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293 Top Star—Seol-Bing 1 – Part 2

 Gun-Ho looked at another man who was sitting next to the BM Entertainment manager while sitting on a sofa. The man had a sturdy build, and he looked like he was in his late 50s. He was exuding some sort of charisma. He could be a celebrity, or he could be a leader of a gang. Gun-Ho couldn't tell the woman's age though since she was wearing sunglasses.

Seukang Li said,

"Why don't you introduce yourselves to each other."

The entertainment company's manager smiled and introduced the man sitting next to him.

"This is the president of BM Entertainment."

"Oh, really?"

Gun-Ho said without showing any interest. Gun-Ho who was running a manufacturing company was not really interested in the entertainment field. The president person then said with his thick voice.

"I am Hyeon-Man Yee."

His name sounded familiar. Gun-Ho heard that name before. He looked at the man again closely. He was actually the famous person who appeared on TV sometimes. He had a famous girl group and a very popular boy group in his entertainment management company.

Hyeon-Man Yee gave his business card to Gun-Ho.

"I'm Gun-Ho Goo."

Gun-Ho handed his business card to Hyeon-Man as well. Hyeon-man looked at Gun-Ho's business card carefully. Gun-Ho introduced himself to him with more details.

"I am running a manufacturing company in a small city. We are manufacturing automobile parts."

The entertainment manager smiled and added,

"President Goo is the one who acquired RiverStar Building in Sinsa Town, Gangnam."

"Oh, really? My friend has his office in that building on the seventh floor. He is running an entertainment management company there."

"We changed the name of the building to GH Building."

"Why don't you introduce the lady to him too?"

Seukang Li indicated the female who was wearing sunglasses.

"This is the actress-Seol-Bing."

As Hyeon-Man introduced her, the lady took off her sunglasses and smiled at Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho was surprised by her beautiful face. Seol-Bing was a member of a girl group, and she was acting as well. She was cast as a leading character of a very popular TV series recently. Gun-Ho stuttered a bit when he talked to the female celebrity.

"Umm... I... I am very happy to meet a famous star here."

When he gave his business card to her, she took it with a broad smile.

The manager of BM Entertainment said with a smile,

"President Goo is the person I talked to you about. He was the one I asked a favor the other day because I knew he was friends with Director Li."

"Oh, I see."

As the manager explained further, Hyeon-Man took out Gun-Ho's business card from his pocket and looked at it again. Gun-Ho was listed as the president of four companies. Hyeon-Man slowly said,

"We came here to get permission for our performance in Shanghai Sports Complex. Even though I came here in person and asked for it, Director Li refused to issue the permit. I brought Seol-Bing with me hoping Director Li recognizes her and changes his mind."

The BM manager slowly spoke to Director Li in his humble Chinese.

"Our president came all the way from Seoul. Would you reconsider your decision? We have already talked to TV stations for the performance."

"The decision has been already made. I can't just change it. Please leave. There is nothing much I can do about it now."

"You are the person who is in charge of the media and press. Please reconsider it."

Seol-Bing chipped in with her small voice.

The TV series that Seol-Bing was in had been broadcasted throughout China. If she could have a performance at the Shanghai Sports Center, more people would see her on TV and recognize her talents. That would make her even more famous in Korea, Seol-Bing thought.

Seukang Li shook his head from side to side with his mouth firmly shut. Silence filled the air for a while.

The BM manager talked to Gun-Ho this time.

"Sir, please help us. We brought this beautiful actress here, but it doesn't seem to be helpful. I don't know what else I could do to make it work."

As the BM manager asked Gun-Ho's help, Hyeon-Man Yee and Seol-Bing looked at Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho was baffled. He came to Seukang Li's office to have ginseng chicken soup for his lunch with him. But the situation was going in a weird direction.

Gun-Ho finally opened his mouth and spoke in Chinese.

"Director Li, why don't you give them the performance permit? Maybe we can find a way to promote your book exhibition with their performance at the sports complex."

"How could that be possible? The performance dates and the exhibition dates are different."

"I believe these people have already started preparing their performance pamphlet. Maybe you can distribute it to your book exhibition. That way, more people will come to the book exhibition."

