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330 Tokyo Sonata 2 – Part 1

 Gun-Ho walked towards the window while holding his glass of wine.

"You live like an Avatar of your agency company. Come to think of it, a businessman seems to have a more creative and liberal life, even though we need to take more risk."

Seol-Bing was sitting on a chair without saying a word. Gun-Ho continued to talk,

"Even a top star needs a room to breathe. A celebrity should be able to make his or her own decision on dating someone or marrying someone. Well, I guess I don't get to say anything on that subject. Even though I do make all of the decisions and choices in my life, I haven't married yet; I've been so busy to fulfill the plans and schedules I made."

Seol-Bing lifted her head slightly, and asked,

"Are you... single?"

"Yes, I am."

"I know you have several companies, but I didn't know you are still single."

Gun-Ho placed his glass of wine on the table and said,

"Do you have anyone you can introduce to me? Anyone who looks like you would be good for me."

A faint smile appeared on Seol-Bing's face. She then took her glass of wine and took a sip of it. After she put the glass of wine back to the table, she took off her dark sunglasses. Her beautiful face was revealed.

"You have a beautiful face."

"President Goo, you look younger than the last time when I saw you in Shanghai."

"I'm not that young. I'm 36 in Korean age."

It was raining outside the window after a cold wind blowing.

"Why don't you have some more wine? It's okay. There is no one here except us. You must be very tired by coming all the way here from Korea. Take a sip of the wine; it will help you with fatigue."

Seol-Big said after taking a small sip of the wine,

"Actually, I came here for an event in Tokyo Dome in Suidobashi. Some of my staff already returned to Korea after the event, and I told them that I would stay here a bit longer because I didn't feel well."

"I see. I hope I didn't take too much of the top star's time."

Silence filled the air for a while.

"Ms. Seol-Bing, You are probably contemplating your marriage these days since it's about the age to get married for you. You probably have a lot of nice people around you to choose from for your marriage, given your position as a top star."

"Not necessarily."

"Maybe I can introduce someone to you."

Seol-Bing lifted her head and looked at Gun-Ho. Her eyes were shining with excitement.

"The person I want to introduce to you is an earnest and loyal man. He knows how to be kind and generous to his woman. He also knows when to sacrifice himself, and he has a sense of serving the public with compassion. He has a very good manner as well. You can say that he is a wealthy man. He didn't inherit the wealth from his family but he is a self-made successful man. He is currently running several companies. He is from Incheon City and he is now living in Gangnam District, Seoul. He is 36 years old and his name is Gun-Ho Goo."

Seol-Bing giggled a bit and took another sip of her wine.

"Oh, that's good. Take some more wine."

Gun-Ho applauded in encouraging her to have more wine and filled up Seol-Bing's glass with more wine.

While Seol-Bing had one glass of wine, Gun-Ho had three glasses. He was not drunk but he surely felt the heat in his body.

Gun-Ho suddenly grabbed Seol-Bing's hand.

"Ms. Seol-Bing, even though you are a top star right now, you need to think of your future. Your position as a top star won't last forever. I think it's time for you to start your family. I will protect you."

Seol-Bing let Gun-Ho hold her hand.

"I'd like to continue this sort of meeting with you more frequently. I know you have a hectic schedule that was set up by your agency. I do also have my own busy schedule that I put myself in. I strongly believe we can help and comfort each other in this busy world, and we can design our future together."

Seol-Bing smiled and took her hand back from Gun-Ho's. She grabbed her glass of wine instead. It was Seol-Bing's second glass of wine that night.

The two people turned their chairs around so they could face the window, and looked out the window. It was dark outside. They could only see the lights from the street lights and stores. Seol-Bing said,

"It's raining hard, isn't it?"

"It looks like. Where is your agency located at?"

"It's in Cheongdam Town."

"It's not far from my office. My office is in Sinsa Town."

"I think I heard that you own a building in Sinsa Town."

"Who told you that?"

"I heard BM Entertainment's president and Manager Byeon talking."

"Manager Byeon? The dandy looking guy who smiles with his eyes all the time?"

"Hahaha. That's right."

For the first time, Gun-Ho saw Seol-Bing laughing loudly.

In the building in Sinsa Town, I made an art gallery in the basement. It's called 'GH Gallery.' The interior renovation is completed and it will open soon. For the very first art exhibition there, I'm planning to exhibit the Chinese young artists' avant-garde."



"I thought you were just a businessman. I didn't know you are also into the arts."

"I want to officially invite you to the opening ceremony, Ms. Seol-Bing."

"My schedule..."

"If you can make it, please come."

Seol-Bing just smiled.

A waiter of the New Otani Hotel entered the room.

"Would you like to order for your dinner?"

Gun-Ho looked at Seol-Bing's face, and she nodded her head.

"We will have two Gekkyu set menus."

"Are you expecting anyone else joining you, sir?"


"Hai, Shibaraku Omachikudasai. (Okay. Please wait.)"

The Japanese dinner came with lots of fish dishes, such as slices of raw tuna and grilled salmon.

"I feel like we have known each other for a long time. It's like two old friends are having dinner together."

Seol-Bing just smiled in response to Gun-Ho's comment.

After the main meal, they had fruits as a dessert. When they finished the dinner, Seol-Bing said,

"Thank you for inviting me to dinner. I think I'd better go back to my hotel."

"It would have been really nice if we had more time to talk today. Why don't we meet again here later? I do like this place. It's quiet and not so busy."

When Seol-Bing stood up from her seat and grabbed her coat, Gun-Ho quickly stood up and helped her to wear her coat. He then said,

"Let's fix the date for our next meeting. What about two weeks on Sunday? Here at this place?"

"Two weeks after next Sunday is not good for me. I need to attend the award ceremony of the Japanese broadcasting station-NHK. It's on the 16th. I have been invited to it as a guest."

"Then, let's meet the day after the award ceremony."

"This place is too pricey though. This meeting room is too big for only the two of us."

"I don't know many places in Tokyo. It is true that this place is pricey to rent, but I still think it is a good place for us to meet for now. It's quiet. Let's meet here next time. Thank you for joining me today."