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333 GH Gallery 1 – Part 2

 Director Kim came into Gun-Ho's office and said,

"Sir, I just received a call from Egnopak's president. He assured that he would increase the quality of their order once our product is proved with good quality."

"We don't have to rush in dealing with Egnopak."

"What are you planning, sir?"

"At first, we can file a lawsuit. They breached the contract after all. Second, we can financially damage Egnopak by taking their and also Mandong Company's clients."

"I'm actually on the second plan already. The big companies like Hyundai Auto or Hyundai Mobis always get their necessary products from more than two supplier companies. They are getting the products from Egnopak and another company named InSharp Corporation. InSharp Corporation also manufactures automobile chassis as Egnopak, and they are also using BASF products. I'm currently in contact with InSharp Corporation without letting anyone else know."

"I see."

"Mandong Company buys these products to manufacture rings and supplies them to Hyundai Auto. Mandong Company also supplies these rings to Egnopak, and Egnopak uses them in manufacturing protectors. These protectors go to Hyundai Mobis. They are in a win-win relationship by helping each other."

"So, Mandong Company and Egnopak are the first vendors."

"That's right. We are the second vendor."


"We have to make GH Mobile the first vendor, too, sir. Dyeon Korea is producing raw materials, so its product itself wouldn't make it the first vendor anyway. However, GH Mobile is an automobile parts manufacturing company. We have to be the first vendor to succeed in this industry. We officially say that we are the 1.5 vendor, but we are actually the second vendor."

"Is it that hard to be the first vendor...?"

"That's why President Song kept insisting that we need to have a patented product in order to successfully register with KOSDAQ because we are not the first vendor company. The products that we applied for a patent, which were brought in by our new research chief officer, don't seem to be lucrative, but President Song still wanted them to be patented with GH Mobile's name because he thinks it will help us successfully go public."

"Well, GH Mobile will be registered with KOSDAQ sooner or later as President Song is working so hard to achieve it. The third thing that we could do about Egnopak is using his son."

"You want to beat him up? No, sir. I can't agree with that. It's so childish and shallow approach to resolve a problem."

"Haha. Don't worry. I'm not suggesting that we need to beat him up because we don't have to. Egnopak's president's son is a troublemaker. Given his propensity, he will make another trouble someday. He has been raised by Egnopak's president without proper discipline. It is very possible that he will cause trouble soon."

"I agree with you, sir."

"When that happens, we just aggravate the situation."

"Understood, sir. We can reveal the true faces of those two men by publishing the settlement agreement with us, which he refused to honor, for example."

Director Kim and Gun-Ho laughed while looking at each other.

Gun-Ho and President Jeong-Sook Shin of GH Media arrived in Shanghai. They came to Shanghai to meet with an art gallery's director there.

"Have you contacted Director Seukang Li about the meeting?"

"Yes, sir. He said he would be waiting for us in the art gallery director's office."

"Did you say the gallery director is a lady?"

"Yes, sir. She used to be an art professor in college. The recent modern art exhibition was handled by this gallery director."

"Director Seukang Li did a great job by promoting that modern art exhibition overseas."

"Well, I think so."

Gun-Ho and President Shin arrived at the art gallery building. It was a red brick building. They walked up to the third floor where the gallery director's office was situated. The office had a high ceiling and that made Gun-Ho feel like he was in a government building in Korea. The gallery staff showed them to the director's office. Seukang Li was there already, and he was having a cup of tea with the gallery director at a round table.

"Hey! Gun-Ho Goo!"

Seukang Li and the art gallery director stood up from their seats when they saw Gun-Ho and President Shin entering the office.

"Gun-Ho, this is the gallery director."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Gun-Ho Goo."

"A pleasure to meet you. I'm Jeong-Sook Shin."

"I've heard a lot about you from Director Seukang Li. He said you are very interested in arts and cultures. I'm the director of this art gallery. My name is Deng Jufen."

Deng Jufen was a lady who was in her 50s. She was a very friendly lady.

"China's avant-garde is currently drawing a lot of attention from art lovers worldwide. I am so delighted that Korea shows their interest in it as well."

President Jeong-Sook Shin responded,

"When I first saw the paintings of Zhang Xiaogang and Zeng Fanzhi, I was so shocked. I do highly recognize their liberty in their arts and their experimental spirits."

Deng Jufen and President Jeong-Sook Shin seemed to hit it off right away.

While the two ladies were having fun conversing about arts, Gun-Ho felt bored. He couldn't even understand what they were talking about.

Gun-Ho said to the art gallery director,

"Ma'am, we are opening a new gallery in Korea. It's called GH Gallery. For our first art exhibition, we'd like to invite Chinese contemporary young artists' paintings."

"The art exhibition for young artists started in Shanghai. We did one in Beijing already, and the one in Wuhan is ongoing. It will end by the end of this week, so we can send their paintings to another location starting next week. I can add additional paintings that were not displayed this time if you want."

"Do they all come with their frames?"

"Of course. Chinese avant-garde art exhibition has been held in many other countries so far. We have a transportation company that has been handling the transportation of those paintings. You can use the same service."

"I see."

"Packaging companies have their own system to make transportation safe and easy. They usually use a metal frame that looks like a bookshelf, so they can place framed paintings in it efficiently. They then place the metal frame in a special container for transportation by air. Each airline such as Korean Air or Asiana Air has its own special container where they can maintain a certain temperature and humidity."

"I see."

"The paintings we will send to you for the art exhibition in Korea are not from well-known artists such as Zhang Xiaogang or Zeng Fanzhi, but they will be the paintings of the promising young painters in China. Their paintings are still worth more than 100,000 dollars per piece. Five artists will participate in the art exhibition in Korea, and we will send to you thirty paintings in total."

Gun-Ho started doing his math in his head.

'Did she just say 100,000 dollars per painting? Wow! She is sending thirty of them to us, and they are worth 3 billion dollars then? Wow. Unbelievable. They surely have to use a special transportation company who knows how to handle those expensive paintings. The transportation insurance probably costs a lot too.'

Gun-Ho said while swallowing his saliva,

"If those young painters' paintings value more than 100,000 dollars per piece, then the paintings of Zhang Xiaogang or Zeng Fanzhi must be worth more than 1 million dollars."

The art gallery director responded while smiling.

"The paintings of the great artists such as Zhang Xiaogang or Zeng Fanzhi are selling for more than 10 million dollars at the auction in Hong Kong or London."

"Wow. Did you say 10 million dollars?"

Dyeon Korea's paid-in capital was 10 million dollars. A single painting from those great artists was worth the same amount. Gun-Ho couldn't close his mouth in shock.

'Maybe I should get into this field. Maybe this is a gold mine.'

Gun-Ho swallowed his saliva again as he saw the new opportunity to make more money.