"Hmm. The book exhibition starts tomorrow. I don't think we have enough time to prepare pamphlets."

Hyeon-Man Yee and Seol-Bing seemed to be wondering what Gun-Ho and Director Li were talking about since they couldn't understand Chinese. The BM manager, on the other hand, seemed to understand the conversation. He sometimes nodded his head.

Gun-Ho asked the BM manager,

"Do you already have your performance pamphlet?"

"The pamphlet is almost done. Once we get the permit, we were going to finish it by putting the exact performance date on it."

"If you get the exact date now, can you complete the pamphlet and make them ready to be placed at the international book exhibition venue tomorrow?"

"Let me make a quick phone call to make sure."

The BM manager called somewhere and came back with a gloomy face.

"They said they would need at least three days to make them ready to be used."

Gun-Ho thought for a second with his arms crossed before saying,

"Let's advertise on TV and the Internet that the pamphlet will be distributed after three days at the book exhibition. If people come to the book exhibition and ask for the pamphlet, we can give them a ticket instead, so they can exchange it after three days with the pamphlet."


Seukang Li was thinking and Gun-Ho was pressing him.

"If the performance permit was declined in order to protect the Chinese entertainment business and not because it would cause some traffic problems, then maybe you can use it to promote the Chinese entertainment business by letting the Chinese celebrities participate in their performance."


Seukang Li thought of it for quite a while before lifting his head and saying,

"Okay. I will issue the permit. But there are three conditions."

"I'm listening."

"First, Chinese celebrities have to participate in the performance, and they will comprise one-third of the entire participating celebrities."

The BM manager was interpreting what Seukang Li said for Hyeon-Man Yee, and Hyeon-Man Yee was nodding his head.

"Second, the pamphlet will be distributed at the book exhibition free of charge. And since the pamphlet will be ready after three days, they will have to distribute a ticket to exchange with the pamphlet to people who come to the book exhibition in the earlier days."

Hyeon-Man Yee nodded his head as he heard the second condition.

"Third, put the wording on the pamphlet that the performance is sponsored by the bureau of cultural affairs and radio broadcasting, film, and television of Shanghai."

Hyeon-Man Yee nodded his head again to the third condition.

Seukang Li then called for a staff and asked her to make a word document with what he just said.

A female staff came into the office and gave the people in the office a glass of water.

Hyeon-Man Yee extended his hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake and said,

"Thank you for helping us."

"It's my pleasure."

"I will come to visit you at your building in Sinsa Town."

"I usually don't stay in Sinsa Town. I've recently invested 20 million dollars into a joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon, and we are currently building a factory in Asan City for it right now. So I usually stay there and come to Seoul from time to time."

"Oh, really? Then please let me know when you come to Seoul."

BM Entertainment's manager stood up and gave a 90-degree bow to Gun-Ho.

"Thank you, sir."

The individuals who were dreaming to be a celebrity wanted to be picked by a manager in an entertainment management company, so the manager in the entertainment company was not someone who those individuals could talk to easily. And that manager was giving a deep bow to Gun-Ho.

The staff came back to the office with the word document that listed three conditions that Seukang Li suggested. It was an agreement written in Chinese. Seukang Li and Hyeon-Man Yee signed the agreement.

Seukang Li called for the staff again.

"Please bring me BM Entertainment's performance application and the permit."

When the staff brought the said document, Seukang Li signed it.

Hyeon-Man Yee said to Director Li,

"Please allow me to treat you lunch or dinner."

"I'm sorry. I already have pre-engagement."

"President Goo, would you join us for lunch?"

"I have pre-engagement as well."

"Oh, you both are busy today. Well, please give me an opportunity to treat you someday."

Hyeon-Man Yee then extended his hand to Gun-Ho again for a handshake. Seol-Bing who looked arrogant with sunglasses on also offered her hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake with a smile. Gun-Ho held Seol-Bing's hand; he thought her hand was very warm.

"Thank you."

As Seol-Bing expressed her appreciation, Gun-Ho said while still holding her hand,

"Don't mention it. I am honored to meet a famous celebrity like you, ma'am."