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332 GH Gallery 1 – Part 1

 Dyeon Korea's Director Dong-Chan Kim's flattery for the Egnopak's president continued.

"I still remember your hole-in-one when we played in Taekwang Country Club in Yongin City. It still remains vivid in my memory, sir."

"Oh, you were there, too? And you remember that?"

"Of course, sir. It was my first time witnessing a hole-in-one in my entire life."

"Haha. You know what? That was actually my last hole-in-one. I've never succeeded in it since then."

"Since you are still healthy, sir, you will have your chance to do it again."

"You really think so? Haha. By the way, what made you come to see me today? The joint company with Lymondell Dyeon started producing their products already?"

"Yes, sir. We just started producing our products."

Director Kim pulled out the sample products and showed them to the Egnopak's president with the product brochure.

The Egnopak's president looked at the sample products that Director Kim brought in with a frown. He seemed uncomfortable.

"President Goo asked me to show you these product samples."

Director Kim was aware of the assault incident caused by Egnopak's president's son nearby Onyang Hot Spring Hotel. He was there when Gun-Ho and the Egnopak reached an agreement about how to settle the matter. However, Director Kim didn't bring it up to pressure the Egnopak's president in this business matter. At that time, the Egnopak's president clearly agreed to change their raw materials from BAFT products to Dyeon Korea's, which they purchased from Mandong Company.

"Did Gun-Ho Goo say anything else?"

"Nothing further, sir. He simply asked me to visit you with the sample products."

"That Gun-Ho Goo, as*hole. That kid is really smart and manipulative."

"You seem to have some old hard feelings toward him, sir."

"That son of bi*ch stole my opportunity to do a joint venture with that American company. And he uses the incident with my son in order to gain his business benefit from me."

"Haha. Is that what happened?"

"He is a meticulous young man. That kid frightens me sometimes. He is very smart."

The Egnopak's president let out a deep sigh.

"Okay. As I promised before, I will change the raw materials from BASF to Dyeon Korea's. However, we will start with a monthly order of 10 million won. As your company proves the quality of your products, we will increase the quantity of our order."

"Sir, let's increase the initial order a bit higher. I came all the way here for this. I won't look good if I go back to my company with this deal-10 million won per month."

"If it's only for you, Director Kim, I do want to start with a good quantity, but I so hate that Gun-Ho Goo."

The Egnopak's president called for his purchasing manager through the interphone.

"Mr. Purchasing Manager? Come to my office now."

After a moment, the purchasing manager came to the president's office.

Director Kim quickly stood up from his seat to greet him.

"Hello, Mr. Manager. It has been a long time."

"Oh, hi, Mr. Director."

Since Director Kim had been in the sales field for a long time, he had met the purchasing manager before.

The Egnopak's president said to the purchasing manager,

"As to the BASF's raw materials for Mandong Company, we will replace them with Dyeon Korea's raw materials. We start the change with the amount of the materials worth of 10 million won per month for now."

"Yes, sir."

"Sir, can we increase it to 20 million won per month?"

"No. I've already made my decision. 10 million won as it is."

Once he received the report about the deal with Egnopak from Director Dong-Chan Kim, Gun-Ho made a phone call to the Egnopak's president right away. Gun-Ho had never lost his control when he encountered a problem to solve. He talked in a calm voice,

"Sir, I'm calling to remind you of our previous deal that we clearly made. I just received a report from Director Kim, and that's not what we agreed on."

"I don't understand what you are talking about."

"When we previously made the agreement, you said you would purchase our products worth 500 million won to replace BASF products that go into Mandong Company. Do you remember that? The ink on our agreement hasn't even dried yet."

"So what? What are you going to do about it?"

"I had 4 stitches, and my company's plant manager had 16 stitches. It's 20 stitches in total. I can give 20 stitches to your son's face, to be fair if that's how you want to settle."

"What, what?"

"As you know, I have more competent men than the ones your son has in this field to do this sort of job."

"We already settled for the plant manager's case. I paid 10 million won for it already."

"I can give your 10 million won back to you. A settlement doesn't seem to mean anything to you anyway. You have no intention to honor the agreement at all."


"I don't want to bring up the old incident and make my relationship with you uncomfortable again."

"Do what you have to do then!"

"Okay. I will do what I need to do."

Gun-Ho thought of what he would do with the Egnopak's president, and he clicked his tongue.

"He hasn't changed a thing ever after experiencing the big incident in his life. He didn't want to let his son stay behind bars, but he doesn't want to purchase products from his competitor-Dyeon Korea. I'm not sure if he would be able to handle the consequences. He has to realize that he can't have all."

The Egnopak president didn't feel comfortable after talking with Gun-Ho on the phone.

"Is he serious about hurting my son? He is running a company now, but he used to work as a factory man without having any money or family background. He crawled up the economic ladder from the bottom as he used to live like a bottom feeder. He is surely capable of doing such an awful act. I signed the settlement agreement, and he has the original copy of it. He can always make an issue out of it at any time if he wants to. That son of bi*ch makes my late-life so hard and causes a lot of stress for me."

The Egnopak's president didn't want to think that his son was the one who made all these troubles in the first place. The people who think they were superior to others didn't seem to accept the possibility that they might be at fault under any circumstances. However, the possibility that Gun-Ho might hurt his son seemed to affect the Egnopak's president's decision.

"I guess I will have to make a truce with him for now."

The Egnopak's president made a phone call to Director Dong-Chan Kim of Dyeon Korea.

"Director Kim, our company will buy Dyeon Korea's products that are worth 10 million won per month for now, but you have to note that it is just a start. We will definitely increase the amount of our product order as you prove your product quality."

"Thank you, sir. We will surely send you high-quality products."