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342 Matchmaking 2 – Part 1

 Dyeon Korea received machines no. 5 and no. 6 from Dyeon America as part of their investment-in-kind.

Its website was almost completed, and as they posted a bold advertisement in an economic newspaper and monthly magazine of Plastic Korea, the potential buyers started learning about Dyeon Korea.

"Did you know that? Lymondell Dyeon's products can be purchased through this company. They are the joint venture company with Lymondell Dyeon, not its distribution center. They are actually producing the raw materials in their location."

The companies in the manufacturing industry, which used plastics and synthetic rubbers in producing their products, started realizing their options in purchasing Lymondell Dyeon's raw materials in Korea.

Gun-Ho was walking around the office area in Dyeon Korea to see if the workers were doing good when he heard some workers talking over the phone.

"I beg your pardon? Oh, you are asking about our location? We are located in Yeongin Town, Asan City. If you can, just follow the direction shown on our website. Of course. Do not enter the downtown of Asan City, but you need to make a left turn."

Gun-Ho thought that the company needed a mid-level manager who could support Director Kim in the sales department.

Gun-Ho asked for Director Kim.

"Director Kim, you often work away from your office, and it seems that we now started receiving phone calls inquiring about our products, and they also visit our office. I think we need someone who can deal with those potential buyers in the office. What do you think about hinging a mid-level manager?"

"I think it's a good idea, sir. But is it okay if I can find someone within the company rather than hiring someone from outside?"

"Do you have someone in your mind?"

"We are selling highly specialized products to certain clients in the specialized industry. The sales work of our company is very different from other companies' general sales work. We need someone who is knowledgeable in chemicals, raw materials, and custom-molded products. We need someone who has the people skills with technical expertise, so he can explain our products effectively to our clients, and who can also give technical advice to our potential buyers."

"I see your point."

"I am actually thinking of our production team's assistant manager-Il-Gi Seong."

"Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong who received the training from Dyeon America in the U.S.?"

"Yes, sir. He is surely highly knowledgeable in our products, and he seems to be getting along with people too."

"We just added additional machines of no. 5 and no. 6 to the production field. If we send the production team's assistant manager to the sales department, wouldn't it cause a labor shortage in the production team? I'm sure Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong is playing an important role in that team. Moreover, the three American engineers just returned to their country."

"The production team recently hired two experienced workers. They should be good without Mr. Il-Gi Seong. They have Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo who also received the same training from Dyeon America, and he can cover the highly technical part. Also, Manager Yoo is planning to hire additional workers in the near future."

"I see. I will talk to Director Yoon about moving Assistant Manager Seong to the sales department."

"Thank you, sir."

Gun-Ho then asked Director Kim,

"How much annual revenue do you think we would make this year?"

"After we began to operate machines no. 5 and no. 6, we produced about 20 tons per day. I believe we would generate 30 billion won per year."

"Once we add two more machines later-machines no. 7 and no. 8-then we will make a bit more annually, huh?"

"If we add those two machines and work overnight, we will be able to generate 60 billion won yearly."

"It seems that running a factory that produces raw materials is more lucrative than running the factory that manufactures products using those raw materials."

"That's true. That's why Egnopak's president wanted so desperately run a raw material producing factory. He wanted to start a joint venture, but that didn't work out for him because he was too greedy to have a business partner."

"Does Egnopak still maintain the same low quantity of their product order from our company, worth 10 million won?"

"They increased it to 30 million won. I don't think they can resist buying more raw materials from us because it's a lot cheaper than the Germany products-BASF-or U.S. products- Monsanto."

"Do you think they will keep increasing the volume of their product order from us?"

"Egnopak's president is a very greedy man, but he is still a businessman who is quick at calculating his gains and losses. He will have to buy more and more raw materials from our company because of our good price."

After Director Kim left Gun-Ho's office, Director Yoon and the production team's manager-Manager Yoo-came into his office.

"We have something to discuss with you, sir."

"What is it?"

"We now have two additional machines-no. 5 and no. 6. We need more workers in the production team."

"How many additional workers do you need?"

"I think four more workers will do."

"We will soon receive two more machines-no. 7 and no. 8-right?"

"We will need six workers then."

"I've heard the overnight work is required to fulfill our current production demand."

"That... then... we will need twelve more workers."

"The production team is currently composed of Manager Yoo, Assistant Manager Seong, and two new workers, right?"

"That's correct, sir."

"Let's hire ten more people with five experienced workers and five workers without requiring any work experience. They all need to be majoring in engineering in college though. In the job posting, say that we prefer someone who can speak English."

"Yes, sir."

"And, send Assistant Manager Seong to the sales department."

"Pardon me, sir? To the sales team?"

"Yes. The sales team needs someone who can support Director Kim."

"Okay, sir."

"When you hire new people, don't forget to get Mr. Adam Castler's approval. He wouldn't reject our suggestion, but we need his official approval because we are a joint venture company."

"Of course, sir. I will make sure of that."

"Does Mr. Adam Castler send a weekly report to Dyeon America regularly?"

"Yes, he does. I had a chance to look at it the other day. He did a meticulous job there; especially, he recorded our sales revenue and expenses accurately."

"Since the three American engineers went back to the U.S., the interpreter must be the only person who Mr. Castler can comfortably talk with in English. Go to him sometimes and talk with him, and don't let him feel isolated within the company."

"Director Kim speaks English a bit, and I can speak English too. We talk with him sometimes. Also, the secretary-Ms. Seon-Hye Yee-speaks English very well. She is getting along very well with Mr. Adam Castler. They are like a chatting buddy. You know what, sir? Mr. Adam Castler is seeing the English teacher from Hoseo University, who comes here to teach English every morning."

"Is he dating the English instructor?"

"Yes. I guess you didn't know, huh? Many employees saw them dating downtown in Asan City."

"Haha, really?"