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286 Plant Manager — Director Jong-Suk Park 3 – Part 1

 Every morning, the accounting manager brought a daily financial report to the president's office for Gun-Ho to review. The report was already reviewed and signed by the internal auditor. It usually included detailed statements of deposits and withdrawals, electronic promissory notes, and B2B payments of the previous day.

"Please take the report to President Song as well."

"I tried, sir, but he refused to review it. He said he wants to focus only on sales and production."

"Hmm. He said so?"

It seemed that President Song was a very careful man. He didn't want to give Gun-Ho the impression that he was trying to involve himself in managing the company too much and too deeply even though Gun-Ho was the one who offered a co-president position to him in the first place.

After the accounting manager left the office, the sales department's manager-Chang-Hoon Seo-entered the office. He was one of those people who were recently promoted.

"Did Director Dong-Chan Kim hand over all the work in the sales department to you before he left for Dyeon Korea?"

"Yes, he did. I sometimes give him a call when I have something to ask him."

"That's good. A sale is very important to our business. It's not an overstatement when we say a company's business is dependent on its sales activities."

"We are doing our best, sir. We received a new order from Seongchang Corp. of 50,000 sealants. This is probably a one-time order, so it won't be very helpful in the long-term though."


"Yes, sir. Director Jong-Suk Park said he would use the Production Line 4 to produce the sealants. He said the machines in Line 4 are not doing anything right now."

"Well, it can be a good start. They might place more orders of the same products or even other products. We will have to make the best products we could on every order."

"Understood, sir."

"Any other thing you want to make a report to me?"

"Umm... Sangweon Industry's president's son is getting married soon. I was not sure how much money gift do we need to make for it."

"Sangweon Industry is one of our major customer companies. We are selling our products to them for 200 million won per month. Where is the wedding venue?"

"It's at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul. It's on next Saturday, sir."

"I will attend his wedding. It's Sangweon Industry; I'd better go there and congratulate him on his son's wedding. They are an important customer to us. Tell the general affairs department to prepare a congratulatory flower wreath with my name on it and send it to them on the wedding day."

"Yes, sir. I will leave his wedding invitation letter here."

When Sales Manager Chang-Hwan Seo was walking toward the door to leave, Gun-Ho called him.

"Oh, Manager Seo. I knew you recently had your own wedding. I was in Japan at that time, and I am sorry that I couldn't attend your wedding."

"No, sir. Don't say that. I received your wedding money gift. It was a lot, and I really appreciate it. I also know that you instructed all of the executives to come to my wedding. I had lots of people at my wedding to congratulate me. Thank you, sir."

"Where are you living right now?"

"I am living in Ssangyong Town, Cheonan City, sir."

After reviewing the daily report, Gun-Ho went to the construction site in Asan City. There were three container offices placed at the entrance of the construction site. One was for Director Yoon, and one was shared by Mr. Adam Castler and Director Dong-Chan Kim. Also, the interpreter-Mr. Lee-was there too, so a small desk was added. The office was certainly not spacious; they were actually very small to be shared by three people. The other one was used by the construction workers for their break time. There was only one portable toilet for their use. The setting was very uncomfortable for all the people who were working there, but they didn't complain because their state-of-the-art factory was being built, and it was almost done. They were just hoping that the building would be built more quickly.

"How are you all?"

When Gun-Ho entered the construction site, Director Kim and the interpreter stood up and greeted him. Mr. Adam Castler stood up from his seat and shouted, "Good morning."

Gun-Ho looked at the interpreter and said,

"Can you ask Mr. Adam Castler if he is comfortable working here?"

After the interpreter asked Mr. Castler in English, Mr. Castler smiled broadly and said,

"No problem."

Director Yoon was at the construction site and ran to the container office when he heard that Gun-Ho was here.

"Sir, you are here?"

"How are you, Director Yoon?"

"The building is completed. We are working on the electric wires right now."


"Would you like to have a cup of coffee, sir? We do have a vending machine in the resting area."

"Haha. No, thank you. I've already had my morning coffee, but thank you for offering."

Gun-Ho entered the container office, which was being used by Director Yoon. There was a small round table that was probably good for three or four people, and it enabled them to have a meeting there. Director Dong-Chan Kim followed Gun-Ho to the container office.

"I guess we need to start preparing for the building dedication ceremony again."

"We can make it very similar to the building dedication ceremony we had for the factory in Jiksan Town. Will it be okay?"

"Sure. But this time we will have to invite all the officials from the local government in Asan City. You can ask the general affairs director-Director Choi-for it. This factory construction has drawn a lot of attention when it was mentioned in the local newspaper because of the assault incident nearby Onyang Hot Spring Hotel last time."

"Understood, sir."

"How is it going with hiring an employee for Dyeon Korea?"

"I have the two best candidates, and I haven't decided who I should select yet."

"Both candidates speak English well?"

"Yes, they do. Would you like to take a look at their resumes, sir?"

"No, it's okay. If you can't select only one person because you like them both, you can hire them all."

"Thank you, sir. That's a relief. I guess I will take them both."

Director Kim looked excited and smiled broadly.

When Gun-Ho came back to his office in Jiksan Town after visiting the construction site in Asan City, it was 11:30 am. Director Jong-Suk Park was hovering around Gun-Ho's office door.

"What's up?"


"An early leave request for the day? What's wrong? Are you ill? Do you need to see a doctor?"

"My parents are here. I gotta go."

"Your parents? Here in Cheonan City?"


"Oh, really? For what occasion?"

"My parents will meet my girlfriend's parents today."

"Really? That's why you look so neat today. You had a new haircut, huh?"

"Haha. Right."

"Where are they going to meet?"

"Seungjiwon restaurant in Baekseok Town."

"Where are your parents right now?"

"They will arrive soon at the Express Bus Terminal. If I leave now, I can arrive there on time."

"Let's go together."

"With you, bro?"

"Yes. Your parents came all the way to Cheonan City. I want to see them."

"You don't have to, bro."

"I still remember your mom's warm and fantastic Seolleongtang (an ox bone soup). Let's go."

"Really... you don't have to do that."

"Just follow me with your car. I will drive before you. Let's meet at the waiting area in the bus terminal."