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331 Tokyo Sonata 2 – Part 2

 Once Gun-Ho came back from Japan, he headed straight to Dyeon Korea.

"Did we receive the no. 3 and no. 4 machines?"

All the machines were in place. With the huge machines from no. 1 to no. 4, the factory looked like a really large factory.

"Hey, Jong-Suk, I didn't expect to see you here."

"Oh, bro! When did you come?"

"How's the installation going? Is it done?"

"We are working on connecting the machines to the power. The work became a lot easier since we have the new maintenance team's manager. We can finish the work quickly."

"How is the new manager of the maintenance team?"

"He is good."

At that moment, Gun-Ho and Jong-Suk heard someone tapping something.

Jong-Suk quickly turned his head to the source of the noise, and shouted,

"Mr. Assistant Manager, you shouldn't beat a metal, but you have to appease it."

Gun-Ho giggled as Jong-Suk instructed the assistant manager about how to treat a metal.

"What? Appease the metal? Man, you sound like a whiz."

Gun-Ho had lunch with Jong-Suk that day. Gun-Ho asked him,

"Hey, Director Park! Where did you learn about how to treat a meal? Like not to beat the metal but appease the metal?"

"Oh, that? I heard that from Mr. Sakata Ikuzo. He said we shouldn't hit a metal with a hammer but we should appease it nicely."

"Oh, I see. He is indeed a good teacher."

"Bro, did you go someplace nice last Sunday? You look good. You look totally recharged."

"Really? That's good."

Gun-Ho felt good.

The companies he was running were all doing very well, and the meeting with Seol-Bing seemed to be successful as well. Gun-Ho felt like he could fly.

'I did have dinner with Seol-Bing, the top star. That's not all. I will meet with her again. I hope the date to come quickly."

Gun-Ho was hearing the report from Director Yoon. Director Yoon was talking about the meeting with Director Kang in Seoul.

"I've reviewed the plan of constructing a small building on the rooftop, with Director Kang. We don't need to do public works since we are building it on a building's rooftop. And we just need to assemble the prefabricated small building there. It's a simple work."

"I guess it won't take much time then?"

"Since we are opening a book café there, we expanded the existing window to the full-size window. So from the front window of the book café, we can see the rooftop garden, and we will also have the view of Sinsa Town and Apgujeong Town from the window of the back of the book café."

"You did a good job."

Gun-Ho asked for Director Dong-Chan Kim.

"Once the new machines, no. 3 and no. 4 started working, our productivity will be dramatically increased, right?"

"I think we have to do more sales work then. We are currently targeting the client companies of GH Mobile as a start. I know all of their supplier companies where they buy their raw materials. The thing is that usually, a company is reluctant to change their supplier companies unless there is a problem. Because it is critical for them to receive raw materials steadily, they prefer to deal with the same suppliers that they have been dealing with. Unless we can provide them with substantially high-quality raw materials or at a very low price, they won't change their suppliers."

"Hmm. It will take time to find more client companies then."

"That's why we need to focus on the buyer companies' new products. The S Group's factory in Changweon City uses our Dyeon Korea's raw materials in manufacturing their new products. You know the S Group's Changweon factory that President Song signed the contract with. The quantity that they are ordering from us is steadily increasing. President Song brought in another product order for the single-dose vials for injection. They decided to use Dyeon Korea's raw materials as well. Sometimes companies place their orders by looking at the supplier companies' website. So, I think we need to build our own website."

"Oh, we don't have our website yet?"

"GH Mobile has one, but Dyeon Korea doesn't."

"You can contact the GH Media for it. Talk with the team lead of their design team. I heard she used to do some design work for a website before."

"Oh, that's a good idea. I will contact them. Maybe I should ask the design team lead to come and visit us here. So we can discuss the design of our factory's website."

"You have their contact number, right?"

"I do, sir. I have President Jeong-Sook Shin's business card."

"Their design team lead's name is Min-Sook Oh. We will have to pay them for the work though."

"Of course, sir."

"Don't we need to do some advertisements in a newspaper or media in order to enhance our sales?"

"Dyeon Korea's customers are not individuals, but companies in a specific field, which are manufacturing plastic products with injection molding machines and extruders. So, an advertisement through media won't be necessary."

"Oh, I was going to tell you. Please go visit Egnopak."

"Egnopak, sir?"

"Yes. Try Egnopak. Don't meet with anyone else there, but meet with President Seung-Gak Kim. Tell him that I sent you, and give him our product brochure."

"That's all I need to say, sir? Egnopak is a competitor with GH Mobile."

"He made his promise to use Dyeon Korea's products. You don't need to know all the details, but just tell him that I sent you."

"Understood, sir."

Director Dong-Chan Kim headed to Jinwi Town in Pyeongtaek City to visit Egnopak's factory. He was carrying Dyeon Korea's product brochure with some sample products. When he arrived at the factory, he walked straight up to the president's office. When he entered the president's office after a brief knocking, the secretary quickly stood up from her seat.

"Is President Seung-Gak Kim in the office?"

"Can I have your name, sir?"

"I'm Director Dong-Chan Kim from Dyeon Korea."

"Please have a seat. I will let our president know that you are here."

The secretary went into the president's office and came out.

"Please follow me."

"Hello, Mr. President."

Director Dong-Chan Kim gave a 90-degree bow to the Egnopak's president.

"Manager Kim, oh, I mean Director Kim. Please have a seat."

Director Dong-Chan Kim's sales pitch started.

"Sir, you don't age even a bit. You look the same as the old days when we were Mulpasaneop with our previous president Se-Young Oh. Former President Se-Young Oh still talked about you, sir. He said he wanted to pay back for your help but he had to retire before he could do so."

"Haha. Did he say so? How is he doing?"

"Well, he has a small building in Suwon City. He said he feels peaceful these days."

"Time indeed flies. I still remember those days when I and President Se-Young Oh went golfing together. At that time, you, Manager Kim, oh, I mean Director Kim, used to come with us to assist. You were in your 30s at that time. Now you have some grey hairs."

Director Dong-Chan Kim was a professional salesperson. He didn't go straight into the sales business as Gun-Ho told him to do so, but instead, he started with letting the potential buyer feel nostalgia for a while. That usually worked great with old people.