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323 Meeting with Top Star – Part 2

 After having lunch with the GH Mobile's executives, Gun-Ho headed to Dyeon Korea. Gun-Ho's Land Rover was entering Eumbong Town in Asan City after passing Baekseok Town in Cheonan City. This was the necessary path to take, in order to reach his factory in Asan City.

"I feel so sleepy after lunch."

Gun-Ho parked his car around Embong Lake. There was a very attractive café near the lake.

"I think I need to have a cup of coffee before I continue to drive."

Gun-Ho went into the café and had his coffee while looking out at the lake.

"This is a nice lake view. I feel so refreshed."

There was a person in distant, who was fishing at the lake.

"I thought that fishing is prohibited in this area. Is he local?"

While looking at the fisherman, Gun-Ho thought of the fishing site in Pocheon City, which he often used to go in the past.

"Is Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town still going to the Pocheon fishing site by himself? If he is, he would probably feel very lonely by now. Well, he actually started his fishing at that fishing site way before Jong-Suk and I joined him there."

Gun-Ho missed Chairman Lee. Chairman Lee was a very important figure to Gun-Ho, who greatly influenced him in finding his path of life.

"Maybe I should ask Jong-Suk to go fishing with me to Pocheon fishing site. It has been forever. Or, not. He is not alone anymore. He has his fiancée living with him and I shouldn't interrupt their happy moment."

Gun-Ho looked at his calendar.

"Today is Monday. I can go to the fishing site this Sunday. I'd better go there by myself without Jong-Suk."

Once Gun-Ho arrived at Dyeon Korea, he presided over a meeting. Since there were not many workers in Dyeon Korea, everyone attended the meeting.

Director Dong-Chan Kim started his report first.

"We determined the price of Dyeon Korea's product. Our price is 4,800 won per kilogram. This price reflects both direct costs and indirect costs."

"So, it's 96,000 won per bag."

"Correct. It's a bit more expensive than rice."

The workers at the meeting all laughed as Director Kim brought in the price of rice out of nowhere as a comparative price with their product price.

"So, it's 4,800,000 won per pallet."

"Right. It's before VAT though."

"Once we add VAT, then it would be more than 5 million won... We will need to reduce our product cost in order to drop our product price below 5 million won after we include VAT. That would attract more buyers. Don't you think?"

Mr. Adam Castler chipped in.

"Not necessarily. From my experience in other countries including Mexico and Spain, if the product price is low, people think the product is probably low in quality as well."


"We will then price the product as 4.8 million per ton for now, and we will adjust it as we observe the market reaction."

Mr. Adam Castler added,

"We currently have two machines. Dyeon America will ship two more next week."

"Are they coming in through Busan Port again like last time?"

"I suppose so."

"I guess we will handle the shipment better this time since this is our second time dealing with it. How is the sale?"

"We have sold about ten tons so far. We will receive the payment by the end of this month through B2B."

"Hmm. Anyone has anything to add?"

Once he made sure no one had anything to add, Gun-Ho ended the meeting.

Once he came back to his office, Gun-Ho fell into thought.

'Since I have several companies that I need to run, I am traveling between the companies to get reports for each company. This is not efficient. I think I should set up a system where I can receive all the reports in one place. Once I get married and start a family, this current arrangement won't work.'

'I can let President Song run GH Mobile. For Dyeon Korea, once the company becomes stable, Director Dong-Chan Kim can handle the daily operation without me. I can then move back to Seoul and take care of the building in Sinsa Town. What if everything gets messed up during my absence? I do trust President Song and Director Kim, but I guess this is not good timing for the change. Okay, let's wait until the company goes public. Once the company is registered with KOSDAQ, I can have professional CEOs run the companies, and I can move back to Seoul.'

'If I move back to Seoul, I will run GH Development, but its size is currently too small with a few employees. Maybe I should expand GH Media as a multimedia company. But the problem is that I don't know anything about the field since all of my work experience is with factories. Do I need to hire a professional CEO for the multimedia company? Well, I don't want to spend my personal money there. I'd better use any profits being generated from the companies for any further investment.'

After a lot of thoughts about his business, he turned on the TV.

There was a commercial on TV.

"Too many commercials. Let me try another channel."

Gun-Ho was scanning through different TV channels when he suddenly stopped it. It was a cosmetics commercial, and Seol-Bing was there. Seol-Bing was saying,

"My skin is hydrated all the time."

Gun-Ho looked at the commercial closely. Seol-Bing was indeed beautiful.

Gun-Ho turned off the TV and closed his eyes. He could see Seol-Bing.

'I want to see her again. How can I possibly make an occasion to meet with her? She is a top star. She won't meet with me just because I call her and ask for the meeting. I guess there must be a lot of rich young dudes who have rich daddies, who are trying to approach her.'

Gun-Ho thought of the BM Entertainment's planning manager, and he looked for his business card.

"I don't really like this guy. He smiles with his eyes like a girl. But, well, what other choices do I have? Let me just call him."

Gun-Ho dialed the number shown on the business card.


"This is BM Entertainment's planning manager. How can I help you?"

"Hi. This is Gun-Ho Goo."

"Gun-Ho Goo? I'm sorry I can't recall your name. Who is this?"

It seemed that he had forgotten Gun-Ho's name.

"This is Gun-Ho Goo from GH Mobile."

"Huh? GH Mobile? Oh, hi, sir! It's really good to hear from you, sir."

"Are you still traveling to China these days too?"

"Yes, I do from time to time. The performance we did last time in China was a success. Our president really appreciates your help for it."

"That's nice."

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your call, sir?"

"I was wondering if you have Ms. Seol-Bing's phone number."

"Seol-Bing? Can I ask you why you need her phone number?"

"Oh, I just have something to ask her."

"Could you ask me instead of her? I will deliver your message to her."

"Well, I prefer to talk to her directly."

"I'm sorry, sir. Our company policy doesn't allow me to give out our celebrities' phone numbers. If you need to talk about GH Mobile's commercial, you can talk to me, sir."

Gun-Ho thought that if this entertainment manager was sitting next to him, he would probably have hit the back of his head.

"It's not about a commercial. I'm opening an art gallery in my building in Sinsa Town, and I'm inviting high profile people and celebrities to the opening ceremony. And I'm wondering if Ms. Seol-Bing could come to the opening ceremony."

"That's... umm... there is a risk to be exposed to paparazzi..."

"Even though paparazzi take photos of Seol-Bing at an art gallery, that wouldn't work adversely for her. It would rather help her build an elegant image. Well, if you don't like the idea, that's fine."

"No, sir. I can't give out our celebrities' phone numbers. If I do, they get really upset with me. But, I think I can give her number to you, sir, only you. Please don't tell her that you have received her number from me."

"Don't worry about it."

"Seol-Bing's phone number is 010-xx-xxxx."

"Thank you. Why don't you come to my art gallery's opening ceremony as well?"

"Thank you."