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324 Chairman Lee’s Vacation Home 1 – Part 1

 After receiving Seol-Bing's phone number from the entertainment company's planning manager, Gun-Ho thought of whether he wanted to make a call to her or not. He thought inviting her to his art gallery's opening ceremony seemed to be a lame excuse to make a personal call to her; especially, he didn't get her number from her directly but from someone else. Moreover, she might be at work doing a film shoot or something. If so, she wouldn't be able to take his call anyway. Gun-Ho finally decided to send her a text message instead of calling her.

[Are you still in Japan for your photoshoot? I will be in Japan on the 22nd of this month. I have something that I'd like to ask you. Can we meet at a café in New Otani Hotel in Tokyo at 5 pm that day? I can adjust my schedule if you prefer another time. I will be waiting for your response. - Gun-Ho Goo from GH Mobile -]

After sending the text message to Seol-Bing, he regretted it for a second; he felt somewhat embarrassed. And then he realized he wouldn't be able to cancel the text message because it was already after he pressed the send button.

Gun-Ho looked at the calendar.

'I gave her the day of the 22nd of this month. I can't leave now, but I can go to Tokyo next week. She might not show up, but it's okay. I would understand if she wouldn't want to go all the way to Japan just to meet with me. I asked her to meet me in Japan instead of Korea because I know celebs don't want to be exposed to the public. Not a whole lot of people would recognize her if we meet in Japan. But many Korean tourists stay in the New Otani Hotel. Hmm. Maybe I should have picked a different hotel.'

'Well, I feel sorry for Mori Aikko at this point. New Otani Hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo is a special place for her and myself. Should I worry about running into her at the hotel? Well, since Mori Aikko travels a lot to provinces for her dance performance, I don't think she would be at the New Otani Hotel.'

Gun-Ho felt great for some reason. He just felt happy even with the thoughts of Seol-Bing and Mori Aikko.

'Is it okay for me to be like this? People say, if a man has a fate that tells that he would make a lot of money in his life, then he would have lots of women as well. On the contrary, a man with a fate of no money would have no woman in his life either. Since I now have some money, am I trying to get more than one woman? Well, but technically, I can't say I have my woman now. Min-Hyeok Kim and Jon-Suk Park, they all have their women. Jae-Sik also has someone who he is living with. Other highschool friends of mine such as Won-Chul, Byeong-Chul Hwang, and even Suk-Ho Lee are all married, and they even have kids. I'm the only one with no woman. How come?'

While Gun-Ho was deep in thought, Director Yoon, who was in charge of general management, entered his office, dispersing all of Gun-Ho's thoughts.

"Sir, I have something that I need to report to you."

Director Yoon said as he pulled out a paper from his folder.

"Go ahead."

"We are expecting to receive the machine no. 3 and no.4."

"That's right."

"I'd like to get 100 tons of raw materials when we get our machines."

"Did you say 100 tons? Do we have enough space to store them?"

"We do have more than enough space. We can store up to 300 tons of raw materials in the three-tier metal shelf that Director Jong-Suk Park and the new manager built last time."

"Have you talked with Mr. Adam Castler already?"

"Yes, sir. I got Mr. Adam Castler's approval already, along with Director Dong-Chan Kim's signature."

"Okay, then. Who's going to handle the import?"

"We need to pass muster at customs in Busan location, so we requested the service to the same customs compliance service provider we worked with last time. After we receive all the necessary machines, we can use Pyeongtaek Port instead of Busan location to receive the shipment of the raw materials."

Gun-Ho looked at the paper again.

"It's not a nominal amount. It's FOB price, right?"

"Right. Once we start getting payments from our customers for the products we already sent to them, our financial situation will look better. The first payment will start next month."

"How are the American engineers doing? Do they have any requests or complaints?"

"The general affairs manager is planning to take them to Seoul this Sunday for a tour with his car. His English has improved a lot. I guess because he is young, he learns quickly."

"Provide him with the gas and meal cost for the tour on Sunday."

"Yes, sir."

It was Sunday.

Gun-Ho headed to Pocheon City with his fishing gear. He didn't tell anyone that he was going to the fishing site in Pocheon City.

"I wonder if Chairman Lee would be there."

Gun-Ho picked up some Gimbab with a beverage for himself on the way to the fishing site.

Chairman Lee was not found anywhere at the fishing site.

Gun-Ho started fishing by himself.

Gun-Ho prefers lure fishing rather than bait fishing. After throwing out his lure in the water, he started walking along the lake holding his fishing rod.

"Where are all the fishes? Is it their nap time?"

Gun-Ho went around the lake, and he didn't see any single fish. Maybe because it was lunchtime.

"This is exhausting and makes me sweat. Let's just have lunch over there under the tree."

Gun-Ho retrieved his fishing rod and started walking towards the tree. At that moment, Gun-Ho saw two men who were wearing a straw hat. They were walking toward the lake.

"Oh, that's Chairman Lee."

Gun-Ho felt so happy to see him, and he yelled at him in delight,

"Mr. Chairman Lee!"

Chairman Lee seemed to recognize Gun-Ho even in a distance. He started waving his hand to Gun-Ho. Chairman Lee had his own fishing spot that he had always used. He put his fishing gears in that spot, and said,

"You came this far from Cheonan City!"

"Hello, sir. How have you been? Mr. Manager Gweon, how are you?"

"How come you came this far? There must be other good fishing sites around Cheonan City. If you go to Gong-Ju or Buyeo Town, there are tons of nice fishing sites that are not very crowded."

"This is my favorite fishing site since I can see you and Chairman Lee here."

"How's your business?"

"It's going well."

"Sir, are you coming here every week?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Since it's close to my vacation home, I come here very often."

"Oh, that's right. Your vacation home is around here."

"Right. It's about 2 or 3 kilometers away from here."

"I remember Manager Gweon talked to me about your vacation home. I was told it is huge. How large is it?"

"Well, I think it's about 1,000 pyung."

"Huh? 1,000 pyung, sir?"

Gun-Ho felt disappointed in Chairman Lee for a second.

'I know he is rich, but he shouldn't occupy 1,000 pyung for himself just for his vacation home. It's three times larger than GH Building. I didn't know he was an extravagant type.'

"What about the floor space?"

"It's about 200 pyung."

"Huh? 200 pyung?"

"Why don't you come and visit me there? After I'm done fishing here today, I will stop by my vacation home. You can come with me."

Gun-Ho remembered what Manager Gweon told him the other day.

He had said, "The reason why I accompany Chairman Lee even on Sundays is because of his vacation home. I started admiring him when I saw his vacation home."

Gun-Ho thought that maybe Manager Gweon was extravagant too.

'He used to serve in the military. But he admires someone because of that person's huge vacation home?'