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304 Joint Venture 1 – Part 1

 It was Monday.

Gun-Ho went to work at the factory in Jiksan Town.

The secretary- Ms. Hee-Jeong Park brought a folder to Gun-Ho.

"What is this?"

"I made some newspaper clippings while you were not in the office."

"Newspaper clippings?"

"Yes, sir. It's about the building dedication ceremony of the factory in Asan City."

"Oh, It seemed that many newspapers talked about our building dedication ceremony."

Gun-Ho said while scanning through the newspaper clippings.

"The economic newspaper and all local newspapers placed articles about it."

"Can you show this to Director Dong-Chan Kim when he comes here?"

"Of course, sir. I will do that."

The general affairs director entered Gun-Ho's office.

"I've talked to the assistant managers with the accounting team and the general affairs team, and asked if they are interested in working for Dyeon Korea?"

"What did they say?"

"The accounting team's assistant manager is willing to be relocated to Dyeon Korea while the general affairs team's assistant manager seemed to be baffled when he heard my suggestion since he is living in Dujeong Town. Moreover, the accounting assistant manager can expect to be promoted as she moves to the newly opened joint venture while the general affairs assistant manager couldn't because he was already promoted not long ago. What do you think of the team leader in the general affairs team? He is competent and he wants to work in Asan City since he is living in a town nearby- Baebang Town. He has been in the same position for four years now, so I think it would be good for us to send him to Dyeon Korea as we promote him."

"Please bring me the employee records of the accounting assistant manager and the team leader of the general affairs team."

"Yes, sir."

The general affairs director brought the employee records of the two workers.


Gun-Ho didn't find anything that could be a red flag by sending them to Dyeon Korea.

"Okay. Let's relocate them to Dyeon Korea and promote them with one position up."

"Yes, sir."

Once the general affairs director left the office, Gun-Ho made a call to President Jeong-Sook Shin in GH Media.

"Do you currently have a lot of translation work?"

"Not really. The translation work for all thirty books of world history cartoon has been completed."

"Mr. Lee, who is doing the interpreting work for us right now, didn't work on those books, right?"

"No. These are cartoon books which are easy to translate. I had several graduate students work with cartoons."

"I'm thinking of hiring Mr. Lee as a contractor to continue to do the interpreting work for Dyeon Korea. He seems to be a good fit for the job. I just want to make sure that you are okay with it since he is one of your translators with GH Media."

"Mr. Lee would love to do the job. Translation work with GH Media is not a stable job. We can't provide him a constant workload."

"If you happen to need a person who could talk with agencies in other countries for you, you can ask Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh in GH Building, Sinsa Town. I'm sure she has spare time to help you with the work since I haven't been to the office there for a while now."

"Understood, sir. If you could let her know in advance that she needs to work with me sometimes, that will be very helpful. I actually have several letters which I need to send to They, of course, need to be translated into English."

"Okay, will do."

Gun-Ho then made a call to the secretary-Ms. Yeon-Soo Oh.

"It's me."

"Yes, sir."

"President Jeong-Sook Shin from GH Media will give you a call soon. I want you to help her with her work."

"Of course, sir."

In the afternoon, Gun-Ho headed to Dyeon Korea in Asan City.

Gun-Ho's office was already finished with high-end furniture and supplies. It looked more luxurious than the office in Jiksan Town.

"Sir, you are here."

Director Dong-Chan Kim brought a report to Gun-Ho's office.

"I need your approval on a cash advance request for the trip to Busan City."

"Did we already receive all the equipment to the Busan port?"

"Yes, I just received a call from the customs office. Also, the agent from the customs compliance service provider contacted me for it as well. I will go to Busan City with Mr. Adam Castler tomorrow. I'd also like to take Director Jong-Suk Park with me."

"Director Jong-Suk Park? You have two researchers who just joined you from GH Mobile. Why don't you take them with you instead of Director Park?"

"We will need to load the equipment and we might have to dismantle some of them, so we will need Director Park. The researchers are good at working in a research center. We need someone who has been handling machines in a production field."

"Okay. Do what you need to do."

Gun-Ho opened the file that Director Kim handed to him. There was a request form for the cash advance on the travel expenses."

"Oh, you are using the GH Mobile's request form."

"Yes, sir. We are currently using GH Mobile's forms for now. Once we have enough employees, we will change them to Dyeon Korea's forms."

"Are you carrying the business credit card with you?"

"Yes, sir. I have the company credit card with me. I am requesting for cash advance in case we need to use cash and that I wouldn't be able to withdraw cash from the credit card. It happened before."

Gun-Ho said while signing the request form,

"Two more workers from GH Mobile will join Dyeon Korea soon. They are the assistant manager from the accounting team and the team leader from the general affairs team."

"That's really good to hear it, sir. We need more workers as soon as possible. If they could join us tomorrow, that will be great."

"I will ask the general affairs director in GH Mobile if he could send them tomorrow."

"And about Director Yoon who has been in charge of the construction. Since the construction is completed, I think he can permanently take a position with Dyeon Korea rather than going back to GH Mobile in Jiksan Town. He can do management work here. Since I won't be around a lot in the office because of the nature of my sales work, I think we need an executive who can stay in the office and do a management job. He does have corresponding work experience. I think he will do great in managing accounting and general affairs. In addition, since he can speak English, Mr. Adam Castler will be happy to have him around."


"I've been talking to Mr. Castler about our need to have someone who would do the management work, especially in accounting and general affairs. Since Mr. Castler had previously worked for another joint venture, he agreed to my concern."

"Hmm. Well, I will talk with President Jang-Hwan Song about it."

"I will be leaving for Busan tomorrow, sir. I will inform Director Park about the trip. I will tell him that you approved this trip to Busan."

"Oh, I was going to talk to you about our interpreter- Mr. Lee. What do you think about having him here as a contractor for now? And if we like him then we can convert his position to an employee."

"That sounds great. What position are you thinking about, sir?"

"What about a manager?"

"That's a good idea, sir. Thank you."