika climbed up the dragon's back with Mark's help, she happily waved at Abbygale, Iola, and Miracle that was also entering the vehicle. She was so hard-headed and dense that she did not even realize that the three girls were staring daggers at her.

Mark, on the other hand, really did not mind it.

The emotional fluctuation in the settlement was always negative. Being able to absorb something positive was better. Furthermore, Mark was certain that Emika would change her mind about riding on Chaflar's back.

Riding on horseback was hard, not to mention the back of a dragon. Riding horses were trained and were more tolerant of its riders. Chaflar, on the other hand, was not. It might be better if they were going to fly, but they would travel on land. In a short while, Emika's bottom would start to hurt.

At that time, even if she complained, Mark would not let her go down immediately. Mark really liked to joke around with this girl.


After everyone was prepared, the bridge outside lowered and the gate opened. There, fifteen vehicles and two monsters drove out of Bay City Settlement while being witnessed many people.

Led by the General, the soldiers all saluted. Of course, the gallery still wondered what was going on as none of the soldiers they asked wanted to answer their questions.

"There goes the most powerful force in this settlement."

Major Lopez bitterly sighed.

Not that Mark and his "Team Fairy" were gone, things would be harder in this settlement. They just wished that another [King Type] would not appear until they were ready.

"It can't be helped. They might be citizens in our country, but we can't say anything when the highest ones in the government abandoned everyone."

General Perez sighed.

Hearing that, the two officers looked down.

It was a secret to the public. The upper house had abandoned the rest. Those senators that did not make it were the ones distributed to settlements for the military to not gain too much power. Of course, some of those senators were also not aware of this. People like Senator Estrada.

As for the upper house, the Senate, they already locked themselves away from the surface. Inside the sole apocalypse bunker built in the Philippines.

"In any case, what are you going to do these things he gave us?"

Captain Dela Rosa spoke as he held something in his hand. Although he held it, he was making sure that none other than the General and the Major saw it.

The thing on his hand, it was nothing else, but a [Physical Crystal]. Furthermore, it was something that contained a mutation.

As Mark needed the military to support the friends he left here, he gave a crystal to a few individuals he knew in the military. The General was the luckiest one as his family was given one for each member.

However, Mark did not say what it was but only said what to do with it.

"I don't know what this is, but I have a suspicion."

The Major said which the two also understood. Mark would surely not do anything to harm them as his friends needed their support. Because of that, these crystals could only mean one thing.


A few days later, a shocking thing was leaked to the public. Several mutators suddenly appeared within the military and those that were left behind from the "Team Fairy's" group were revealed to be Mutators. Aside from them, other individuals were also suspected to hold such abilities. There was also a senator and his wife that suddenly became Mutators despite their current reclusive state.

And thus, the VIPs of the settlement wept.

At the Xiao residence, the things they had were scattered on the floor as the head of the family rampaged. As his family gave up contacting "him" at the last minute. If they did not, they believed that they would also be included.

The common populace might not be able to, but those at the top could investigate.

It was when they found out, all of the Mutators suddenly appearing had a single similarity.

Every single one of them had contact with the leader of "Team Fairy", The Black Armored Devil, Mark.