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314 Prototype Development of the Joint Venture Company 2 – Part 1

 Director Dong-Chan Kim at Dyeon Korea didn't like the sample product that they just produced.

"I can't send these to the companies that have been using Dyeon's products. They wouldn't consider these as authentic Dyeon products. With the help of those American engineers who came directly from Dyeon America, we still couldn't produce exactly the same products as Dyeon's."

Director Dong-Chan Kim made a call to President Jang-Hwan Song in GH Mobile.

"We have produced Dyeon Korea's sample products."

"That's nice. Congratulations."

"But we might have some problems..."

"Are you asking me to send Director Jong-Suk Park there?"

"Does the former chief research officer come to work to GH Mobile these days, doesn't he?"

"Yes, he does. He usually comes in the morning and leaves early. Why are you asking?"

"I am hoping that you could send us the former chief research officer along with Director Jong-Suk Park to us, maybe for one or two days. We seriously need help."

"You can't keep asking us to send our workers there. We have our own work to do here too."

"You have tons of other workers. We just need them for one or two days."

"Okay. I will send them, just for two days. That's all I can offer."

"I am working for Dyeon Korea now, but GH Mobile is home to me. We need to provide help and support to each other. In doing the sales work for Dyeon Korea's products, I will also keep looking for a good sales opportunity for GH Mobile's products as well."

"Sounds good."

Gun-Ho was wondering how the product manufacturing was going in Dyeon Korea, and he went into its production worksite. Dyeon Korea didn't have a separate research center yet, so they used the production field for researching and also product producing.

"Huh? Mr. Former Research Chief Officer, you are here today. Oh, Director Park, I didn't expect to see you here either."

Director Kim came to Gun-Ho and said,

"I asked for them, sir. The sample products show different degrees of gloss and a high degree of hardness compared to Dyeon America's products."

We failed on our first and second tries in the morning, but on our third try in the afternoon, we finally produce the products which are very similar to the ones from Dyeon America."

Gun-Ho asked Director Park,

"What went wrong during the first and second tries?"

"It was about the accuracy of the temperature and the duration of cooling. The former research chief officer figured it out. I guess his extensive experience in the field tells something."

"Can we begin our mass production then?"

"Yes after we receive production orders. Director Dong-Chan Kim took some sample products and left to meet with potential buyers to show them the samples. He said that he would first meet with the current GH Mobile's client companies."

While Gun-Ho was talking with Director Park, Director Kim came in.

"Director Park! Give me ten more boxes of our sample products."

"What happened to the products you took this morning, brother? You already distributed them all?"

"Yes, they are all gone already. I need more."

"We haven't produced more yet. The production manager-Manager Yoo and Assistant Manager Seong are working on it right now. Well, I'd better get back to my work at GH Mobile. Brother, don't ask me to come here too often."

"Come on. Stay longer. We need you here."

Director Park always called anyone who was older than him as a brother, no matter what position they were in, except GH Mobile's President Jang-Hwan Song, the internal auditor, and the chief research officer. That was probably because they were way older than Jong-Suk to be a brother.

Director Kim came closer to Director Park and grabbed his arm, with a smile.

"If you really have to go, then build us a shelf before you leave. We need them to store the products."

"You have a new manager in the maintenance team. Ask him to do it."

"It's a two-person job, man. Someone has to hold the shelf piece tight in the process, right?"

Director Yoon brought a forklift truck and other equipment to move the products. Jong-Suk did some testing drive with the forklift truck. The assistant manager of the general affairs team brought a lady who would work in the company restaurant.

Jong-Suk and the new manager in the maintenance team started building a shelf. The two proficient workers built a beautiful three-tier metal shelf in no time.

Dyeon Korea's vice president-Mr. Adam Castler, who was watching them building a shelf, raised his thumb when they finished it, and winked at them.

Gun-Ho received a call from President Jang-Hwan Song at that moment.

"Our former chief officer of the research center and Director Park went to Dyeon Korea for support."

"Yes, I am there with them. They said they would return to GH Mobile tomorrow."

"I think we can let the former research chief officer stay with Dyeon Korea since they desperately need someone proficient in the field."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Since we have our chief officer in the research center, maybe it's not a good idea to have two chief officers here."

"I believe that they are very close to each other, and they used to study together when they were at the Technical University of Munich in Germany."

"That's true. They were good friends to each other, but one used to work at our research center as a chief officer and the other one is currently working in the same position. They could face some conflict in their opinions and other things, and the workers might feel like they have two bosses."


"Moreover, if he stays with Dyeon Korea, it could appear that Dyeon Korea has a research center, even though he is holding an advisory position for only one year. He probably has more work to do there. He can teach the young workers there too."

"Do you think he will accept our proposition?"

"I'm sure he will like it. He is probably feeling uncomfortable working here at the research center with the new chief officer."

"Okay then. As long as he is willing to take the relocation proposition, I'm good with it."

Gun-Ho asked for Director Kim and Director Yoon,

"Is the GH Mobile's former research chief officer still here?"

"Yes, he is."

"He is in an advisory position with a one-year contract with GH Mobile, and he will stay with us until the end of this year. I'm thinking of having him move to this location. He will be very helpful here. We can give him an office, and he can read books there and give some guides to the workers in the production field whenever necessary."

Director Kim chipped in.

"I absolutely agree with you, sir. I was thinking that we need someone who has an extensive work experience in the field just like him."

"Do you think Mr. Adam Castler wouldn't like the idea?"

"We have a regular meeting for the joint venture tomorrow. I will make a former request during the meeting, and you, sir, show your agreement and support for my request, then I don't think Mr. Castler will refuse it."

"Hmm. Okay."

It was the very first meeting of Dyeon Korea since the joint venture company was established. It was a long and boring meeting because anything that anyone said during the meeting had to be interpreted by an interpreter.

The general affairs manager led the meeting.

"This is our first meeting since Dyeon Korea was formed. We have President Gun-Ho Goo, Vice President Adam Castler, Director Dong-Chan Kim, Production Manager Hee-Yeol, Assistant Manager Il-Gi Seong, Accounting Assistant Manager Myeong-Sook Jo, Assistant Manager Yong-Duk An from the maintenance team, Assistant Manager Seon-Hong Park from the general affairs team, Staff Seon-Hye Yee, and the three engineers from Dyeon America along with Manager Joo-Young Yee who is interpreting for us today. We have one more worker from the company restaurant but she couldn't join us today for personal reasons. We currently have fifteen employees in Dyeon Korea."