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326 Chairman Lee’s Vacation Home 2 – Part 1

 On the way home from the fishing site in Pocheon City, Gun-Ho fell into various thoughts.

'I've been focusing on making money until now without thinking of other values in life. I need to be a good person like Chairman Lee, not just a rich man.'

'I think I need to do some rewarding work, too. Chairman Lee had been raising children with special needs for twenty years, but he had never mentioned it before.'

Even after he lied down in his bed in his apartment in Buldang Town, Cheonan City, Gun-Ho couldn't fall asleep.

The next morning, after spending his time at the fishing site the day before, Gun-Ho felt refreshed.

Gun-Ho stopped by GH Mobile to quickly review the reports before heading to Dyeon Korea in Asan City. Once he arrived at Dyeon Korea, Gun-Ho, at first, looked around the production worksite.

The workers who were working with the machines at the production site greeted Gun-Ho. The white-colored raw materials, which were brought in from the U.S., were being reborn after being processed at this production site to other yellow or grey raw materials.

Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo of the production team, who had received the special training by Lymondell Dyeon, explained to Gun-Ho,

"These white-colored raw materials were derived from petroleum. They have no value as a product by themselves. They have very low durability, cold resistance, thermal resistance, and elasticity. We reprocess them by mixing them with 36 other chemicals and make a new raw material which has merchantable quality."


Gun-Ho picked up the yellow raw materials with his hand and looked at them carefully. They are a bit bigger than a rice grain and smaller than a bean.

"What does this number indicate? The one on the bag?"

"It's a product serial number, sir. The first two letters-DK-stands for Dyeon Korea, the first group of numbers shows the shipment date, and the following numbers are the route number and serial number."

"I see."

"So, if we find a defective product, we can trace when this product was made, and who made it, and how it was processed."


Gun-Ho took a walk around the entire production site before going to his office.

Gun-Ho wanted to have a facility for the children with special needs in Incheon City which was Gun-Ho's hometown.

'Let's plan to establish a foundation for my charity work, which I will start maybe a few years later. I will need to buy a land of about 1,000 pyung just like what Chairman Lee did. It will be difficult to buy land later since the land price keeps going up. I'd better buy a land right now, somewhere around Incheon City. I can keep the land until I am ready to start it. I will build a building after I successfully register GH Mobile and Dyeon Korea with KOSDAQ. I can have my company own the foundation.'

Gun-Ho made a call to the realtor who helped him buy the condo in Guweol Town where his parents were living in.

"Do you handle other real properties, not just condos? I'm interested in purchasing land."

"Yes, I do. What's the purpose of the land that you'd like to purchase? There are lands for commercial buildings and lands for just investment."

"Lands for just investment? Do you mean, if I buy that land, the price of the land will go up?"

"If you buy a farmland close to main roads, the price of that land most likely will go up in the future."

"Someone asked me to look for a land to make it into a facility for people with disabilities."

"Many people find it very unpleasant to have a facility for the disabled near their residence. So if you try to build one in a residential area, you will face vigorous protest. You will need to get a farmland distant from a residential area. However, farmland is supposed to be used for farming only, so, you will need to get a permit to change the purpose, in order to build that sort of facility there."

"Is it hard to get a permit like that?"

"Not really. You just need to pay taxes in addition to other fees."

"Do you have anything on the market, in Incheon?"

"Yes, I do. I actually have a good one in Gyeyang District and another one in Namdong District."

"How large is the one in Namdong District?"

"If you want to build a facility for welfare, I do recommend the one in Namdong District. It's a farmland in Namchon town. It's 1,000 pyung large. It's not close to the main road though, but it's not too distant either. The location is not bad at all. There is a small stream as well. I believe that once the area is developed, the price of the land will easily go up."

"How much is it?"

"Why don't you visit my office; we can discuss it in person. There are so many people who just talk to me on the phone to get all the information they need and never contact me again. I prefer to talk with you in person if you are serious about purchasing it."

"Sure. I will visit your office in the near future. What's your work hours?"

"I stay in my office until 9 pm since I live nearby. I believe, if you want to build a facility like that, the local government will provide the subsidy. I think you'd better do it quickly while they still have funds for it."

"Thank you for letting me know. I will come by your office soon."

Gun-Ho headed to the realtor's office in Guweol Town. He didn't tell his parents that he would be in the area.

"Hello. I spoke with you on the phone yesterday about the farmland in Namchon Town."

"Oh, hi. Thank you for coming, and I'm sorry that I asked you to come all the way to my office. I'm just fed up with all those people who just take information from me through the phone."

"Are you showing me the land too? I think Namchon Town is pretty distant from here."

"Oh, no. A realtor from Namchon Town will show you the land. Realtors' offices are all connected, so I just arrange the showing with another realtor for you."

The realtor picked up the phone and dialed some numbers.

"Hello? Is it Seungil Realtor's Office in Namchon Town? Hi, this is from Guweol Town realtor's office. Do you still have the farmland in Namchon Town? You know the land that was put on the market by the old man with a lump."

"I still have it. Why? Do you have someone who is interested in it?"

"Yes, I have a gentleman here, who is interested in visiting the land. I will send him over to your office. Can you show him the land today?"

"Of course. Send him here. I will show him around."

Gun-Ho went to Seungil Realtor's Office.

A short man, who looked like he was in his late 50s, was waiting for him. He recognized Gun-Ho as the person who came to see the land right away.

"Are you the person who Guweol Realtor's Office sent?"

"Yes, I am."

"Nice to meet you. Shall we go to see the land now? You can ride with me."

Gun-Ho left his Land Rover parked in front of the realtor's office and got in the realtor's car. It was an old Santa Fe. It took about ten minutes to arrive at the land. The area was not developed. Gun-Ho could see vinyl greenhouses here and there. There were farms with peppers and sesames growing on them. The realtor stopped in front of the land where chili peppers were growing.

"This is it. Do you see the borderline there? The land is 1,000 pyung up to the borderline. It's actually 1,020 pyung to be exact. It's not on the main road, but it's on the six-meter wide local road. The location is really nice. You have a small natural stream. There is a bus station about 200 meters from here."


"If you have money to let sit, this is a good investment property. Its price will go up. It is highly possible that this area will soon be developed."

"How much is it priced?"