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335 GH Gallery 2 – Part 2

 "You are drunk, my friend."

"I am the head of the office that oversees the activities of the soap opera production companies and broadcasting stations, and I also give guidelines to them in the right direction in the field. But I always think that it's a shame that we fall behind Korea in the field all the time, for soap operas and pop music for example. I believe that it's because of Lingdao (leadership) of this country, who are dogmatic and who are obsessed with the rules they set."

Seukang Li burped again.

"Shoot. You dropped your chopsticks on the floor."

"I let my investors make all the money they want. I'm not interested in making money. All I want is to disseminate our 5000-year history and culture throughout the world..."

Seukang Li was not the only person who was drunk already. The two young artists were drunk, and Deng Jufen and President Shin also seemed to drink more than they could handle. The only person who was not drunk that night was the staff of the art gallery who accompanied Deng Jufen. The staff, who stayed sober all night, paid for the dinner with the art gallery's business card, and he helped the two artists get in a taxi heading to their home. For the art gallery director and Seukang Li, their chauffeurs were waiting for them outside the restaurant.

"We will grab a taxi for our guests from Korea."

"That's okay. We are staying in a hotel not far from here. We will walk there."

Gun-Ho and President Jeong-Sook Shin walked to the hotel while staggering a bit from drinking the Baiju that night.

Once he came back to Korea the next morning, Gun-Ho went to his building in Sinsa Town, Seoul. Director Kang came into Gun-Ho's office.

"The construction on the rooftop is completed, sir. They are working on the lighting right now."

Gun-Ho wanted to see how things turned out on the rooftop, and he headed there with Director Kang. The small business construction looked magnificent. Its entire wall was made of glass, which created a great view from the inside of the unit. If a book café was open in the space, it would give customers a feeling that they were reading a book in the air surrounded by clouds.

"So, we just need to fill out the space with furniture and stuff, huh?"

"We will have a carpenter build customized furniture for our book café, such as bookshelves, desks, chairs, etc., instead of buying furniture from a store."


"President Jeong-Sook Shin finished designing the furniture already. A carpenter will just need to build them according to her design. All the remaining work including the furniture will be done by tomorrow. I will give you a report on the construction cost tomorrow.

"Sounds good."

After looking around the rooftop, Gun-Ho went down to the basement where GH Gallery would soon be open. It was on the first level of the basement, but it was actually a semi-basement where its business sign and its wall could be seen from the ground floor. Gun-Ho felt great seeing his gloomy building being revitalized. The team leader-Mr. Soo-Nam Jeong-and the new security guard of GH Building ran toward Gun-Ho when they saw him in the basement.

"You don't have to come to me just to greet me. Just keep your good work in your position."

Gun-Ho waved his hand to them as a gesture to let them go back to their work. He then went into the art gallery.

"I think it was a great idea to make this space for an art gallery, rather than renting it out for a restaurant business or something similar. The basement looks great with it."

When he looked around the interior of the art gallery, Gun-Ho received a call from Jae-Sik Moon.

"Are you in the factory in Asan City right now?"

"No. I'm in Seoul. I'm in the GH Building in Sinsa Town."

"That's good. I will be there soon."

"Are you coming here? For what?"

"I have something to talk about with you in private."

"What's the matter?"

"I will rather talk to you face-to-face."

"You can tell me over the phone. It's okay."

"I prefer to talk to you in person."

Gun-Ho found it strange that Jae-Sik Moon insisted on talking with him in person.

"Is there a problem between him and President Jeong-Sook Shin?"

Gun-Ho walked outside the building and took a walk on Garosugil Street, next to his building. The street was usually filled with people in the evening. It was not busy yet when Gun-Ho was walking there.

"So this is the street that is so popular among young people. The commercial stores on the street are very pretty and neat."

It was actually the first time for Gun-Ho to walk around his building. When he came back to his office after a short walk on Garosugil Street, he found Jae-Sik waiting for him outside his office.

"Hey, Jae-Sik. Why didn't you wait for me inside the office? No one is there."

"I can't just get in and stay in your office during your absence."

"Who cares? You are my friend. It's okay."

"Nah, that's not a good idea. This is your business office. People talk, you know."

"Well, take a seat."

Gun-Ho asked his secretary-Ms. Yeon-Soo Oh-to bring two cups of tea for them.

"Tell me why you wanted to see me in person?"

"It's about the book café you are about to open on the rooftop of this building. I heard it from President Shin."

"What about it?"

"Someone will have to work there full-time to run the book café once it is open, right?"

"Likely so."

"Do you have anyone specific in your mind for the position?"

"I don't know. President Jeong-Sook Shin will take care of it."

"Running a book café is a different work from working in an office. I don't think it's a good idea to put one of your employees for the work since they will have to serve coffee and stuff. I have someone I'd like to recommend for the job."

"You need to talk to President Shin about it. I don't actually care who would do the job."

"I already talked with President Shin. She redirected me to you."

"Really? Hmm. Well, who is the person that you want to recommend?"

"I don't want to impose, but I want to recommend the person I'm living with for the position."

"Your wife?"

"I know this is a personal favor I am asking you right now. She just doesn't have enough work to do these days."

"I thought she was working for a publishing company doing some editing job."

"Right. But she is not getting enough work."

"Why don't you share the workload of GH Media with her?"

"The GH Media workers wouldn't consider it fair if I take some workload for my wife. So, I think if she could work in the book café here once it is open, it would be great."

"I'm not sure if the book café would do well. The success of the business is not guaranteed at all."

"According to President Shin, she wants to run the book café directly under GH Media. If she does so, my wife will get a monthly salary, and she wants to try it."


Gun-Ho gave a call to President Shin right away.

"President Shin, are you going to let GH Media run the book café directly?"

"Yes, sir. That's what I'm thinking right now."

"Did you find anyone to work there?"

"No, I didn't yet, sir."

"I have someone I want to recommend for the position. What about your chief editor's-Jae-Sik Moon-spouse? She is still in her early 30s, and I think she will be the right fit for it."

"Hahaha. If you say so, I don't mind."

"President Shin, it's about the book café that GH Media will run. And you are the head of GH Media."

"As long as you are okay with it, sir, I will follow your decision."

"Okay, then. We will hire his spouse. Can you come to the building tomorrow? You will need to sign the lease agreement with GH Building. Director Kang will prepare the contract. We will give you the first three months free for the rent."

"Thank you."

After getting off the phone with President Shin, Gun-Ho looked at Jae-Sik, who was looking at Gun-Ho.

"President Shin welcomes your wife to the position. Since GH Media operates the book café directly, your wife will be able to receive the benefit of Four Major Public Insurance. Does your wife have any work experience in running a café or anything similar? The work can be hard."

"She hasn't run it before, but she once worked in a book café in the Hongik University area."

"Really? That's nice. You could have just asked me about this over the phone. You didn't have to come all the way here to talk to me in person."

"Thank you. I do really appreciate it."

Jae-Sik left the office. He looked happy.

After Jae-Sik left the office, Gun-Ho sat on a sofa in his office and thought,

'Jae-Sik still has financial difficulties because of his debts. I want to help him more. Even though his wife will start working in the book café, her monthly salary will only be around 2 million won. It will take forever for him to pay off his debt and purchase a home and settle down.'

Gun-Ho thought that he would have to get Jae-Sik out of GH Media someday.