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284 Plant Manager— Director Jong-Suk Park 2 – Part 1

 President Song talked about the new product order received by S Group during the meeting.

"I've already talked about this with President Gun-Ho Goo. We made a contract with S Group, and their three factories in Suwon City, Changweon City, Ulsan City placed five product orders from us. This contract will increase our monthly sales revenue by 1 billion won, but they will increase the volume of their orders as we prove that our products are of high quality."

Gun-Ho asked the internal auditor,

"If we include this new contract in our total sales revenue, how much will it be?"

"When you acquired Mulpasaneop, the annual sales revenue was 70 billion won, and it increased to 84 billion won as we developed our new product-AM083. If we add the new product order which President Song brought in, our total sales revenue will be about 96 billion won."

Dyeon Korea's Director Dong-Chan Kim chipped in.

"The new order from S Group requires us to develop new products. As our new chief officer at the research center is well aware, developing a new product is not an easy task at all. It will cost us multiple attempts until we finally develop a new product. To be honest, AM083 was not technically developed by us, but it was developed by the Japanese engineer-Mr. Sakata Ikuzo-at our research center for us."

After Director Kim's reality check, everyone in the room lowered their heads and stared at their notebook without saying a word.

Director Kim continued to talk. He could be very convincing when he talked as he was when he convinced the potential buyers to sell the products.

"Also, we are currently relying heavily on S Group for our sales. We will have to diversify our customer companies. Focusing on one customer company could lead our company to being dependent on one customer, which could be dangerous in the long-term. I am not saying we should stop receiving product orders from S Group. I just want to emphasize the gravity of being self-sufficient without becoming dependent on one specific buyer company."

Min-Hyeok Kim, who was sitting at the end of the conference table, was envious of Director Dong-Chan Kim's communication skills.

'He is indeed a great salesperson with a very convincing sales pitch. Even his voice is really good and his voice is very smooth and comfortable to listen to, not to mention it is very persuading. I will have to learn from him if I want to seriously increase the sales revenue for the company in China.'

"Please allow me to add to it."

Everyone at the table turned their heads to see the person who just chipped in. It was the new chief officer at the research center. He received his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Munich in Germany, and he used to work at H Auto's research center in Korea.

"As to the two products out of five that S Group wants to buy from us, our researchers already started producing a sample product. If we succeed in making the mold for those products, we will be able to manufacture the products in no time. However, in developing and making some experiments in the process for the other three products, we need more workers at our research center. So, we are in the process of hiring five new researchers. The first interview is completed and we have 30 candidates to interview for the second time. We will select the best five from them."

Director Kim chipped in.

"The two researchers who just came back from training in the U.S. need to be relocated to Dyeon Korea."

The research center's chief officer seemed to be upset when he heard that he might lose his two researchers.

"We can't lose those two researchers. As I just mentioned, we are seriously in need of more researchers. They should stay with GH Mobile."

Director Kim didn't back off. He blushed and said,

"If they would stay in GH Mobile, then why were they sent to the U.S. for the training by Lymondell Dyeon in the first place?"

"Excuse me? Are you seriously asking that?"

Min-Hyeok was amazed at the passion of the executives in the meeting, and the heat they created in debating.

"Wow. They are truly enthusiastic about their work."

Director Jong-Suk Park was quiet. He couldn't chip in with his short work experience in the management field.

Gun-Ho finally intervened.

"Okay. That's enough. Listen all. I understand why some of you had to raise your voice. I know you are worried about our company, and I appreciate that. You said we have 30 candidates who passed the first interview. Why don't you select seven workers instead of five out of 30 during the second interview? It would be better to have enough workers at this phase of our company."

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

Director Kim and the research center's chief officer stopped debating once Gun-Ho gave a final word to the issue.

Gun-Ho then looked at Min-Hyeok.

"President Min-Hyeok Kim, it has been a while since we had you here last time in our meeting. Do you have anything to add?"


Min-Hyeok seemed to be baffled when he was asked unexpectedly, and Gun-Ho smiled.

"Take your time."

"Well, the sales revenue of GH Parts Company in China has increased somewhat; however, there is no dramatic change yet. S Group currently has four factories in China: Beijing, Chongjin, Cheongdo and Suzhou City. I would really appreciate it if President Song, who used to work for S Group, could visit us in China and visit those factories with me."

"Sure thing. Once things settle here, I will go and join you in China for the tour."

Gun-Ho then turned his attention to the other directors.

"Mr. Director Yoon of construction and Mr. Director Choi from the general affairs department, do you have anything to add?"

"Nothing, sir."

"What about Director Park from the production department?"

"I have nothing to add, sir."

"I do."

The new co-president-President Song-raised his hand.

"Once we produce a sample product and once the product is approved, the buyer company will send their inspectors to our company to check our manufacturing environment. I know Director Park will handle the situation very well, but we need to keep in mind that the factory has to maintain a clean environment including machines and equipment. We need to give the inspectors a good impression. I am requesting to start My Machine."

"Huh? My Machine?"

"Yes. It is a program where we assign one machine to each worker at the production site, so each worker can take good care of the machine he was assigned to. That way, we can make sure all the machines in our factory are always well taken care of and in a clean condition."

Director Kim chipped in.

"I support the suggestion. I do believe it is necessary that we start the My Machine program in our factory. Mr. Director Jong-Suk Park, why don't you ask the managers in the production department to implement the program during your next meeting within the production department?"

"Okay. I will do that."

"Okay. I guess that's all for today. If anyone of you wants to add anything, it's time to do so. Otherwise, we will end the meeting now. Thank you all for your good work."

Once Gun-Ho said the final word, everyone in the room stood up to get ready to leave the room.

Min-Hyeok Kim followed Gun-Ho to the president's office.

"Have a seat. Let's have some coffee."